Chapter 3078: Expedition Ship Returns

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The ancestors from Garden of God and God Eye continuously expressed their gratitude towards Li Qiye. They then gave presents to each other before leaving happily with their disciples.

Longevity King and the others also bid farewell to Li Qiye before leaving with their legions.

“Your Excellency, please visit True Dragon Court when you have time.” Violet Dragon Empress invited before departing.

“I will take a trip there when I have time since I do have some deep ties with your True Dragon Court.” Li Qiye revealed a mysterious smile.

The empress was surprised to hear this. It didn’t sound like a joke. Plus, someone like Li Qiye spoke with a lot of weight behind his words.

“Your Excellency, you have been to our court before?” She asked for clarification but this shouldn’t be the case, at least to her knowledge.

She then turned towards her ancestors and they shook their head in response.

In fact, these ancestors have never met Li Qiye before or knew about his existence. They felt the same way as her right now after hearing about his ties with their system.

“I’ve never been there but the origin of your court can be traced back to the distant era. The ties I’m referring to is with that.” Li Qiye smiled.

The casual comment shook the empress and the ancestors because they have grasped some secretive information.

She took a deep breath and bowed towards him: “The doors of our court are always open to you, Your Excellency. Your visit will be a glorious honor to our humble abode.”

“Yes.” Li Qiye smiled and nodded.

The men from True Dragon Court bowed again before leaving.

“The ancestor will come out of his cultivation soon.” Longevity King gave this message: “He says that he’ll personally come to thank you afterward, Your Excellency.”

“That’s good news.” Li Qiye nodded: “I’m sure he’ll break through on that day and will be brilliant enough to establish a foundation lasting a hundred generations for your Longevity Hall and improving the prestige of Immortal Demon.”

“May fortune be with you, Your Excellency.” Longevity King bowed and left with the hidden elders.

“Looks like Longevity Hall has plenty of talents now, they’re about to shock the world.” The bull became slightly emotional and said.

Li Qiye smiled in response, not too surprised by this development.

“Your Excellency, fate has tied you and the academy together.” The sacred director came over and enthusiastically spoke.

“You’ll stop investigating me now?” Li Qiye smiled.

The director paused awkwardly for a moment before smiling: “That was just a play, I’ve known Geezer Du my whole life and understood what he was trying to do.”

Li Qiye chuckled upon recalling the events. The director and Du Wenrui were just putting on an act. The former seemed impartial and wanted to punish Li Qiye and investigate Repentance. However, in reality, he was just helping Du Wenrui.

“Dean Du is a brilliant man.” Li Qiye said: “The academy needs to know and appreciate his value.”

The director sighed and said: “He’s probably the man I admire the most in my life but one would be fooled by his easy-going nature. The guy is as stubborn as a rock in the outhouse, sticky and hard-headed, never listens to anyone. We once hoped that he would live up to his potential.”

The director knew that it was a waste for such a great being to stay in Repentance, an affront to his real abilities.

Alas, Du Wenrui never listened to anyone and chose to be reclusive at Repentance instead of being world-renowned.

“Repentance is also a part of the academy.” Li Qiye said.

“I will keep this in mind, Your Excellency. The academy shall change.” The director bowed and solemnly declared.

Li Qiye smiled and stopped bringing this up since it was the academy’s business.

The director then left with the legion of the academy.

“Hahaha, see, your academy might look virtuous on the surface but it has its own problems and shady schemes in the shadow, just like any other system.” The bull laughed and said.

Holyfrost Emperor smiled wryly and has already grown used to the bull’s insults.

Of course, the bull didn’t like the bureaucracy and especially Desolate Saint. However, it had no problem with the academy itself. To a certain extent, it was actually on the same side.

“Sir, I’ve been thinking recently.” The bull lowered its voice and said: “The meteor must have something amazing inside, definitely at the immortal level. We should take it out and have enough to spend for ten lifetimes.”

It turned out that the bull has been searching for the mystery of this meteor for the last ten days. It was powerful enough to see through a few things. That’s why it needed Li Qiye’s assistance right now.

“Even if there is something good here, it already has an owner.” Li Qiye smiled: “This massive star clearly had a reason for flying out of the expanse. As you said, it might have an immortal treasure but I’m sure someone else has gotten there already.”

He paused for a moment and stared at the bull: “That’s why the expedition ship is still chasing. There’s something here that they want.”

“Haha, so what if there’s an owner already?” The bull laughed: “As long as you take action, the item will be in your pocket in no time… hmm… as for the undead on that ship, no big deal. You can take care of them with a single punch. They would be idiots for contending against us.”

“Yes, the undead there can’t reach the apex.” Li Qiye said with a profound gaze: “However, they’re good baits. A bigger fish might come out.”

“What kind of fish are you waiting for, Young Noble?” Holyfrost became curious.

“It’s only an idea, fish this big aren’t stupid and won’t reveal themselves that easily.” Li Qiye shook his head while slightly raising his brows.

“Well, let’s ignore this and just take the item if it’s there. Someone else will definitely try to take it back from us, and there’s another chance to bait the fish. Let’s go already!” The bull was losing its patience.

“I’m afraid someone is moving ahead of you now.” Li Qiye suddenly turned around and focused on the horizon.

“Rumble!” The air suddenly vibrated. An explosion came after, violent enough to make the meteor tremble.

The cultivators who were still here noticed this. Many looked outside, especially the masters. They used their heavenly gaze to capture everything in full view.

A gigantic ship was arriving on the meteor. Its sheer size affected the atmosphere here.

“That’s the expedition ship…” One spectator shouted.

“Rumble!” The sky turned dark because the ship easily blotted out the sun like a monstrous behemoth.

“Why is it here?” Many became startled.

The ship has been stopping outside the meteor for quite a while now after reaching Sky Ruins. It finally decided to enter today.

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