Chapter 295: As Many Beauties As There Are Clouds

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Chapter 295: As Many Beauties As There Are Clouds

The Emperor Era Hall was the most mysterious hall in the Heavenly Dao Academy. Those who could enter were few and far between, and sometimes the Emperor Era Hall did not accept anyone because no one was able to pass the examination.

If students from the Sacred Era Hall were prodigies amongst prodigies, then the students from the Emperor Era Hall were one-of-a-kind geniuses.

Only one or two people were accepted into the Emperor Era Hall, and there were many generations when this hall was empty without any students.

Despite the lack of students, the hall did not relax its strict standards even if this meant that it could not recruit any new students.

However, those who came out of the Emperor Era Hall were indeed great; even if they weren’t Immortal Emperors, they were still high above the nine heavens and resounded with great prestige during their generation.

The most amazing person to come out of the Emperor Era Hall had to be Immortal Emperor Hao Hai who established the Thousand Emperor Gate, one of the strongest heritages since the start of time. One gate, four emperors, and it was even four emperors in a row across four generations. This was an unprecedented miracle since the eons. During that era, the Thousand Emperor Gate was referred to as the number one sect in all the Nine Worlds!

Because there was a big difference with their student recruiting policies, people called them the three top halls and two bottom halls. The three top halls were referring to the Emperor Era Hall, Sacred Era Hall, and Zenith Era Hall while the two bottom halls were the Grand Era Hall and Idle Era Hall.

Chi Xiaodie joining the Grand Era Hall was not a secret, and a wave rushed throughout the hall after its students found out.

Li Qiye’s secret identity did not attract any attention, but Chi Xiaodie — on the other hand — was noticed by many students.

Even though the Lion’s Roar Gate called itself a minor sect and a minor country, this was all relative. If one were to compared it to the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom and the Furious Immortal Saint Country, then it was indeed true that the Lion’s Roar Gate was not formidable.

In fact, the Lion’s Roar Gate’s strength made it amongst the first rate sects and was a bit stronger than second rate sects. They had a few Enlightened Beings and Ancient Saints; such forces were enough to wipe out any small sects, including the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

In the eyes of minor sects, the Lion’s Roar Gate was a monster. To many disciples from these sects and vagrant cultivators, Chi Xiaodie, the princess of the Lion’s Roar Gate, was a great character. Not to mention that Chi Xiaodie was really a talented person since she already became a Royal Noble; she was many times stronger than the majority of the young disciples from the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom and Saint Country. Calling her a genius was not enough to indicate her worth.

Chi Xiaodie joining the Grand Era Hall caused quite a stir with many students gossiping about it.

“Princess Chi came to the Grand Era Hall!” A big-mouthed student said after hearing the news.

The first reaction to such a statement was skepticism. One of them said: “Impossible. The Lion’s Roar Gate is a grand sect and Princess Chi is its strongest genius, how could she possibly join the Grand Era Hall? Not to mention, the gate is rich enough to pay the tuition for the Zenith Era Hall.”

“It is the truth!” Another student swore: “I saw it with my own eyes. Oldest Brother Le Yi personally led her to the Grand Era Hall with another male student.”

“How could this be?” Many cultivators, especially those near the Lion’s Roar Country, felt that this was a strange matter.

Chi Xiaodie was quite popular within the Eastern Hundred Cities. She came from the Lion’s Roar Gate, and although it was not an Ancient Kingdom, she had already reached the Royal Noble realm. Not to mention that she was also quite beautiful — a charming belle and a genius.

In fact, her fame was not necessarily lower than Sima Longyun, but he had the backing of the Saint Country so many cultivators flattered him instead.

“Princess Chi is a golden miss, plus she is also a Royal Noble, a real Royal Noble! With her strength, she would absolutely not go to the Grand Era Hall, she is absolutely capable of going to the Zenith Era Hall!” A student from the Lion’s Roar Country couldn’t help but speak.

“That’s right! Princess Chi is the number one genius of the Lion’s Roar younger generation. She is our royal canary, so how could she go to the Grand Era Hall?” Many Lion’s Roar students, both males and females, were all proud because of Chi Xiaodie.

A student encouraged another female student: “Big Sister Lin, you know Princess Chi quite well, right? You can go ask and find out right away.”

Chi Xiaodie’s arrival suddenly became the hottest topic at the Grand Era Hall, especially to the male students that came from the Lion’s Roar Country or neighboring territories. Many young cultivators who had a crush on her were quite excited.

