Chapter 3036: Oasis Island

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The oasis - a scene of green with creeks and streams, along with a pleasant freshness.

One would start thinking - how the hell did this oasis get here among the fiery ocean?

The place was full of vibrant life force; people couldn’t help feeling comfortable here, akin to being in a desert and finding a spring. It was indeed that sweet.

“How strange, we’ve actually been through here before and this island wasn’t there.” One expert felt strange.

“This place is awfully mysterious and isn’t fixed in place, shifting in and out of appearance. Seeing it right now is a fortune for us.” Another big shot noticed it.

“I see, no wonder why we didn’t see it before.” Others understood after listening.

“A magical place like this usually has an amazing artifact.” One ancestor from a big sect added.

“It’s right ahead, actually. Someone said that it was an immortal lingzhi.” An elder couldn’t wait and rushed ahead after shouting.

Others heard him and delved deeper into the island. After all, the majority of people here came for treasures. How could they miss a meteor originating from Uncrossable Expanse?

They eventually found a sizable lake deeper on this island along with cool and wet breezes. The water was as green as jade, looking quite beautiful.

The most magical thing was a spring of lava at the center of the lake. However, the lava couldn’t infiltrate and mix with the lake water regardless of how much came out. An invisible power seemed to be separating the two.

The lava spring made the center area full of steam, causing it to be indistinct.

Of course, the spring wasn’t the most tempting thing for the spectators. All focus was on a lingzhi root growing there - resplendent from top to bottom as if it were carved from ice and snow. It exuded an extremely cold energy. It had strings of golden lines that were very vibrant, looking like a golden liquid flowing around it.

The combination of ice and gold made the root quite beautiful. One could smell its medicinal fragrance from afar - definitely the unique characteristic of a lingzhi.

It seemed faint but clearly had an ice affinity with a touch of five-element divine gold.

After taking a deep breath, one would feel a golden liquid flowing through them, clearing all the meridians and paths.

“It’s amazing, definitely an immortal grade!” Even a fool that knew nothing about alchemy could tell that it was special.

Just imagine, this lingzhi grew in an extremely hot lava spring yet still had a cold affinity. What else could it be if not special?

“I can’t believe it.” A few big shots who have just gotten here had a glint in their eyes, eager to give it a shot.

Everyone’s heart started beating faster before this amazing item.

“Hmm, I think I have seen this lingzhi described in an ancient mat before.” An alchemist at the Eternal realm murmured.

“Senior, could you elaborate?” The ones nearby inquired.

“If I’m not mistaken…” He pondered before answering: “This lingzhi is the legendary Golden Iceflame Lingzhi, definitely at the immortal grade.”

Meanwhile, the bull has made it here and also saw the root in the middle of the lake and shouted: “Golden Iceflame! Hmm, not comparable to what I’ve eaten before but it’s not bad. My disciple, I will take it for you since it will help you become an invincible emperor.”

It didn’t have too much patience left, wanting to take it right now.

“What? One can become an emperor right away after eating it?” The experts nearby were shaken, almost becoming drunk.

Becoming an emperor was the dream for many prodigies here. They would pay any price for it if this creature was right.

“Go!” Several young experts leaped towards the middle of the lake. Alas, they suddenly disappeared, seemingly entering a different dimension.

“Ahh!” They screamed once they emerged again, incinerated from top to bottom before becoming ashes.

“What’s going on?” Many shuddered at this sight.

“It’s not that easy to take a wondrous natural resource.” An older big shot shook his head.

“Haha, an Eternal tried and got turned to ashes earlier.” Someone who got here earlier sneered.

In fact, those who came early knew the danger. That’s why they didn’t risk rushing in.

“This is stealing the fortune and creation of heaven and earth. A big fortune is accompanied by appropriate danger.” An ancestor carefully mused for a while.

He lost his patience as well and took one step into the lake. The scene before him disappeared - the lake was nowhere to be found, only surging lava. The waves were high enough to drown the entire area; the temperature rose to an insane level.

People felt as if they had returned to an ocean of fire once more. This didn’t seem like an illusion at all.

Taking one step meant changing the geography completely in a magical manner. This place had this special characteristic after accumulating the natural essences of the world. That’s why the lingzhi grew in this spot.

A while later, the ancestor emerged again, a lot closer to the lingzhi this time. In the next second, he flashed into disappearance.

“Can he do it?” Some people became nervous, afraid that the lingzhi might be taken by this ancestor.

“Haha, keep watching, it’s not that easy.” An early arriver said.

“Ah!” A scream could be heard not long after. The ancestor emerged once more on the lake but now, something had pierced through his chest.

Blood gushed out from the hole as he fell down from the sky.

“Damn!” Some spectators had no clue what was going on. They took a deep breath after seeing the death of this mighty ancestor.

“Haha, I see.” The bull laughed, very pleased with itself: “So nine dimensions of dao fortunes, amazing, this place is incredible.”

“My good disciple, wait here, I’m going to take it now.” The bull let the girl down and prepared to enter.

All eyes were on this bull now. Many have seen it before and knew just how strong it was - definitely not someone to trifle with.

“Don’t. Someone is in there already, pass it up this time.” However, Li Qiye stopped the bull and shook his head.

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