Chapter 3039: Competition

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“Ridiculous!” The prime minister uttered coldly: “The marriage pact between our great sects can’t be broken by a bunch of ruffians!”

He was doubly annoyed since he was the one who went to propose this to Garden of God. In his eyes, Spiritheart Emperor was going to be the future mistress of the court. Thus, Li Qiye and the bull’s comments were not well-received by him.

“Hahaha, we’ll see about that.” The bull laughed, ready to cause chaos to the world. It would have done something even if Li Qiye didn’t care about this romance just to spite the court.

“Hmph!” A cold glint flashed in the prime minister’s eyes. He considered any attempt at breaking this marriage unforgivable and would destroy them regardless of who they are.

“Boom!” In the interim, a path surrounded by swords has made it to the center of the lake.

“Flying Sword Marvel and Shen Guzhan have broken through the ninth dimension too. The other two wasted too much time.” One spectator shouted in astonishment.

This made the situation much more interesting. The prodigy and the emperor were the first to get here but they just lingered around without taking action.

Now, their rivals have made it here, resulting in fierce competition. The four stood opposite of each other, ready to fight.

“Fellow Daoist Three-eyed, we want this lingzhi.” Shen Guzhan laughed and declared.

“Hah, really now?” The prodigy has never been afraid of anyone. He was a prideful person himself and said: “This lingzhi is already ours.”

“Hmph.” Flying Sword Marvel snorted in response: “The two of us can crush you in terms of power.” She seemed quite imperious making this statement.

Nonetheless, this was rather reasonable. The two of them were indeed stronger than the prodigy and the emperor.

“Boom!” Suddenly, a massive sword broke through the spatial fabric. This newcomer was obviously Semi-sword God. He made his entrance, looking like he was unbeatable.

“Dao Brother.” Shen Guzhan’s eyes became serious.

“My apology, I will have to take some of this immortal-grade lingzhi.” He sounded polite but left no room for refusal.

“Dao Brother, the most capable is the most deserving.” Guzhan chuckled, seemingly confident.

He was no slouch either compared to the sword god. His Border of God shouldn’t be weaker than the divine court.

“The lingzhi belongs to no one but us!” The marvel snorted, even more arrogant than Guzhan.

She wasn’t as strong as the others but her tone remained more aggressive due to her relationship with a progenitor. Just this alone made everyone wary of her.

Even if she were to offend them, they couldn’t do much and definitely couldn’t kill her. No one could handle a vengeful Luminous Master.

Thus, these three began staring at Three-eyed Prodigy and Spiritheart Emperor, the weakest duo of the three camps.

“It’s not looking good for those two.” The masters outside knew the general power level here.

The prodigy had peerless talents but was also the youngest. His cultivation and experience were inferior to these seniors.

“Your Highness, lend me a hand. Garden of God will have a piece of the lingzhi as well.” Semi-sword God looked at Spiritheart Emperor and requested. He wanted to break this alliance and didn’t waste time getting to the point.

All eyes were on Spiritheart now. Remember, she was Metalkin War God’s fiancee while Semi-sword God was his senior brother. The sword god could represent the court.

However, people sympathized with her difficult situation. Abandoning a teammate at this crucial moment wasn’t easy either.

“Thank you, Sword God, but we spotted this lingzhi together. I will keep my promise with him.” The emperor calmly said while shaking her head.

This excited some of the crowd. They began thinking about what Li Qiye and the bull said earlier.

“How interesting.” One ancestor murmured, able to see the storm in the future.

“See that, little turtle? I told you, those two juniors are a perfect match.” The bull laughed at the prime minister.

The prime minister tried his hardest to restrain his anger. Though these two might not have anything, this wasn’t a good development for their divine court. One wrong move and they might lose a considerable amount of face.

“Very well, let this be decided with skill.” The sword god didn’t become angry and focused on Three-eyed Prodigy.

He clearly had the intention of killing this youth today, thinking that the guy might be a seed of discord. Killing him now would allow the sword god to rest easy.

“Someone’s using their head now.” The bull knew right away and laughed, the same with Li Qiye.

Holyfrost noticed Li Qiye’s smile and pitied the future victims of his.

“Sounds good. As I’ve said earlier, may the most capable person win.” Shen Guzhan smiled.

“It’s as good as ours.” The marvel left no leeway, unlike Shen Guzhan.

“We’ll see about that.” The prodigy looked exceedingly confident, ready to dominate his opponents despite being the weakest one here.

He glared straight at the sword god - enough to reveal his intention of taking both the lingzhi and the beauty. He no longer cared about opposing the divine court or Metalkin War God.

She was currently by his side and chose to fight with him. Thus, this gave him enough courage to fearlessly take on anyone in the world!

“Show me what you got.” The sword god said with an underlying coldness.

“Let's get started.” Shen Guzhan couldn’t wait since his group had the highest chance of winning.

“Remind him.” Li Qiye smiled and told the bull.

“Brat, remember, this lingzhi has its own consciousness now so you will only have one chance before it starts running. If you don’t grab it right away, you’ll never catch up again.” The bull loudly shouted at the prodigy.

The others also heard him and exchanged glances.

“Thank you, Senior. I understand.” The prodigy responded and also saw Li Qiye around. He became even more confident.

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