Chapter 3140: Entering The Broken Wall

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“What is it doing?” Those capable of seeing the assault wondered.

“This isn’t good.” An ancestor who had participated in the fixing effort became alarmed: “Sky Pass won’t be able to stop it!”

The knowledgeable ancestors understood the enemy’s intention right away.

“Boom!” A frightening beam instantly shot straight towards the wall.

It felt as if the wall was being flipped over by this terrible force. So many people back in Immortal Lineage got swept off their feet and fell on the ground.

This particular section of the crystal wall couldn’t stop the beam and instantly crumbled. Remember, on the actual wall itself was a missing spot. That’s why the beam also shot through the wall and entered Immortal Lineage.

This was akin to a wall having a tiny hole with light passing through.

“Not like this!” One ancestor bellowed, paled.

“Buzz.” The beam instantly sent back the right coordinates and opened a dao portal.

A massive gate instantly floated above the sky of Immortal Lineage.

“Enter.” The powerful voice from one of the ships spoke again.

“Rumble!” Explosions detonated without pause before anyone could react.

The thousands of ships entered the mirror, including the massive lightlord dragon and heavenly armadillo.

“Boom!” Sure enough, they appeared on the other side - Immortal Lineage.

These ships blotted out the sky and instilled fear into the natives. They have successfully made it through Sky Pass.

“Alert, activate our defenses!” The members of many systems became scared out of their mind.

One could hear gong clanking all over the world as all systems entered a defensive state.

“Boom!” Divine lights soared to the sky and became barriers.

Panic and anxiety overwhelmed the land since the enemies appeared too quickly.

A while ago, these systems have made preparation but this still caught them off guard.

The battalion of ships separated into four groups and rushed towards their destination - east, south, west, and north.

They wished to outflank all defenders by extending and making sure that their firepower could reach any place in Immortal Lineage.

“They’re trying to overwhelm us!” Many ancestors could read their intention.

Allowing them to spread out would result in utter defeat for Immortal Lineage. There would be no place to hide or to consolidate a retaliation.

Everyone assumed that Sky Pass would bear the brunt of the assault. Who would have thought that the enemies could skip through it with such ease?

Of course, some Everlastings weren’t too surprised at this. Taking down the sky moat would require immense resources and power. Thus, focusing on Immortal Lineage first was the right choice. They could take their time with the wall later. It wasn’t going anywhere in the first place.

“Commander, are we mobilizing to assist the systems?” One general asked for guidance.

“No, we’re staying in Sky Pass. Give the orders to expedite the material transportation. We need to repair that last brick.” Tai Yinxi refused since his focus was still on the expanse.

Though thousands of ships have made it to Immortal Lineage, there were still more back on that shore.

This majority has yet to act. Who knows what they were trying to do? Thus, Tai Yinxi believed that this remnant force was even stronger than the vanguard.

He simply wanted to fix the hole while preserving his men. This would allow the sky moat to be effective again or Immortal Lineage would be done for. The next step after that would be to prevent any reinforcement from entering Immortal Lineage.

“Rumble!” The ships flew towards the various directions with insane speed, crushing space in the process.

Cultivators and mortals cowered in fear as the ships were flying through their systems. They prayed that their system wasn’t the first target.

Though they knew that a broken nest wouldn’t have unbroken eggs, the ones targeted first wouldn’t even have the chance to run. The more time, the better. At the very least, they would be able to run away.

“Boom!” The southbound ships finally stopped and picked a system - Metalkin Divine Court!

The spectators shuddered after seeing this. Metalkin Divine Court wasn’t only a system. It was also the headquarters of the metalkins. Billions and billions of this race lived there. The court itself was only one part of this system.

The previous battle with Fiercest weakened them since they lost Metalkin War God and an army. However, in the grand scheme of things, this wasn’t too big of a deal for their race. It consisted of tens of thousands of lineages. The war god and his group were only the current representatives.

“It’s not too late to surrender to me.” A supreme voice came from one of the ships, enough to make others tremble.

“Boom!” Golden pillars flew out of the ground from the divine court. Beast totems were carved on the pillars and exuded immense strength.

At the same time, their ancestral hall also sent out a massive totem. When this figure appeared, a murderous aura instantly took over the realm.

“The heavenly pillars and the soaring cicada dao source!” Some said softly, feeling a little bit of hope.

These pillars were the ultimate ace card of the metalkins. They have been around since the start of this race and allowed it to prosper by protecting them.

As for the dao source, it was left behind by their Soaring Cicada Progenitor and was their strongest entity.

“I know the pillars and the dao source more than any of you, they are useless against me. Surrender is your only path or prepare to die.” The voice sternly said.

It paused for a bit before declaring: “You have the time of three incense sticks to figure it out.”

The ships have surrounded the divine court by this point. It would be difficult for anyone to escape.

“Boom!” Meanwhile, the northbound ships have also chosen a target - a system filled with treasure lights of various colors. It seemed easy to find precious stones and metals here.

“Eight Treasures!” Many became startled because this was also one of the strongest systems in Immortal Lineage.

They were the best at creating treasures, rumored to possess the most treasures in the world.

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