Chapter 3038: Semi-sword God

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The sword god and prime minister of Metalkin Divine Court stood next to the lake and gazed at the lingzhi in the center. [1]

“His Majesty was right, there is indeed an immortal item appearing here.” The prime minister stared at the lingzhi with a golden glint in his eyes: “We must take this supreme item.”

Though he didn’t exude his aura, he was still a powerful Everlasting who watched Metalkin War God grew up. Outside of being Metalkin War God’s servant, he used to be an ancestor of the system then the protector of this youth.

Semi-sword God then shifted his gaze towards Li Qiye instead.

“You’re Fiercest?” He said with narrowed eyes.

Many paid attention to this conversation while holding their breath. They knew that Li Qiye had destroyed Metalkin War God’s dao avatar back in Sky Pass. This was nothing short of a feud.

Li Qiye ignored him because he was only here to look at the lingzhi.

“Daring to oppose the court and our race? Quite bold.” The sword god calmly said.

Though his tone remained calm, everyone felt a sword unsheathing and releasing its aura with the intent of decapitation.

“A fight, maybe?” A spectator shuddered after feeling the sword energy.

“Maybe, this sword god’s name is Niu Yunhao, quite powerful with a heavy sword dao. According to the rumor, no one can take a full slash from him, hence his title. He’s probably not that much weaker than Metalkin War God.” An ancestor said.

“Opposing your insignificant court and race? No big deal.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“So merciless!” People gasped after hearing this and exchanged glances.

Metalkin Divine Court was one of the strongest systems currently, same with their race. Now, they were considered insignificant in his eyes? This view probably extended to the rest of the world as well.

Because of this, all of the soldiers from Unrestrained glared at him with murderous intent.

They were also metalkins, hence their distaste of his comment regarding their system and race.

Semi-sword God scowled and released his sword intents. The entire area turned into a sword domain.

“Pop!” However, a popping sound came from the lake. Two people emerged and stood side by side once more.

“Three-eyed Prodigy and Spiritheart Emperor, they made it through the ninth level, that lingzhi is as good as theirs now.” A spectator shouted.

The two of them rode a lotus flower together. Their teamwork seemed impeccable. They undoubtedly became much better partners after breaking through the individual dimension.

The two of them saw lava all around now, only inches away from the lingzhi.

Many were surprised because big shots have entered and failed before. These two have become the forerunners in this contest.

“They got it, right?” One spectator said.

“Nephew, we must get this lingzhi.” The prime minister said seriously.

“I’m going.” Semi-sword God leaped to the sky and unleashed a heavy slash capable of splitting the earth. He disappeared from sight as well.

“Rumble!” People saw slashes ravaging the air; each with enough power to crush everything. He made it through three dimensions without any problem.

“So strong, yes, he can’t be that much weaker than Metalkin War God.” One spectator commented.

“Those two are doing it!” Someone saw the prodigy and the emperor move closer.

However, they didn’t reach for the lingzhi right away but chose to slowly circle around the lava spring.

“What are they doing? It’s right there?” A weak cultivator didn’t know the reason why.

“It’s not that easy to get an item of this level.” An ancestor shook his head: “Your eyes see that it is only inches away but it might, in actuality, be an entire world apart.”

“Haha, the brat noticed it.” The bull laughed and said.

“His third eye isn’t there for nothing.” Li Qiye chuckled: “If he can’t see the entrance, he should change his title to blind-eye idiot instead.”

“Hmm, the others are catching up.” The emperor laughed beautifully at Li Qiye’s joke before looking at the lake.

Li Qiye only smiled, clearly confident in Three-eyed Prodigy.

Meanwhile, the prime minister had ordered for his legion to prepare a formation around the lake. Though it was yet to be activated, one could still hear thunderous detonation as if this were an army from heaven.

“Little turtle, what are you doing?” The bull glanced over and asked.

The other spectators finally noticed this as well. Their expression changed as they retreated away.

They could see that the legion was up to something and didn’t wish to be involved.

The prime minister’s expression soured after being addressed as “little turtle” but still seriously responded: “Metalkin Divine Court does not need to answer to anyone.”

This was a domineering and tough response. Of course, their system really had this ability since few could match them.

“Whatever.” The bull shrugged before turning back towards the prodigy and the emperor.

It then spoke nonchalantly while acting innocent: “Hmm, those two are such a good pair, a match made in heaven, hehe, Sir, should we help them become a couple?”

This comment was obviously deliberate. The prime minister’s expression darkened even more while others gained interest.

Everyone knew about the marriage pact between Metalkin Divine Court and Garden of God.

Now, the bull’s comment was the same as slapping Metalkin Divine Court and Metalkin War God in the face.

Most importantly, the prodigy and the emperor were indeed together at this moment. Even if they were completely innocent, the bull’s comment was still adding oil to the fire.

“Why not, they’re really perfect for each other, a talented man and a gorgeous woman. I also want them to stay together.” Li Qiye nodded.

“Fiercest is insane!” Some of the crowd thought. He clearly wanted to break the engagement.

On the other hand, Holyfrost thought that this wasn’t a whimsical comment from Li Qiye and could see the end result already.

1. The author added turtle to the prime minister which wasn’t there during the first introduction. I don’t know if he’s a turtle demon or it’s his last name. Will be omitting it for now

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