Chapter 2990: Tiger Tally

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She paused for a bit before continuing: “Sir Yinxi, you can’t actually think that the young noble wants your legion and Sky Pass? Given his power, the entire legion wouldn’t be able to stop his step. In my opinion, even the mighty Sky Pass can’t either. If he has any treacherous intent, he wouldn’t need the tiger tally since he’s unbeatable in the first place. Thus, this has to be coming from a place of good.”

She seemed to be supporting Li Qiye entirely.

‘This girl is amazing, no wonder why she’s the top spot in Five Element. Young yet got a killer vision.’ The bull thought.

The bull could see through Li Qiye because it had lived too long and met countless invincible beings and brilliant geniuses. This gave it an amazing pair of eyes.

On the other hand, Hui Qingxuan was still so young yet knowledgeable, far exceeding her peers or even a senior like Tai Yinxi.

This had a lot to do with her background. She has met plenty of invincible masters there, allowing her to have outstanding insight.

“Well…” Tai Yinxi became startled. He knew that Hui Qingxuan was definitely stronger than him.

She respected very few people to this level. Even the two progenitors were only viewed as equals in her mind.

There must be a reason why she viewed Li Qiye with such high regard.

Just think about it, Five Element Mountain was as strong as can be. Tai Yinxi knew this much.

Its successor, Hui Qingxuan, must have seen numerous masters. This only made Li Qiye seem more impressive.

“Sir Yinxi, if you are still worrying, Five Element Mountain will act as a guarantor?” Qingxuan said elegantly and as beautiful as always despite her appearance being hidden.

Doubts should be dispelled now that Five Element mountain was brought to the mix.

“Goddess, that’s too much. I’ll just listen then.” Tai Yinxi didn’t dare to escalate the issue and bowed towards Hui Qingxuan.

He then hurried away to get the tiger tally. He naturally couldn’t carry such an important item around all the time.

“Not bad at all, that’s a lady from Five Element Mountain for you.” Li Qiye smiled and gave her a thumbs-up.

“Far inferior compared to you, Dao Brother.” Qingxuan smiled, looking far more lighthearted than earlier.

“It’s not easy for you to come outside, and out of appreciation for your likeability and thoughtfulness, you may take this back. No need to worry about it anymore.” Li Qiye smiled and took out one half of a jade pendant.

He got it from an old man as a promise token back in a pavilion while avoiding the rain. Even a fool could tell that this pendant was special.

Jing’er who was standing behind Qingxuan had her eyes opening wide. She was more nervous than anyone while staring at the pendant, afraid that Li Qiye might suddenly change his mind.

She felt the urge to grab it away from him right away. After all, it pertained to her lady’s happiness.

Contrastly, Hui Qingxuan stared calmly at the pendant then back at Li Qiye. Such nobility and elegance were naturally attractive.

“Dao Brother, you wish to decline the engagement?” She smiled and spoke softly. Such tenderness coming from a woman of her status would make others overwhelmed with joy.

“Not quite.” Li Qiye shook his head: “The old men in your clan only wish to trap me. If you were an arrogant brat, I would have teased you for a bit but this isn’t the case so there’s no point. Take the pendant and be freed from this.”

“But what if I don’t mind?” She asked. One would regret forever giving up a woman like her.

“Nothing can be better then!” The bull clapped its front hooves together and said: “You two are a match made in heaven and cast by the will of the earth. No other pair is better, it’s a travesty if you don’t get together.”

The bull actually wanted to push these two into marriage and a wedding night as fast as possible. It could already imagine the fat and cute baby resulting from this marriage.

“My bones are going to meld if you keep this up.” Li Qiye ignored the bull and told her.

“I would be ecstatic if I was truly that irresistible. Your dao heart isn’t something I can move, akin to a mayfly trying to push down a tree - completely overestimating myself.” She shook her head in response.

“Are you sure you don’t want it back?” Li Qiye smiled and glanced at the pendant.

“If you wish to return it, give it back to the person who gave it to you in the first place.” She responded: “I’m sure our ancestor is reasonable enough to not make it harder than it should be.”

“Lady…” Jing’er became anxious since her lady didn’t want to get the pendant back.

Alas, she didn’t say anything else, aware of her lady’s wish.

“Alright, Five Element Mountain is a good place anyway. I’ll come visit when I have time.” Li Qiye smiled and put away the pendant.

“I’ll be waiting and will show you our best hospitality.” Qingxuan’s eyes seemed gentle as she said this.

“Very well.” Li Qiye nodded.

“Good, good.” The bull laughed after seeing Li Qiye keeping the pendant. It was more nervous than the two involved parties. It patted its chest and laughed: “I’ll be waiting for the ceremony.”

The two naturally ignored the bull again.

A while later, Tai Yinxi returned with a box. He carefully presented it in front of Li Qiye with both hands. Inside was a tiger tally from an unknown era.

“This is the tiger tally of Sky Pass, please take care of it, Young Noble. And please, forgive me for being knowledgeable and unable to see your depth.” Tai Yinxi respectfully said.

“You’re already quite smart. There’s a reason why Five Element Mountain recruited you.” Li Qiye took a look at the tiger tally and praised the guy.

Li Qiye then took out a blueprint and added: “Sky Pass isn’t unbreakable like it is in your imagination. It was built long ago and some openings have formed. Ordinary people can’t notice them but for the true masters, they will be able to traverse through this place freely by taking advantage of these openings.”

Tai Yinxi hurriedly accepted the blueprint for a look, aghast. His face turned pale because these openings have been listed carefully. Each was the same as opening the gate of Sky Pass.

Ordinary masters might know about them but still couldn’t do anything. Only the lords could take advantage of this.

“Thank you, Young Noble, for working to help protect Immortal Lineage.” Tai Yinxi bowed deeply.

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