One boy excitedly exclaimed as if he wanted to chase after her right away: “The Lion’s Roar Country’s royal canary, our number one beauty!”

The next day, Li Qiye woke up very early. He took Little Autumn on a stroll to check the heaven and earth vein of the academy in order to find out any clues regarding the Void Gate.

“Clank Clack!” Li Qiye opened the door and wanted to breathe some fresh air.

However, before he could do so, there were waves of cheers: “Welcome, Royal Highness Chi!” This voice was very pleasant and delicately charming, but these bursts of cheers suddenly stopped.

Many pretty pairs of eyes gazed at Li Qiye. Inside his yard stood many pretty female students; all of them were around twenty or so years old — young and beautiful. Each of these beauties had their own style and charm; it was such a pleasing visual.

The welcoming ceremony suddenly stopped as everyone looked at Li Qiye, creating an awkward atmosphere.

These female students came from the Lion’s Roar Country and its neighbors planned to have a welcome greeting for Chi Xiaodie in order to give her a pleasant surprise. Who would have thought that the person to come out was not Chi Xiaodie but this unknown fella, Li Qiye?

At this point, their eyes were all on this little demon.

Li Qiye calmly and nonchalantly looked at all the pretty girls and smilingly spoke with ease: “This is a refreshing morning with a wonderfully cool weather, yet all these misses are enthusiastic like flames; I’m unable to bear such a warm reception.”

An older student with an intellectual look came out and elegantly said with a hint of anger: “Little Demon, what did you say?” She then glared with her wide eyes at him.

Little Autumn stared at all the pretty female students and quickly wormed forward: “Wow, so many beauties, these shining white pretty legs makes me really want to touch them!”

In just a second, many screaming sounds rang out one after another: “Ah! A worm, so disgusting!” The pretty students turned pale and jumped up and back to maintain a distance with Little Autumn. They were afraid of this giant worm crawling up their pretty legs.

Little Autumn suffered quite a blow and said: “Aizz, a group of little ladies without any knowledge.” It rocked back and forth and proudly declared: “This boss is a natural born divine earthworm, touching you is your greatest fortune.”

Having said that, it then crawled back next to Li Qiye.

Another angry female student coquettishly protested: “Damn earthworm, do you want a beating?” In a short period of time, pleasant voices like golden orioles filled the air.

“Your Royal Highness Chi.” At this time, Chi Xiaodie came out. She had been training inside but was attracted by the commotion. She was quite surprised to see so many female students; some were familiar, and most of them came from the Lion’s Roar Gate.

She couldn’t help but to look at Li Qiye. She was afraid that he would be displeased. In the end, Li Qiye had always been inscrutable and kept everyone at a distance.

Li Qiye noticed this inquiring gaze from Chi Xiaodie, then he smilingly said: “If you are old friends, then you can talk amongst yourselves. If you have time, then listening to the lectures is also not a bad choice.” Having said so, he left with Little Autumn.

After he went far away, a female student asked Chi Xiaodie: “Royal Highness Chi, who is that little demon? A disciple from the Lion’s Roar Gate?”

Chi Xiaodie suddenly turned silent and looked at the group of female disciples. She could only wryly smile; looking at them reminded her of the first time she met Li Qiye. She also had the same shallow sight and didn’t recognize the immensity of the heaven and earth.

Li Qiye and Little Autumn went around the vast territory of the Heavenly Dao Academy. It appeared to be a casual stroll, but they were measuring the changes in the veins beneath the academy.

The heaven and earth vein below the academy was an amazing grand vein; it could be described as the ancestral vein of the Eastern Hundred Cities. This vein had a great creation potential with boundless worldly energy. This was one of the reasons for the academy being able to stand tall for so long.

The academy’s Progenitor used a great technique to build the academy on top of this heaven and earth grand vein. After many generations of the academy’s great sages struggling, they were able to lock this vein, allowing the academy to always benefit on this land.

However, Li Qiye understood the academy better than any of its living members, including the reclusive ancestors. Ever since the Desolate Era until now, Li Qiye had come to the academy countless times, especially under Wang Yuan’s rule. He knew the academy like his own palm.

The academy locked the heaven and earth vein, and Li Qiye knew the technique along with the changes inside. There was a distant memory deep in Li Qiye’s mind; during the Ancient Ming Era — a dark era, he once led countless wise sages of the human race and borrowed the strength of this vein to repel waves and waves of offensive campaigns!

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