Chapter 3136: Messenger

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From the east came a floating figure shrouded in black fog, seemingly a part of the darkness and capable of devouring everything.

Strangely enough, he didn’t give off an evil presence but rather an independent and transcending temperament.

He seemed to come from an outer realm and unstained by the mortal coil, an independent existence from everything else.

Even if he were a devil king, the first impression one would get was not of his evil affinity but how special he was - a crane among a flock of chicken.

This was a strange feeling, to say the least. Theoretically, a being coming from the darkness or representing evil should be vile and frightening.

This person didn’t give off that feeling in the slightest. He seemed exceptional wherever he went and the fog didn’t affect his aura.

This feeling was ridiculous but still manifested before everyone.

“Definitely an incredible character.” Even the powerful Everlastings didn’t dare to look down on this opponent.

The guy remained unfathomable but just this unique aura alone spoke plenty of his might.

“Who is he? Definitely not an unknown if he came from Three Immortals.” An ancestor began speculating.

No one dared to throw out a name since it would be disrespectful to accuse the wise sages and progenitors of the past. Thus, they could only think about it.

This person went to Sky Pass and stood before the gate with great patience and calmness.

“Who might you be?” Tai Yinxi asked.

“A friend returning from abroad, are you the guardian of the sky moat?” This person slightly bowed and asked.

Returning. This made it clear that he came from Three Immortals. His actual identity remained unknown. Everyone started hoping that their ancestors could recognize this person.

“I am the commander of Sky Pass Legion, responsible for protecting the sky moat. May I have your name?” Tai Yinxi narrowed his eyes, focusing on figuring out this person.

Unfortunately, his piercing heavenly gaze couldn’t even see the person clearly, let alone finding out anything.

Remember, he was a Supreme Everlasting. Very few people in Immortal Lineage were above him in power yet he still failed.

This made him shudder because he knew that this guy was far stronger than him. That’s the only reason why he couldn’t guess his power.

“No need to be so polite, I am only a speck of dust, completely insignificant and can’t reach the apex. I’m merely here as a messenger, so my name doesn’t matter.” The person said.

He spoke with sincere humility. This didn’t seem like an act at all.

This made people take a deep breath. People this strong usually weren’t humble unless they were forced to act this way from experience.

“Then what is your message?” Tai Yinxi said with a solemn expression.

So many ancestors in Immortal Lineage were watching this conversation at the moment.

The messenger glanced over at Sky Pass and Immortal Lineage right behind it, seemingly immersed in reflection and forgot to answer.

Tai Yinxi patiently waited.

After a while, the messenger withdrew his gaze and said: “Some friends wish to return to this beloved land, please open the gate and welcome them.”

The listeners became shaken while exchanging glances with those nearby. They then shifted their attention towards the fortress by the beach.

They understood that their wise sages were returning, and not just one or two. Numerous were on those ships right now.

So many progenitors, Everlastings, and emperors have entered the expanse in the past. Some of them were definitely back along with their followers.

A while ago, the cultivators in Immortal Lineage would find this exciting and celebrate. After all, these men included their old ancestors or even their system’s progenitor! This was worthy of celebration, to say the least.

This was no longer the case. A terrible feeling struck the listeners after hearing about these “friends” returning.

To be perfectly blunt, many didn’t wish to see this at all. They actually hoped that these wise sages have died in expanse rather than returning.

They feared for the worst, that the darkness has taken over these progenitors and wise sages.

Just think about it, the descendants had nothing but pride in their progenitors and ancestors.

If one day, these men were no longer worthy of this, these descendants would instantly lose their totem of hope.

Tai Yinxi knew this long ago but while actually facing this moment of truth, his heart grew heavy.

After all, he wasn’t facing primordial beasts or devils from the darkness but rather, the well-respected seniors of the past.

“Sky Pass pertains to the safety of Immortal Lineage and I bear a heavy burden. It’s different today. I and the rest of Immortal Lineage naturally welcome old friends returning. However, in order to enter Sky Pass, they must undergo a thorough investigation. I hope you understand and forgive us, Senior.” Tai Yinxi spoke with as much civility as possible since he was talking to the old sages.

“And if we refuse?” The messenger said softly.

“Then I’m afraid that no one will be able to enter Sky Pass. My apology.” Tai Yinxi said.

“I get it.” The messenger nodded without becoming angry: “Just know that it doesn’t matter how tall and thick these walls are, they won’t be able to stop the inevitable.”

This wasn’t a blatant threat but the meaning was as clear as can be.

The listeners back in Immortal Lineage felt their hair standing on end with dread. The thing they worried about has finally happened.

“Senior, forgive me for being presumptuous but I must ask, is it really just a visit, or do you have other plans?” Tai Yinxi remained firm with a cold gaze.

“It’s all the same. We illuminated this world in the past and we are returning to give it hope.” The messenger said.

This casual comment frightened the crowd. It seemed to indicate that these men were certain progenitors coming back. Who knows which ones and how many…

They then thought about the terrible prophecy years ago and became even more dejected.

“What kind of hope are you talking about, Senior?” Tai Yinxi said.

“Embrace an entirely new world and break new ground for a vaster horizon.” The messenger said.

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