Chapter 2992: Base Of The Wall

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“No need for this type of formality. We’ll meet again if fate permits.” Li Qiye smiled at the emperor.

“Haha, no chance after the opportunity is gone.” The bull laughed and poured cold water on the academy: “The brat from Repentance Institution has a better vision compared to the old geezers.”

It was naturally referring to Du Wenrui.

Holyfrost True Emperor took a deep breath and said: “I will let them know, Dao Brother. The gate of Academy of Light is always open for you, ready to welcome you back.”

She knew that he was powerful beyond imagination and didn’t need to rely on their system. The ancestors had nothing going for them to recruit him outside of his previous status as a student of Repentance. He didn’t need to give them any face.

“Sure, I am still a student of Repentance.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I understand.” The emperor nodded and said: “Repentance is one of our five great academies. Its future will be boundless with numerous geniuses that it can rely on.”

Her words carried a lot of weight due to her current cultivation. She bowed towards Li Qiye then the bull before leaving.

“The girl is very smart.” The bull laughed: “Unfortunately, there are four other academies and her influence is limited to Northern Academy. She doesn’t have full authority or this system could take the next step and herald another golden age.”

It had a high evaluation of her. Well, she certainly had the wisdom and abilities to earn these praises.

Unfortunately, her system was too large. If she wanted full sovereignty, she must convince the other elders to give it to her. This was extremely difficult.

Nevertheless, she still made a promise to Li Qiye just now since he had some ties with Repentance. In the future, she would take care of it, more or less, especially with regards to resources and talent recruitment.

After all, the academy needed to do this much in order to curry favor from him. She didn’t have the authority to make this promise currently but this didn’t stop her from being decisive.

“Academy of Light has plenty of talents.” Li Qiye said: “Unfortunately, it’s just too big. That’s one problem.”

“Haha, it’s just more headache for the old demon, his future won’t be fun at all.” The bull heartily laughed and gloated as if it could see the old demon struggling already.

“You guys go back, I have something else to do.” Li Qiye smiled then commanded. He left without waiting for them to respond.

“Okay, we’re going.” The bull didn’t pry any further and told the other members.


Li Qiye traveled to the end of Sky Pass. Of course, this wasn’t easy for regular cultivators due to the massive length of the wall.

Furthermore, a power existed at this edge - the closer, the stronger the repelling force.

He still made it there all the same and looked forward. This particular wall base was connected to the sky with white clouds flying by.

This was also the depth of the wildlands, virtually uninhabited by anyone, not even by those who were escaping their enemies.

Wild grass and weed have taken over this sad place. Not even a bird or fish could be seen.

The base was made from large, coarse boulders. Upon closer inspection, one would see everlasting divinity in each one in the form of faint shimmers.

They have been assaulted with the rain and wind through numerous years, turning brown as a result.

One would get the feeling that these boulders were as old as the wildland itself, existing since the formation of this area.

Of course, no one knew who created this portion of the wall during the olden days. This remained a mystery.

“Many short steps accumulate into a thousand miles.” Li Qiye became slightly emotional: “The world doesn’t know the pain of their ancestors. Above the nine firmaments are the blood of many wise sages. They fell on unknown battlefields just to protect their descendants.”

These ancestors have tried their very best. Sky Pass was the best example of this. Unfortunately, their efforts went unnoticed.

Li Qiye took out the tiger tally of Sky Pass. Ordinary people would only think that this was a badge of authority for the legion, capable of mobilizing forces.

In fact, they simply didn’t know that it wasn’t made by Tai Yinxi. The thing was ancient and passed down for many eras.

Tai Yinxi has been in charge for a long time yet still had no idea about its origin. He knew that one couldn’t be considered the master of Sky Pass by just having control over the legion or forcefully taking over the region.

The tiger tally was absolutely crucial since that’s the only way to activate the defensive barriers of Sky Pass and use all of its powers against the enemies.

Because of this, he speculated that the tiger tally was created during the formation of the wall. It should also serve as a key into the origin of Sky Pass - the source of its power.

Of course, he didn’t know how to use this key to reach the mystery of Sky Pass, unlike Li Qiye who could reach that far.

The latter had experimented before and found that without this tiger tally, a massive power in Sky Pass would try to repel him.

He could naturally force his way through but it would end with massive destruction. A large part of the wall would crumble as a result.

He had no intention of damaging this defensive line of Immortal Lineage so he needed to borrow the tiger tally. With this, he could enter the source of its power without facing any backlash.

“It’s exquisite and profound.” Li Qiye held the tiger tally and smiled.

A dao flame began to jump in his palm before turning into magical runes. They transformed and derived wondrous grand dao.

Visual phenomena took form. One could faintly hear the sound of stones being moving and breaking. It took them back to an ancient era with the ancestors splitting the earth open and carving the boulders in order to form Sky Pass.

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