Chapter 3142: Bloody Battle At The Academy

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“Rumble!” Rivers and mountains fell victims along with countless living beings.

The massive dragon simply crushed everything in its path, killing numerous cultivators, mortals, and animals in the process.

Its hammer tail released a wave of lightning, enough to drown the eight directions. The ground became scorched in the process.

“Ah!” So many turned to ashes in the blink of an eye.

This dragon was simply too strong. Although the academy was releasing light energy from the ground, it still wasn’t enough to protect the land. Its defense cracked from the tail.

“Activate!” Someone finally came out to stop the dragon.

The light erupted and illuminated the world, refining the myriad creations. This majestic force oozed out of the ground in resonation.

A woman descended from above, wielding a light shield with her wings spread wide. Her aim was to protect the escaping victims.

“Holyfrost True Emperor!” One ancestor shouted.

“Great emperor!” The people in the vicinity saw her descending and rejoiced.

“Boom!” The lightning tail smashed down again on her holy shield.

The latter emitted a progenitorial aura - this was an ancestral artifact left behind by Desolate Saint.

She bathed in this ocean of light and the power of the land was solely meant for her. Her power surged with the help of the dao system.

Alas, this still wasn’t enough to take on the lightlord dragon. “Boom!” Her lower half got pushed into the mud.

“Boom!” The tail came down again along with a torrent of lightning bolts.

Though the emperor’s shield was fully activated with the light affinity, she still vomited blood from the impact.

Both the people from the academy and experts from the other systems gasped in astonishment. The emperor with the help of her system still wasn’t enough to take on the dragon.

“Enough!” A voice came from a remote region of the academy - Repentance City!

“Boom!” A supreme light resembling an ultimate dragon tore apart the sky vault. The light affinity erupted to an insane level.

It was filled with progenitorial aura - as pure as can be. Each strand was filled with boundless life force. This new power was purer and more powerful than Holyfrost’s.

“Who is it?!” Many didn’t recognize the figure appearing in this light.

“Clank!” An ancestral sword left its scabbard and let its murderous intensity loose. This judgment of light was enough to make the gods shudder.

“Repentance Sword!” People might not know the sword users but many ancestors recognized the sword.

“Du Wenrui!” Someone finally called out the name of the user - the dean of Repentance Institution.

“The sin is mine.” The voice of a progenitor echoed across the realm.

A mighty figure emerged - Desolate Saint, ready to unleash a slash to threaten the myriad realms.

Even the strongest ancestors took a deep breath after seeing a progenitor using his personal sword.

“Raa!” the dragon roared and swung its long tail again. Deafening blasts of thunder sounded as numerous lightning bolts came forward.

“Go!” Another combatant joined the battle at this moment.

A man rode a tiger-eagle hybrid with lightning detonations around him, looking just like a god capable of controlling the elements. His light was also capable of saving all existences.

“The sacred director!” Many students shouted. This normally stern and harsh director chose to fight during this perilous moment.

“Boom!” The power of the system continued to support Holyfrost, Du Wenrui, and the sacred director.

Armors made out of light wrapped around them. This majestic force successfully stopped the lightlord dragon.

This was their home territory so they had the empowerment of the dao source and the protection of their progenitor. Thus, their light affinity became several times stronger.

Alas, they could only stop the dragon at best, unable to inflict any substantial damage.


On the other side, the terrains were still being ravaged despite defensive runes stemming from the system.

The bull and the armadillo were too much for the dao land, resulting in devastating destruction.

The armadillo’s drill could pierce through everything. It could leave a gigantic abyss in the academy in a single second.

The bull didn’t relent at all, using its resources and vitality to the limit. Its horns could peel the land like two divine sabers. They continuously slashed the armadillo’s head without break.

The watchers were naturally scared out of their mind. Many knew the bull or had suffered to it in the past. However, they didn’t expect the bull to be so strong once it went all out, contending evenly against something like the armadillo.

It normally acted arrogant and imperious. Now, this seemed completely justified since it possessed such terrible power. Others simply didn’t know.

“Boom!” While the two beasts were causing chaos, the entrances to the ships above opened and numerous black figures jumped off.

These powerful beings were shrouded in black fog and brimming with darkness. They spread out to the various sects and academies in the system.

“Ah!” Thousands of powers were being attacked at the same time. The victims’ blood stained the ground.

The enemies were just too fast and powerful. A few academies couldn’t last a single round before being annihilated.

“Boom!” A grand formation of light emerged in the sky and imprinted itself on the system. One could see several hundred gray-haired ancestors standing in the center.

“The deans and elders from the four great academies.” Many recognized them.

The imprinting process from the seal stemming from the formation didn’t negatively affect the land. On the other hand, the light affinity in the soil immediately surged.

This resulted in a suppression coming from both the sky and the ground.

“Zzz…” The invaders suddenly had smoke coming out of them.

The power of light was burning them. Light and darkness were mortal enemies. The former had the home-court advantage and began judging these dark entities.

Nonetheless, some of these dark invaders raised their weapons and roared against the grand formation of light.

The mightiest combatants were strong enough to resist and make the arrays tremble.

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