Chapter 3074: Celestial Seal Of Nirvana

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Li Qiye stepped forward and raised one finger.

“Boom!” The strike pierced through the sky and loomed above the five copies.

He did it so leisurely without adding any force. However, the powers of the world gathered on his fingertip.

Everyone could feel a jolt on their forehead. The weaker spectators heard bones creaking. The pressure from the finger strike nearly broke through their skull.

The Li Qiye shrouded in a golden light also took one step forward and retaliated with a destructive punch.

“Boom!” The emanating shockwave from this brutal punch seemed peerless.

This was really Li Qiye attacking, not anyone from the five masters of cloud peak.

“That’s the same punch!” A spectator shouted, astounded.

Everyone saw what his unstoppable punch could do in the past.

“Yea…it really is…” They couldn’t believe it because this punch was too similar, no, virtually identical.

Holyfrost Emperor was shocked too. She has seen Li Qiye in action several times.

In her opinion, people might be able to copy him but they would be restricted to the bare surface level, unable to exert his real power.

However, she couldn’t find anything different between the golden one’s punch versus the real thing.

“Boom!” The punch contested and blocked the finger strike.

The world turned dark as the clouds were blown away. The explosions turned the peaks nearby into dust.

As the two attacks pushed back and forth, a different Li Qiye, the blue one, also unleashed a finger strike straight at Li Qiye.

This finger strike was exactly the same as what Li Qiye just did earlier. It pierced through everything and made people throb on the forehead.

“Not bad.” Li Qiye used his other hand to unleash a palm strike, crushing the stars above in the process and suppressing the myriad ages.

In this split second, another Li Qiye joined in.

“Boom!” An identical palm strike soared straight towards Li Qiye, also crushing the stars above and suppressing the myriad ages.

The palm strikes collided, causing the layers of the sky to turn into dust and a black hole to appear.

Next came another palm strike from a different Li Qiye aiming straight for the real one’s chest.

Li Qiye’s figure shifted in a strange manner, seemingly causing a disorder in the spatial fabric. The area around him became fuzzy.

“Boom!” The palm strike crushed the area entirely but Li Qiye managed to dodge it with his bizarre spatial shift.

“Die!” A fourth Li Qiye rushed over and spread out his palm to refine the myriad realms, instantly sealing the real Li Qiye in his hidden dimension.

Li Qiye’s body flashed and pierced through numerous dimensions in order to break the seal.

“You’re not going anywhere!” The fifth has been waiting for Li Qiye’s return and greeted him with a Buddhist palm descending from above.

The palm carried the suppression of the myriad ages. It contained the power of all inhabitants within many galaxies.

“Boom!” Even the gods would fall to this strike.

“Rumble!” Heaven fell and the earth shattered. Numerous black holes floated above along with chaotic spaces.

The latter had the shape of terrible storms, ready to tear apart anything unlucky enough to fall inside.

The six Li Qiyes fighting could be the apocalypse. Many couldn’t get up from the shockwaves and pressure emanating from their fight.

Some were scared out of their mind, praying for this battle to end as fast as possible.

“Damn.” All were pale regardless of how strong they were.

Six Li Qiyes with identical power could destroy anything. Anyone who dared to get close would be rendered to ashes.

“Five Dao Duplication is so heaven-defying.” The greatest geniuses and mighty Everlastings had nothing but praises for this merit law.

The five masters from cloud peak have managed to create a perfect copy of Li Qiye. This merit law was definitely a miraculous feat.

“It’s not inferior to any progenitorial law at all, even the best and most brilliant of them.” One Supreme Everlasting said.

No one refuted this statement after seeing the effective merit law in action.

“They should be proud of creating something like this. Unfortunately, it’s too hard to learn. It will be lost after they’re gone.” An ancestor who knew the five lamented.

Five Dao Duplication was profound and tough to learn. Moreover, it required five people with similar cultivation and perfect teamwork. They also needed to be as close as blood brothers.

Five such disciples would need to train for a million years before finishing this technique. Therefore, the five masters couldn’t pass it down despite trying for so long.

“Freeze!” The five Li Qiyes shouted at the same time.

They worked together to refine the world and conjured up an ultimate move. A divine seal from above came crashing down on Li Qiye.

“Rumble!” The all-destroying seal instantly crushed all defensive barriers and struck Li Qiye’s chest.

He started falling down after a loud explosion.

“Kill him now!” Brightking Buddha and Metalkin War God have been waiting for this moment.

The Buddha unleashed two gigantic palm strikes filled with evil flames. Strangely enough, numerous sacred Buddhas were given rebirth in the flames.

“Boom!” The palms imprinted themselves into time itself. Anyone in the future, present, and the past would still be destroyed - zero chance to resist.

“Celestial Seal of Nirvana, the lost art of Buddhism!” An ancestor shouted after seeing this.

“Boom!” The great palm seals struck and penetrated Li Qiye.

“Clank!” A sword hymn turned everything into a sword domain before the crowd could react.

This sword domain had a progenitor in it that unleashed ten thousand cuts on Li Qiye.

“Clank!” Finally, this figure sent down all the swords in the domain in order to crucify him on the ground.

Only an abyss was left behind after all the attacks, capturing everyone’s attention.

The divine seal from the five Li Qiyes was impressive enough already. It annihilated Li Qiye’s defensive lines and allowed the other two to deliver the fatal blows.

“Is he dead?” This question came up.

Everyone thought that those moves were probably enough to destroy a progenitor.

“So terrifying.” Everyone understood Li Qiye was the one who defeated himself.

The five Li Qiyes were the main fighting force. The other two only took the opportunity to kill him while his guard was down.

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