Chapter 2991: Peerless Hui Qingxuan

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“You’re overthinking it, this has nothing to do with protecting Immortal Lineage. I am only a passerby and became interested in Sky Pass so I took a look, noticing these flaws in the process.” Li Qiye replied.

Tai Yinxi shuddered inside. He has been the commander of Sky Pass for some time now and knew the place like the palm of his hand. However, he didn’t notice them at all.

This so-called “passerby” who only got here recently took note of this so fast? Truly terrifying.

He knew just how strong Sky Pass was - more than enough to repel mighty progenitors once activated.

Its origin remained unknown; its true characters were shrouded in mysteries. Brilliant progenitors couldn’t necessarily understand the wall in its entirety.

He knew that this was beyond his grasp despite trying to learn for a lifetime. Worst of all, Li Qiye didn’t only spot the flaws but also offered various solutions.

No one in the contemporary could do this right now, not him or even Luminous Master.

Cold sweat began to form as he thought about the previous conversation. Hui Qingxuan was right.

If Li Qiye had an ulterior motive, his legion with the help of Sky Pass wouldn’t be able to stop him. He could destroy the entire thing.

Therefore, borrowing the tiger tally must come with good intentions. Otherwise, destruction would have been the faster path.

Li Qiye went through the effort to borrow this tiger tally was a token of respect and goodwill. He didn’t wish to damage this place.

“You are a god among men.” Tai Yinxi said with reverence: “I was too foolish to see this. It is my fortune to be enlightened…”

Li Qiye accepted the gesture and said: “Carefully mend them because time won’t wait for you. It’s coming.”

“The calamity is coming…” Tai Yinxi murmured.

He had mentally prepared himself for this possibility. Alas, he still held on to a sliver of hope that what happened before was only a coincidence.

“Yes, and no one can escape the inevitable.” Li Qiye added.

“A natural disaster…” His heart became heavy since Sky Pass would be the first to take the hit. [1]

“No, it’s no natural disaster. Three Immortals is one of the safest places in existence. The villainous heaven can’t send down a natural disaster that easily. This is a crisis stemming from men.”

“From men? Young Noble, do you mean old friends are returning?!” His expression changed as he instinctively looked towards Uncrossable Expanse.

A Supreme Everlasting like him was on the same level as a progenitor at the myriad or even the imperial level.

His power gave him more knowledge and vision compared to weaker cultivators. Thus, he understood the implication and started thinking about a few legends.

“Old friends, huh? I don’t think anyone will be calling them old friends at that point.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Right.” Hui Qingxuan chimed in: “Sky Pass will be the first to take the hit. It is the most important yet perilous location, you know this more than anyone, Commander Yinxi. So please, grasp this opportunity to fix the flaws and prepare for the worst.”

Tai Yinxi took a look at the blueprint again before smiling wryly: “Goddess, I’m afraid it won’t be easy. Sky Pass is majestic beyond anything else in the world. These flaws seem tiny but fixing each of them requires an insane amount of resources and manpower. Divine metals, immortal stones, and so many refining experts. Even our legion would need a long time to take care of them…”

Remember, the wall spanned for billions and billions of miles. Just one flaw required an immense amount of effort to fix.

“The guests from Uncrossable Expanse will start with Sky Pass. If Sky Pass were to go down, Immortal Lineage would be exposed to the tigers and lions, peace will no longer be possible. Everyone is responsible for this, not just Sky Pass. All dao systems and cultivators will need to shoulder this burden.” Qingxuan said.

“What you’re saying makes sense but I’m afraid implementation will be difficult.” He put on a forced smile.

In fact, everyone understood that the moment Sky Pass went down, Immortal Lineage would be exposed completely.

However, how many systems and masters would want to contribute their own resources to the cause? Selfishness was a part of human nature.

“Five Element Mountain will handle one-third. Everyone else will contribute the rest, is this possible?” She said.

Tai Yinxi was shaken to hear this. One-third of this ridiculous number was enough to start another system, or even more.

However, she gave this promise without any hesitation - quite a heroic and domineering showing.

Immortal Lineage was massive yet Five Element Mountain was ready to contribute one-third. What could the rest refuse?

“Yin Taixi thank you and your system on behalf of the entire world.” Yin Taixi got on his knees.

Her promise would make this far easier. Any unwilling system would no longer have an excuse to not bear this responsibility.

Moreover, it meant that Five Element Mountain itself was spearheading this monumental project. The system was far more influential than Tai Yinxi alone and success was only a matter of time.

“Do it as soon as possible so we can have peace of mind.” Qingxuan said: “They won’t wait for us so if we aren’t prepared on that day, everything will turn to smoke.”

“I understand, I will take on the responsibility of fixing the flaws as soon as possible! I will also fight to the death, here, in Sky Pass!” Tai Yinxi sonorously responded.

As a member of Five Element Mountain himself, this wasn’t an empty promise to its successor.

“Sir Yinxi, I’m confident in your abilities.” The goddess responded.

“Okay, I am done here. Time for me to go.” Li Qiye stood up and stretched.

“I hope to see you again, Dao Brother.” She bid farewell as he was leaving.

“I’m sure we’ll meet again soon enough.” Li Qiye smiled and left the commander’s mansion.

Tai Yinxi went with them all the way to the gate before stopping.

“Dao Brother.” Someone came up to the group. It seemed that she has been waiting outside for a while now. It was none other than Holyfrost True Emperor.

This prestigious twelve-palace emperor was willing to wait outside for Li Qiye regardless of how long it took. She bowed her head after seeing him.

“Dao Brother, the elders of Sacred Institution wish to pay you a formal visit.” She got straight to the point.

“Haha, the old geezers there are finally reacting? They see some values and are running around as if their butt was on fire.” The bull laughed and said with a hint of disdain.

She smiled wryly after hearing this. Of course, this was indeed the case. The elders back there wanted to entice Li Qiye.

After all, he was a disciple from their system. How could they let go of such a brilliant cultivator?

1. A heavenly disaster would be a more accurate translation since the word consists of (sky/heaven) + (disaster). However, it sounds jarring in English and natural disaster is how it is used in everyday life. The problem is it sounds strange in the translation too.

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