Chapter 2988: As Easy As Pie

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Li Qiye stood up and said: “Very well, I will open it for you now.”

He headed for the boulder under the skeptical gazes of the spectators.

“Can he actually do it? Luminous Master himself failed to.” Someone still murmured despite witnessing his power.

All of them have tried before, including Supreme and Holyfrost. Brightking Buddha and Metalkin War God along with the mighty Luminous Master have tried as well.

However, Li Qiye made it sound so easy. Could he actually be better than Luminous Master?

They felt that this was impossible. In order to become a progenitor, Luminous Master and Orchid Sage had to train arduously and battled numerous foes.

Though Li Qiye had proven himself today, they still thought that there was a considerable gap between him and the two progenitors. Or at the very least, he didn’t have enough time to grow and accumulate just yet.

That’s why his strong claim didn’t win the crowd over completely, including Tai Yinxi.

He wasn’t so certain either, not because he was looking down on Li Qiye. He got a good look at the guy’s power but had also seen the boulder in full detail.

He eventually came up with one conclusion - one must be at least at the immortal level of the progenitorial realm to open this boulder. Or, it might be even harder, requiring the person to be as brilliant as Gao Yang.

Only Hui Qingxuan and the bull remained calm. The bull had full confidence in Li Qiye’s abilities. The same could be said for the goddess.

Under great scrutiny, Li Qiye placed his hand on the boulder and slowly closed his eyes. No more wasted movements happened as he became a statue.

“Just like that?” A spectator said. The guy wasn’t using a supreme grand dao for derivations or a great treasure to experiment.

This looked unbelievably simple unlike the previous complicated attempts.

“It’s a miracle if he can open it by doing this.” A knowledgeable Everlasting from the last generation found this impossible.

“This is an invincible dao heart.” The goddess sighed and told the bull. She knew how to open this but lacked the mastery to do so. After seeing his first move, she was sure that he would be able to do it without any difficulty.

Time passed by and Li Qiye remained in the same pose. Everyone has been watching with great anticipation but some started losing their patience.

“Is this really happening? It makes no sense that he can open the boulder by just doing this.” Someone finally whispered.

“I agree, hmph. He’s just putting up an act.” A genius annoyed with Li Qiye said. He was happy to see zero reaction from the boulder. Nevertheless, he kept his voice down as low as possible out of fear.

“If he can open it by doing this, I’ll eat the whole boulder.” Another genius whispered with disdain.

“Clank! Crack! Crack!” Unfortunately, the moment he finished speaking, the runes on the boulder lit up. Individual sections began moving into a different shape.

Finally, the runes cracked open and the boulder blossomed like a lotus flower. However, it wasn’t a stamen in the middle but a wooden chest.

It had an ancient appearance and an old smell, seemingly existing for countless years. Nevertheless, it still looked quite new despite being beaten by time.

“He, he did it!” One expert shouted.

Everyone stood up and stretched out their neck for a better look. Emotions overwhelmed many of them.

The guy didn’t need to use any special method and still opened the boulder.

“A miracle really happened… Luminous Master and Sir Yinxi couldn’t do it but Fiercest did…” An old Eternal commented.

Those who disliked Li Qiye had nothing to say because reality was unfolding before them. It didn’t matter what he had in his bag of tricks, he still opened it, unlike the rest.

“So heaven-defying, I don’t get it at all.” Many big shots had no idea what was going on.

Those who were capable enough to understand remained silent.

“As easy as pie.” Li Qiye said.

No one dared to utter a word since he had just proved them wrong.

Those who insulted him before felt their face turning hot as if they had been slapped.

“I heard someone talking about eating this boulder. I wonder if your teeth are sharp enough.” Li Qiye gazed at the crowd.

The young geniuses turned red from embarrassment, no longer daring to speak. They lowered their head as much as humanly possible.

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