Chapter 3037: Golden Iceflame Lingzhi

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“Pass it up?” The bull laughed and took another look at the lake with its big eyes.

“This brat? I was only deriving earlier and didn’t see him, not bad at all.” It became surprised after a while: “Forget it then, I’ll listen to you this time.”

This made people feel much better despite not really knowing what was going on. Nonetheless, it seemed that the bull wasn’t going to try anymore because it might actually be able to do it.

“Let’s give it a shot.” Other ancestors lost their cool and went into the lake together.

“Ah!” Sure enough, they fell from the sky a while later, completely bathed in their own blood.

“Silver Lake Sacred Monarch…” Someone recognized one of the victims.

“How many people came in?” Another asked.

“Eight-battle Sacred Monarch, Celestial True God, Leisureless Lord…” One person started counting.

The rest breathed deeply after hearing the names of these big shots.

“Ah!” Two more big shots stained the lake with their blood.

“That’s Eight-battle Sacred Monarch and Leisureless Lord…” A spectator bellowed.

“What happened to them…” One elder’s voice trembled because he knew just how powerful they were. How could they die like this?

Meanwhile, Li Qiye stared at the lake and the lingzhi with no intention of joining in.

“It’s wondrous. It’s too bad that someone got ahead of us.” Holyfrost sighed and said.

“Not necessarily, it’s only because Sir is stopping me from competing with that brat or I would be faster.” The bull laughed.

“It’s a rare chance, just let him have it since you have tasted immortal-grade items before.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

The bull shrugged in response: “The brat is lucky that even you are helping him. I hope he won’t let us down.”

“He should have no problem picking this lingzhi.” Holyfrost commented.

Ordinary experts only saw a lake but top existences like Li Qiye and the bull saw something else entirely - an ocean of lava with permeating evil fog along with chaotic space…

“Master, how come they disappear after entering?” Yanbai was too weak to see the hints. She saw several experts coming in and didn’t come out.

“You’re only seeing what’s in front of you, not actually the essences of this area.” The bull explained: “There are numerous dimensions in this lake. Taking one step would take you to a random one. A place of fortune like this has plenty of looming dangers, they’re proportional.”

Yanbai nodded, still looking a bit perplexed.

Several more screams resounded during their conversation, ending with corpses appearing in the lake.

“Buzz.” In the next second, a figure flashed on top of the water, then a second figure.

They rode on a treasure lotus - one male and one female, looking like a match made in heaven while standing shoulder to shoulder.

“Three-eyed Prodigy and Spiritheart Emperor.” A spectator blurted out. He was right, and these two looked like an amazing match.

“Buzz.” They disappeared and entered another dimension.

“Why are these two together?” Someone quietly asked.

Everyone exchanged glances in contemplation. They knew that Spiritheart and Metalkin War God were engaged. However, she looked quite close to the prodigy.

“They’re students of Academy of Light, going on an adventure together is normal.” One expert didn’t mind.

Of course, the majority rather not comment on this issue since it might get them in trouble.

“Buzz.” An ancient path stretched from the distance and descended next to the lake. A man walked down, standing there as if he was under the protection of a thousand sages.

“Shen Guzhan…” An audience member became surprised.

Shen Guzhan looked around and eventually noticed Li Qiye’s group. He told the crowd: “This lingzhi belongs to me.”

This warning naturally took the crowd like a storm.

“Oh, what a bold declaration.” The bull looked at the guy and laughed: “Actually go get it first before bragging.”

“You!” Shen Guzhan’s expression grew ugly, not liking the public insult.

“Brother Guzhan, you and I together are more than enough.” A clear voice resounded.

“Clank!” A female sword rider landed next to Shen Guzhan.

“Flying Sword Marvel!” People naturally recognized her.

She was famous for her cultivation but most importantly, she was Luminous Master’s sister-in-law. This was enough to deter anyone.

She snorted after seeing Li Qiye’s group, still holding a grudge. This just wasn’t the right time to act on it.

“Let’s go!” The two shouted at the same time and entered the lake.

They disappeared the moment they touched the water and appeared again in the next second.

“Boom!” Shen Guzhan was protected by the myriad dao as he walked on the ancient path. Flying Sword Marvel had thousands of divine swords floating around her.

One focused on offense; the other defense. They quickly made it through the first dimension.

“Rumble!” The two made it to the second dimension with an untouchable divinity, breaking through everything as if they were dried branches. The danger here wasn’t enough to hinder their path.

“So strong.” The spectators praised.

“So Three-eyed Prodigy and Spiritheart Emperor are a team, then we have Shen Guzhan and Flying Sword Marvel, who will be the first to get the lingzhi?” Someone murmured.

“Who knows? Three-eyed Prodigy and Spiritheart Emperor are almost at the ninth dimension now.” An ancestor who got here early revealed.

“Whoosh!” A golden ship arrived and interrupted the discussions.

“A vessel from Metalkin Divine Court.” An expert became startled.

Two military forces descended from above. They were clearly elites, evident by their fierce aura. It was as if they had just gotten here from a tough battlefield.

“Unrestrained Legion of the court.” People took a deep breath.

“I heard that this legion is on the same level as Divine Beast Legion. They don’t have that many men but are capable of fighting against imperial-level enemies.” Many retreated after sensing their bloodthirst.

Two people came out of the vessel - a man above thirty years of age and an old man wearing a servant robe but an official crest.

“Semi-sword God, the senior brother of Metalkin War God.” Someone recognized the middle-aged man.

“The other person is Metalkin War God’s servant who watched him grow up, he’s the current prime minister of the court.” Another added.

“So their army is here.” One more said.

“Violet Dragon Empress brought her legion here so it makes sense that Metalkin War God would also summon his own.” One expert commented.

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