Chapter 3072: Devouring The Evil Flame

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All seven combatants had a mild expression with no sign of hatred and rage. They composed themselves in order to get ready for the next blow.

This mentality allowed them to be at their peak state, looking bright and ready to soar like immortals.

They didn’t put on an intimidating aura nor spout aggressive words. Nevertheless, everyone here could sense something different - something transcending.

They had a gaze of the entire world and all of its inhabitants. Pride and arrogance were gone, no longer necessary.

The world came to a still. Everyone started sensing the cosmic flow. Some became annoyed at their own breathing since it was a distraction.

“Amitabha.” Brightking Buddha was the first to break the tranquility before the battle.

He had a solemn expression as he took out the Myriad Buddha Bowl, the thing he used to gather the ocean of evil flames.

“Clank.” The war god summoned a sword with surging holy intensity. He seemingly turned into a progenitor with an unrestrained dao.

“The sacred sword…” A spectator murmured. This sword contained the grand dao of Sword Saint and should be virtually unstoppable.

Prior to this, Arrogance Enterprise had also auctioned off another sword belonging to this progenitor. However, the former couldn’t compare to this one in the slightest.

This one was cast after he became an immortal-level progenitor, his ultimate form. It contained his strongest power on top of the greatest metals gathered all over the world. It was certainly one of his best swords, left behind to suppress this fiery ocean for years.

Therefore, it felt as if Sword Saint was here in person when the war god was wielding this sword. It didn’t exude a sword intent just yet but people still felt dread looking at it.

They could see that no one would be able to stop this sword from decapitating them.

“Boom!” The five masters of cloud peak walked forward together and suppressed the spatial fabric.

It felt as if the entire area was beneath their feet. They have occupied a special place in this spatial dimension. Once they got to their spots, they sealed the area, resembling pouches surrounding and monopolizing the power of heaven and earth

They didn’t need to use any merit law after gaining this new force. Just one swing alone would be extremely destructive.

“Five Dao Duplication?” A spectator murmured.

An Everlasting watched carefully because they have heard about the invincible combination art from these five before. No one has been able to survive it ever since the five became famous.

That’s why in Immortal Lineage, some believed that whenever the five masters utilized this attack, their foes would die for sure.

“Will this move be able to do it this time?” Many glanced over at Li Qiye, wondering if he could concoct another miracle.

The seven have assumed the best positions and gathered enough momentum to deliver a fatal blow to Li Qiye.

Alas, they still had a solemn expression despite having the advantages, not daring to be careless. This could be their final battle. Losing meant turning to ashes.

They exchanged glances and Brightking Buddha was the first to talk.

“Amitabha, I am going against the Buddhist dao today so I will pass on regardless of victory or defeat.” He placed his palms together before slowly opening the bowl.

“Poof!” A mighty flame immediately escaped, carrying with it evil energy. Each spark of flame had a tiny dark glow to them. This evil fire didn’t seem to be from this world.

“Gulp!” Next, he started drinking the lava from the bowl.

“What?” This naturally surprised the crowd.

His bowl had taken in all of the fire and lava from the ocean. Just imagine the sheer amount being consumed entirely by him right now.

“Is he insane?” The spectators became frozen.

“Poof!” The evil flame engulfed his entire being.

Everyone saw it burning him into nothingness, from his flesh to his bones and blood.

“Ahh!” Only a fiery form was left.

“Rumble!” The flame became stronger, able to light up the entire world. Even the spatial fabrics around him started to disintegrate to the horror of the spectators.

“Kakaka…” His teeth started grinding together; his skull virtually impossible to see behind the flame. However, everyone could faintly see an evil grimace.

“Poof!” The flame finally got done with him and surged outward.

“Raa!” He roared like a devil king that had just climbed out of hell. The flame also raged in resonation, ready to destroy the world.

He had turned into a fire devil, no longer possessing the appearance of an enlightened monk.

“Amitabha.” He struggled to utter these words and once again, Buddhist radiance surrounded him.

The evil flame started converging back to his body after this chant. Something extremely powerful was calling for it.

“Poof!” It eventually subsided and people saw the same Brightking Buddha as always.

The transformations astounded everyone - from a monk to a fire devil back to a radiant monk.

“Something’s different.” A few could see the big difference between the various forms.

They saw flickering flames in his eyes and a majestic yet evil ocean of lava roaring beneath the Buddhist radiance.

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