Chapter 3139: Offense Begins

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This heavenly armadillo was another ferocious ancient beast also possessing the power similar to a progenitor. Its aura made heaven and earth tremble.

“Rumble!” Its drill-like head began rotating and instantly struck the wall.

Sparks went flying like waterfalls with enough power to destroy the world.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Everyone felt the sky moat being pushed back by this devastating drill.

This was also the case for Immortal Lineage. The ground beneath was being pushed downward. Everyone felt nervous at this development; even their energy was churning from the chaos.

Meanwhile, the dragon continued smashing the wall without taking any break using both its body and tail.

These ancient beasts have robbed the peace from Immortal Lineage. Remember, they were as strong as progenitors so this offense was as devastating as can be.

The inhabitants below turned pale as a result as if doomsday was incoming.

Many have lost hope because the progenitors and the army on the other side haven’t even attacked yet. No one in Immortal Lineage could stop them. They started praying for the sky moat to miraculously stop the enemies - this was the only way.

“Rumble!” The light of the sky moat continued to disperse in the impact areas but the runes on the bricks would gather again.

They condensed into layers to stop the drill and the dragon, preventing the crystal barrier from being damaged while rebuilding as well. Thus, the actual walls remained untouched.

In short, the sky moat had two lines of defense - the actual walls then the crystal barriers made from the power underground. It was extremely tough to take down the crystal barriers due to its regenerative property.

“Rumble!” The two beasts continued their onslaught to no avail so everyone started relaxing a bit.

“We’re so lucky that the sky moat is there.” Many placed their palms together and quietly prayed.

The consequences would have been unimaginable without these walls. Just these two beasts alone would have been enough to destroy systems.

“The forefathers were so wise to create the sky moat.” Some experts became grateful, on the verge of crying.

On the other hand, they felt that there was something wrong with this statement.

The sky moat was created by their forefathers but now, their forefathers were also the ones attacking Immortal Lineage.

“Not all ancestors have fallen to the darkness.” One insightful spectator said: “The peace we have today is still thanks to our ancestors. Maybe they’re still fighting the darkness right now back in Uncrossable Expanse. That’s our actual first line of defense.”

Many suddenly became spirited and found hope again after hearing this.

It was quite a blow at the start to know that their well-respected ancestors were their enemies. If these great men fell to the darkness, how were they going to stop it?

Now, just thinking about the possibility of some ancestors still fighting back and potentially risking their lives gave everyone courage and determination. Their battle spirit surged once more.

“Rumble!” Meanwhile, the two beasts still didn’t accomplish anything.

Nonetheless, the soldiers in Sky Pass didn’t dare to be careless. They maintained their post and added their power to the important areas of the wall.

Tai Yinxi still had a serious expression despite seeing the beasts’ failure. He knew that this was only the beginning - the worst was yet to come. He didn’t know how much longer the walls would last.

He was certainly very confident in the sky moat but also knew that there was no such thing as an unbreakable defense.

“Unbreakable” only applied when the enemies were weak. However, they were facing progenitors. These men would eventually find the weak spots.

Suddenly, one ship left the rank and started flying towards the sky moat.

No one noticed any potential danger outside of Tai Yinxi. It was drifting on the barrier as if searching for something.

Since the two beasts were attacking, various runes were rippling and moving in order to replenish the crystal barrier.

Thus, the ship was following the movement of the runes in order to find something.

“Damn!” Yinxi immediately thought of one problem.

The ship stopped right after his shout by a section of the wall. “Buzz.” A large platform appeared on top of the ship.

Resplendent light emerged with a pure and terrible power. It eventually created a mirror with a convex surface. The protruding part of this mirror was set against a tiny gap on the wall.

“Shit! We didn’t fix that hole?” Tai Yinxi shouted.

“Sir, we couldn’t fix the last brick. The last batch of materials is en route!” A vice general’s expression soured.

“...” Tai Yinxi knew that this was a terrible development but couldn’t do anything about it.

Li Qiye had told him about the numerous flaws in the walls before. He also listed the positions and methods of fixing them.

Moreover, Five Element Goddess Hui Qingxuan gave her support and her system gave him numerous resources.

Alas, the sky moat was an insane project. Just fixing one hole required immense expensive resources. Their legion couldn’t have finished without the help of Five Element Mountain.

They have tried their very best during this period of time to fix all the holes except this final one. The materials were still on the way.

The enemies clearly didn’t rely on the two beasts to break the wall. They only needed strong enough destruction to force the runes to move.

These returning forefathers clearly knew about these flaws and this was how they were going to break down this defensive line.

“Buzz.” The mirror gathered the brightest light in existence and illuminated all of space. This light eventually came together to form the most terrible beam.

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