Chapter 3141: Calamity

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Many treasures in Immortal Lineage originated from Eight Treasures System. The ancestors here didn’t expect to be the first target.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The alarm bells rang. Regular disciples and mortals became drowned in confusion and chaos.

However, the masters and ancestors remained relatively calm.

“Boom!” The system became resplendent and seemingly turned into a gigantic treasure.

More rumbles could be heard as eight treasures flew out from eight different spots. Progenitorial auras emerged as if there were eight progenitors present. This made the system seem impregnable.

Sure enough, they were indeed treasures left behind by eight progenitors. They have been protecting this system all along.

A gigantic sword specialized in offense, a divine tripod meant for defense, a celestial spear meant for piercing through the enemies…

They created a gigantic momentum, virtually unstoppable. This was the system’s true ace card.

The experts here started praying after seeing the activation, hoping that their system could last for a while.

“This is futile. We’re welcoming a new era, surrendering is the wise choice.” A tough voice came from a ship.

“No, Eight Treasures System only has proud warriors who die on the battlefield, no cowards who surrender.” A cold response came from the system.

An old man wearing a regal robe appeared, looking as old as can be. Nonetheless, he still had a peerless imperial aura around him.

“Eight Treasures Ancient Emperor, he’s still alive!” Some ancestors were pleasantly surprised to see this old man.

“The grandson of Eight Treasures Progenitor! Looks like there is still hope for Eight Treasures. They’ll be able to stop the enemies for a long period.” Others rejoiced.

The ancient emperor was quite mighty, already a twelve-palace emperor back in his era. He stopped appearing later and was mistakenly presumed dead.

He and their eight treasures together should be enough to put up a good fight.

“It’s not easy for you to live so long.” The tough voice spoke again: “You should be wise after all the years, make the right choice. Think about the inhabitants of your system, not just yourself.”

The speaker sounded gentler this time compared to before.

“Who are you?” The ancient emperor’s eyes lit up like two divine lamps, wanting to see the person inside the ship.

“You have the time of three incense sticks, no mercy will be shown after that.” The voice ignored the question.

“Rumble!” The emperor’s system became dazzling. Numerous divine swords formed a great formation around their dao source.

This was as direct as can be - Eight Treasures had refused to surrender.


The ships have also stopped to the east after crushing through the spatial fabrics.

“Academy of Light!” Everyone in Immortal Lineage took a deep breath after seeing their target. They naturally became nervous.

In terms of system, Academy of Light was definitely top five, perhaps even top three. Very few systems had the same resources, foundation, and power as the academy.

Now, it was still targeted first? This wasn’t a good development.

If the academy were to fall, then no other system should be able to stop the invaders. The destruction of this system meant that it wouldn’t be long until the rest of the world is done for as well.

“Can the academy handle this?” This question popped up.

It had a pivotal role, serving as the symbol of light. Losing this spiritual leader would cripple Immortal Lineage’s morale.

“Should we help them?” An ancestor asked.

This wasn’t the case when Metalkin Divine Court and Eight Treasures System were surrounded. No one wanted to mobilize to help these two systems.

Outside of relationships and ties, the two just weren’t that special in the grand scheme of things. Their destruction wouldn’t have a huge impact on Immortal Lineage. On the other hand, everyone’s mentality would be shot after the academy went down.

It represented the light. As long as it was around, the guiding torch was still there for Immortal Lineage. This spiritual torch being extinguished was akin to a total loss of hope.

Moreover, numerous masters from the other systems were students once at the academy. That’s why they felt the urge to help.

Alas, they still hesitated because helping the academy meant weakening the defenses of their own system. What if the enemies attacked their systems instead?

“Academy of Light, surrender and be spared.” A majestic voice echoed from a ship. It was as if there was a great ocean of sounds appearing in the sky.

“Fuck your sister!” A domineering and rather vulgar response came from the academy.

A huge black bull appeared on Sacred Mountain and shouted: “Goddamn, are you blind to not know where this place is? It is my territory yet you’re foolish enough to want and take it? Your group of bastards must be tired of living.”

All along, it said that it would be the first to run when the calamity came. It showed nothing but contempt for Desolate Saint and the academy, the same with all the students from there. It viewed them as hypocrites and fake gentlemen. Yet, it was the first to respond to the invaders.

“Boom! Boom!” Two monstrous creatures landed from above, causing the entire academy to tremble.

“The lightlord dragon and heavenly armadillo…” The spectators became afraid.

The invaders have assigned these two powerful ancient beasts to deal with the academy. It clearly showed how serious they were about taking down the academy.

“Rumble!” The armadillo didn’t waste time before drilling into the ground and disappearing from sight.

“Boom!” In the next second, it drilled back out and sent the bull flying.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The bull smashed several mountains along the way before getting back up.

“Asshole, you dare to ambush me? You’re courting death.” The furious bull roared and shook its body to reveal its true form.

“Boom!” It became massive, enough to crush the entire academy. Its black hair looked like heavenly waterfalls. Just one body slam from it was enough to rend the earth.

“Rumble!” The lightlord dragon began running forward while dragging its tail on the ground with surging currents.

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