Chapter 2989: What’s In The Chest?

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Li Qiye took out the wooden chest from the boulder.

Everyone could see and feel its immense weight, overwhelmed with curiosity about the content inside.

Tai Yinxi was ecstatic. They tried their best to no avail but Li Qiye had done it now.

“So what’s inside?” Everyone wanted to know and began to speculate.

“Maybe a supreme artifact left behind by a great progenitor for our world?” One expert said.

“I don’t think it’s that simple. This thing flew out of Uncrossable Expanse with the meteor, this should be premeditated. Maybe it’s not just one progenitor but multiple for the sake of protecting their descendants from a future calamity.” Another Eternal replied.

Many agreed with this statement and nodded. “Yes, the progenitors have foreseen such a day and left this chest for us.”

For millions of years, many progenitors chose to enter that expanse. Perhaps they have met each other there.

They predicted that something might happen in the future and prepared this chest to leave with the meteor in order to aid their descendants back in Three Immortals.

However, Li Qiye didn’t open it. He tapped on it and said: “There’s only one power here capable of holding this chest, Five Element Mountain.”

Everyone quickly stared at Five Element Goddess after hearing this.

They didn’t care about his intention, whether it be to curry favor with the goddess or to please Five Element Mountain, because he was speaking the truth.

If it pertained to the prosperity of Immortal Lineage or would be useful during an incoming calamity, Five Element Mountain would be the most qualified system to keep it.

“You’re right, Young Noble Li. Five Element Mountain should protect this wooden chest.”

Tai Yinxi had no idea what was inside but he still agreed to hand it over to Five Element Mountain.

First, he was an outer disciple from this system. Second, he had no selfish wish in this matter either, only wanting to carry out his responsibilities.

After all, his Sky Pass would be the first to face any calamity from outside. He really wanted to protect this world.

Therefore, if such a day did come, Five Element Mountain was the most suitable system to take over and command everyone else. Thus, he gave the chest to its successor, Hui Qingxuan.

No one had any objection, thinking that she was indeed qualified to keep it.

Plus, this chest was found by him so to a certain extent, it was his. He could do whatever he wanted with it.

Hui Qingxuan was unaffected by the spotlight and pressure. She elegantly said: “Thank you, Sir Commander, and everyone else for regarding our system so highly. In my opinion, the content of this chest is very important and will be useful later on. Sir Yinxi protects Sky Pass and Immortal Lineage itself. This is the frontline so anything that can assist in this regard should stay here under the protection of Sky Pass, to be used by the legion here. It was created for this purpose and should be used for this purpose.”

Her comment was appropriate to the occasion and thorough, impressing the crowd as a result.

It didn’t matter what was inside. Just the fact that it flew back from Uncrossable Expanse meant that it should be immensely precious.

Anyone else would never miss the chance to seize this treasure yet she refused. Everyone became moved by her vision and selflessness.

Li Qiye, on the other hand, only smiled. Holding that treasure was the same as shouldering the responsibility of protecting the world - a heavy burden for any system.

“Since you have put it that way, I have no choice but to accept it.” Tai Yinxi pondered for a moment before accepting it from Li Qiye’s hands.

He thought she was right that the treasure would be the most useful here. After all, if Sky Pass were to fall, the entire world would be affected.

The guests didn’t have any objection either. Even if some did, the current situation stopped them from vocalizing it.

“Thank you for traveling so far to join us here today. The prosperity of Immortal Lineage relies on our solidarity…” Tai Yinxi put the treasure away and began thanking the guests who cupped their fist in response.

The feast was over since the mystery of the boulder had been figured out. People began to leave.

Some decided to stay at Sky Pass for a bit while others returned to their system.

In the end, only Li Qiye’s group and Five Element Goddess were left.

“Thank you for opening this boulder for the sake of justice, Young Noble.” Tai Yinxi thanked Li Qiye again, displaying great reverence.

“No need to thank me, I didn’t do it for justice.” Li Qiye smiled: “It is time for you to carry out your end of the bargain.”

“Please let me know what you desire.” Tai Yinxi smiled wryly and bowed again.

It wasn’t easy for someone of his status to act so humbly. This was indicative of his sincerity.

“It’s not much, just your tiger tally.” Li Qiye smiled.

“You want Sky Pass Legion’s tiger tally?” Tai Yinxi’s expression changed as he took one step backward.

“Yep, that’s the one.” Li Qiye smiled again.

“Well…” Tai Yinxi rubbed his palms together, not sure how to answer.

“You don’t want to?” Li Qiye asked.

“Young Noble, the truth is that it is not up to me. This tiger tally has grave importance, not only pertaining to the legion but it is the key to Sky Pass itself.” Tai Yinxi smiled awkwardly.

This tiger tally wasn’t only a symbol of command for the legion. It has been around since the ancient ages and acted as the key to Sky Pass. It could open the defensive barriers and control the powers here.

Thus, even if one had control over the legion and didn’t have this tiger tally, they didn’t really have full sovereignty in this place.

That’s why it was difficult for Tai Yinxi to hand over such a key item to Li Qiye. It was the same as handing him all of Sky Pass.

“I know, I don’t want your Legion or take over Sky Pass. I’m only borrowing it for a bit and will return it to you.” Li Qiye said.

“Hmm…” Too much was at stake for Tai Yinxi to make a fast decision.

“Sir Yinxi, you are still underestimating Young Noble Li.” Hui Qingxuan shook her head and said: “It’s not up to you if he really wants it. As I said before, the entire transaction is only an act of respect.”

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