Chapter 3075: The Dao Is Limitless

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The bottomless abyss resembled the jaw of a great beast ready to devour heaven.

The frightened spectators found that they had nothing to say and could only stare at the abyss. That battle earlier was too shocking, especially the Five Dao Duplication and its destructive capabilities.

All existences that could sense that move earlier were scared out of their mind. Even a Supreme Everlasting would instantly meet their maker. The two moves after from Brightking Buddha and Metalkin War God weren’t shabby either.

All in all, this combination should be able to kill anyone.

That’s why people started wondering whether Li Qiye was dead or alive, the same with the seven masters who all had a serious expression and remained cautious.

They knew that their moves had hit the target without missing in the slightest. All struck the right fatal areas and weak spots.

They would be confident about their victory if they were facing anyone else. However, their enemy was Fiercest. Though he was buried in that abyss, they still weren’t sure at all and could only wait patiently.

“So?” Someone murmured after a long while.

“I think he’s dead or there will be no logic left in this world. Not to mention a living person, even the toughest material in this world will still turn to ashes after being hit like that.” An expert stared unblinkingly at the abyss.

“Not necessarily.” An ancestor said: “Another person, yes, but Fiercest is a miracle creator.”

In short, everyone watched at bated breath with no real conclusion formed just yet.

Holyfrost Emperor and the others became worried. Of course, the war god and Brightking Buddha had zero chance of killing Li Qiye.

However, Five Dao Duplication made Li Qiye fight against his own power and fivefold at that.

“What is it looking like?” Violet Dragon Empress had a worried tone.

“You’re overthinking it.” The bull laughed and said confidently: “Sir’s power is beyond your speculation. If he’s serious, he can kill everyone like insects. Progenitors aren’t excluded from this.”

“Really?” The group took a deep breath after hearing this.

“Haha, just watch.” The bull continued: “You’ll see what true invincibility will look like soon enough. Others might claim to be invincible and unbeatable, but those are just straight-up lies with someone like him around.”

The group became confident again since the bull seemed so sure.

“Boom!” Loud noises from rolling boulders sounded.

A figure leaped out of the abyss and floated in the sky.

“It’s Li Qiye, he’s still alive!” Many started shouting. The scene became excited again.

They saw him completely unharmed as if those moves didn’t hit him earlier.

“How can this be?!” Some started gasping and opened their eyes wide, searching for internal injuries.

Alas, regardless of their meticulous observation, not a single person could see any damage. He was truly untouched.

The seven masters became startled and staggered backward in fear. They were confident in dealing heavy damages to him earlier in the case of him surviving.

Unfortunately, the result betrayed everyone’s expectations.

“I can’t believe it, he’s definitely not human.” One spectator blurted out, thinking that this was the stuff found in legends.

The five masters from cloud peak were shaken. They thought that their duplications earlier were successful. With that, they thought they had a good understanding of his power.

This was no longer the case. Their copies were only in appearance, unable to match up to the real thing.

Li Qiye patted off the dust on his shoulder and smilingly shook his head: “Five Dao Duplication is a great merit law but I’m still left disappointed. You five have a deep understanding of the dao but still have a long way to go before grasping the true essences of the grand dao. Those copies only imitated me at a superficial level at best.”

The five masters remained silent. They would have barked back against anyone else daring to make this comment but not Li Qiye.

After all, they have realized that they couldn’t duplicate something comparable to the real thing. Otherwise, he would have suffered some injuries.

“Dao Brother, what is your real cultivation level?” Guan Yunshen changed his tone. His grudge and hatred were still there but Li Qiye’s power deserved this respectful address.

In the past, they have used this move against progenitors before. These progenitors had a tough time dealing with it but Li Qiye had zero problems.

“The dao is limitless.” Li Qiye smiled. [1]

This answer was rather common and simple. Many seniors have told their juniors this about the dao in the past.

The young ones have heard it too many times, enough to grow bored of it. Nevertheless, no one really disagreed. This was just one way to look at it.

This wasn’t the case when it came from Li Qiye. The crowd became frozen after feeling the weight of this answer. They felt these words flying out and smashing them on the face.

Many would recall this moment for the rest of their lives along with these four words.

“...” Even someone as arrogant as the war god became speechless.

Others such as Holyfrost and Violet Dragon quietly repeated the words.

“Okay, time to end this. I can see what you all want to see my power. Very well, watch carefully and see if you can duplicate this punch. Do so successfully and I will spare you all. If you can’t, the outcome is obvious.” Li Qiye smiled and told the five masters from cloud peak.

1. Since there’s no possession here, we don’t know if he is saying the dao is limitless or (my) dao is limitless. The listeners here can interpret it either way. That’s why it works when the seniors tell their juniors as explained below, or if Li Qiye is saying that his dao is limitless. The implication is there. I can't translate it as (my) dao is limitless since it's not blatant in the raw.

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