Chapter 3077: Lending A Hand

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The crowd had a hard time describing that unbeatable punch.

Ferocious? Domineering? Sure-kill? Peerless? All of these words didn’t seem to be impressive enough. Only unbeatable might apply here.

That punch was the only thing that could claim this word. Anyone else calling themselves unbeatable and invincible was merely lying.

It left an indelible impression on all spectators. Some would have nightmares about it for days to come.

Many Everlastings present thought that they have achieved something great. Alas, all seemed meaningless and paled compared to this punch.

The geniuses became silent. They could toil for a lifetime and would never be able to reach that height, never able to block that punch despite being in their apex state. Defenses and merit laws would crumble before it.

His seven foes would have been big shots regardless of the era, the most brilliant of a generation. Alas, nothing was left of them now, not a single bone or piece of flesh.

This story would shock Immortal Lineage to the core once spread outside.

“That’s all he needs, one single punch to be unstoppable.” Everyone admitted this.

Holyfrost Emperor sighed. The Heaven Suppression Fist had left a deep impression on her, the same with this one.

It didn’t use any technique or dao profundity, just pure power breaking all limits.

Li Qiye floated calmly without any frightening aura or amazing radiance, looking as normal as can be. In spite of that, he still represented the apex.

People stared at him with admiration and respect. No one dared to whisper anything negative about him as if just commenting on this great being was disrespectful.

Those who had feud or didn’t like him had stares of admiration as well.

“Your Excellency, you are invincible across the ages!” Longevity King and the elders from her sect kneeled on the ground.

“Your Excellency, you are invincible across the ages!” Violet Dragon Empress and those from Divine Dragon Court, Three-eyed Prodigy and God Eye System, Spiritheart Emperor and Garden of God…

These powerful cultivators and systems all got on their knees. The ones who weren’t convinced by him in the past also followed suit.

The lucky survivors from Metalkin felt their legs trembling, not daring to stand up. They didn’t even have the courage to look at him.

At this point, only someone extremely amazing would dare to challenge Li Qiye. Not even the most prideful ones could do so due to the fear.

No one dared to breathe loudly and a feeling of trepidation permeated the crowd. They felt as if they were servants that have made a mistake and were waiting for the king to deliver his sentence.

The ones who have publicly criticized or insulted Li Qiye had an even worse time. Some were scared out of their mind and twitched on the ground, hoping that he would forgive them.

Li Qiye only briefly looked around once before saying: “Rise and leave, there’s nothing else here.”

“Thank you, Your Excellency. May you continue to bless the ages.” Someone shouted and created waves of the same chant as a result.

The crowd bowed before leaving like the tides. No one dared to linger around after hearing his command, not even those who wanted to stay on this meteor.

However, Li Qiye stopped the people from Garden of God and God Eye. He said: “A love like this is rare, especially among youths. They are willing to stick together in times of peril and should be rewarded.”

God Eye Sovereign became ecstatic and stared at the ancestors from Garden of God.

“Dao Brother, our child is mischievous and require a good lady to rein him in, what do you think?” He instantly proposed on behalf of the prodigy.

He knew what the prodigy wanted but didn’t do so because of the mess with Metalkin Divine Court. Now, Li Qiye had stated his intention. He wasn’t foolish enough to miss this opportunity. It might not be there in the future.

The old woman from Garden of God glanced over at Spiritheart Emperor and said: “We’re old and senile, let the youths decide their own matter. As long as they are willing, we’ll be more than happy to accommodate them.”

She couldn’t be any clearer, leaving the decision to Spiritheart Emperor.

All eyes were on Spiritheart Emperor now. She was still a maiden despite being powerful so this sensitive topic made her turn red and bashfully lower her head.

They waited for an answer but she didn’t know what to say.

“Idiot, why are you still just standing here, are you waiting for the girl to propose?” The bull kicked the prodigy over and scolded.

The prodigy was pale from his injuries but now, he turned red as if drunk after being pushed forward.

The arrogant prodigy looked like a nervous child right now. Nevertheless, he still mustered enough courage to slowly walk over to the front of the emperor.

He searched in his pocket for a while before taking out a treasure box containing the ice-fire lingzhi.

He got on one knee, still blushing, and said: “Will, will you, marry me?”

The seniors here were normally very dignified and solemn yet they couldn’t help but smile while shaking their head after seeing how nervous he was - a stark contrast to his normal demeanor.

The guy used to be so confident and aggressive, so sure of himself in all aspects until now, unable to speak clearly during this proposal.

The blushing emperor accepted the box and quietly said: “I, I agree.” She then helped him up.

“Hahaha, good, this is worthy of a celebration.” The bull was more excited than anyone else for the couple’s success and started clapping loudly with its front hooves.

The numerous members of God Eye started cheering in jubilation after seeing this.

“We’re family now.” God Eye Sovereign bowed his head towards the old woman from Garden of God. A marriage alliance has been formed between the two systems.

The prodigy’s smile was as wide as can be amidst the cheers. He held her hands and stared at her intensely. This was a dream manifesting into reality for him - finally able to take the beauty home.

Spiritheart became embarrassed and kept her head lowered after seeing her fiance's silly appearance.

“What a happy occasion!” The members of Garden of God became infected by the joyous mood as well and started joining in.

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