Chapter 3035: Smell

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The lava itself was tolerable but inside were bubbles containing the true flame. Once these bubbles were broken, little sparks powerful enough to take down anything would escape.

That’s why those treading on the lava exercised utmost caution in order to avoid the actual flame.

“Look over there.” Holyfrost said with a grave tone while pointing forward.

Everyone looked over and noticed something deeper in the lava. There was an infusion of sword rays among the flames.

There existed an adage - the water of Yellow River came from heaven itself. At this moment, it felt as if the ocean of fire came from heaven.

The deepest part of this ocean was also the highest, akin to an erupting volcano. It stood at the center, tall enough to pierce the sky. The true flame was emanating from its mouth. It burned and reduced everything to lava, hence the ocean.

Upon careful inspection, one would also find a sword energy lingering on that volcano. It spread ten million miles and reached their area as well.

One could see a flashing glint there as if there was a divine sword pinned in that place. It penetrated the earth and shut down all affinities.

This gave the sensation that the sword was stopping this rampaging volcano. If it wasn’t around, the true flame would ooze out and annihilate everything.

Thus, the sword allowed this world to exist.

“Such powerful sword energy.” Holyfrost took a deep breath, noticing that even a brilliant progenitor would be suppressed beneath.

“It’s more than that. It’s an undying will and obsession too.” The bull quietly said.

“A battle for the ages, enough to inform the descendants of a few things.” Li Qiye observed the volcano before adding.

“Could you elaborate?” Holyfrost asked. This terrible battle turned this world into lava on top of leaving behind an undying will.

“What else can it be but an internal battle between progenitors? The auras are obvious on this battlefield.” The bull laughed.

Once again, Holyfrost had a hard time accepting this reality despite her suspicion and the evidence.

“Let’s keep going, we’ll get an answer soon enough.” Li Qiye smiled and stepped into the lava.

He naturally had no fear of this true flame. His eyes have been fixated on one target - the deepest area of this ocean of fire, the place to get an answer. Internal strife clearly happened here, resulting in this ultimate battle.

Holyfrost and the bull didn’t have any trouble following him either.

The ocean spanned ten million miles. Though the group didn’t need to be as cautious as the other cultivators, it still took some time to make it to the end.

“Someone found an oasis ahead, let’s hurry up, there should be good stuff here.” Someone ahead of them shouted and increased their speed, not worrying about the danger.

Others also followed suit and headed for this oasis.

“Do you smell anything?” Li Qiye stopped and took a deep breath before looking at the bull.

“No.” The bull did the same thing and smacked its lips then honestly answered.

Li Qiye gave it the side-eye which made the bull awkward. It turned towards Holyfrost and asked: “Little girl, what about you?”

She copied them and carefully tasted the air: “I don’t sense anything.”

“Haha, even the girl can’t sense anything, not everyone has a dog nose like yours, so sharp.” The bull laughed and teased Li Qiye.

“Didn’t you say you have eaten nine-pistil golden grain before?” Li Qiye asked the bull.

“Well, even if I did, it’s not omnipotent, I can’t smell and figure out everything.” The bull smiled awkwardly and hesitated.

“Sure, so you didn’t eat one. What about those leaves from the old demon, you surely ate them. These are immortal-grade items.” Li Qiye continued.

“Hehehe, I still remember their taste right now.” The bull arched its chest proudly.

Li Qiye only stared in response.

“Fine, I’ll definitely smell something.”The bull didn’t like this gaze from Li Qiye and became annoyed. It took a deep breath and carefully savored the air. It closed its eyes, seemingly asleep.

“This is…” It opened its eyes after a while; its bell-like eyes flashed like two moons.

“It smells like lingzhi, very old. Probably immortal-grade?” The bull murmured.

“So there’s an immortal item here?!” It then shouted.

“Just missing one tiny bit, very tiny bit.” Li Qiye elaborated.

“Right, it’s definitely an immortal lingzhi then. Hmm, I don’t know what type exactly, but the grade is indeed amazing. Of course, still not on the same level as a nine-pistil golden grain.” It carefully smelled for the second time.

It then rushed forward, afraid that someone else might take it first.

Li Qiye shook his head and followed right behind the bull.

“I don’t think it’ll be easy taking an item of this level.” Holyfrost hurried as well.

“Yes, it would be long gone now if it were easy instead of still waiting here.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Young Noble, does Nine-pistil Golden Grain truly exist?” Holyfrost couldn’t help but ask while glancing at the bull ahead.

It has always bragged about eating this grain before but she knew that this was an immortal-grade item. No one has seen it before.

“It does.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “As for that thing eating one? Who knows…”

Holyfrost didn’t pursue the matter since Li Qiye stopped talking.

There existed a floating oasis on this ocean of fire. It looked like an independent island.

“It’s here!” The bull shouted and rushed in.

Li Qiye and Holyfrost also stepped on this floating oasis and were greeted by a refreshing sensation.

Verdant and thick foliage appeared before them along with trees and vines.

One would have a hard time believing that this oasis was floating on an ocean of fire. This was truly a sight to behold. How did someone create this spectacle?

“I heard there’s an immortal lingzhi ahead.” A cultivator ahead couldn’t help revealing.

“Really?” Those who had just gotten here became crazily excited and hastened their speed.

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