Chapter 3143: Moment Of Darkness

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Academy of Light was a top system in Immortal Lineage. They successfully stopped the invaders for now.

However, not all were as lucky.

The eastern group had picked their target and fully surrounded one particular system.

“Buzz.” The system naturally activated a crystallized barrier in order to halt the intruders.

“Skyhigh System…” Many became dejected after seeing the western target.

Skyhigh was an exceptional system, always on the move. Most couldn’t find its location.

However, this battalion managed to spot it quickly and stopped it from escaping. The enemies clearly had a good idea of the system’s movement.

It wasn’t lucky enough to have a waiting period like the divine court and Eight Treasures either.

“Boom!” An extremely thick root stretched out of a ship. It was the size of a mountain and easily crushed the crystallized barrier.

This root was also covered with dark energy while pouring out primordial chaos. It seemed to have been growing for millions and millions of years. Each branch of this root had a progenitorial presence.

After successfully infiltrating the system, it instantly dug into the ground and absorbed the energy there. Ten thousand miles of land and forests instantly withered.

Hair-size tentacles came out from the ground and attached themselves onto the living beings there. The animals, mortals, and cultivators were drained and became dried corpses.. Even the mighty True Gods weren’t spared.

The land started cracking. Nothing was left but countless corpses. This became a scene of hell or something even more terrifying.

“Poof.” The root finally showed itself - a black lotus tree growing on top of Skyhigh.

It blotted out the sun, still shrouded with black fog. Most importantly, the progenitorial energy strands emanating from it could crush anything.

“This bamboo, it’s Bamboo Progenitor!” One Everlasting recognized it and blurted out. [1]

So many shuddered after figuring out the origin of this black bamboo. This was a progenitor ravaging an entire system!

“Ahh!” The same agony spread across ten million miles of land. Screams could be heard everywhere.

Thousands of bamboo trees began growing and sucking the land and its inhabitants dry. The entire system was drained at an insane pace. The greenness of life disappeared in no time at all.

“Buzz.” Numerous portals and divine bridges were summoned around the system.

“Run, run!” The lucky survivors and ancestors no longer cared about protecting their system.

Why? They couldn’t stop this progenitor in the first place. Their dao land was already lost. That’s why escaping seemed like the best choice right now.

Unfortunately, black figures descended from the ships.

“Rumble!” The ancestors had no choice but to fight the mysterious invaders.

“Ahhhh!” More screams resounded.

The fleeing ancestors had no plans to speak of and were caught off guard. The majority got massacred in just a short time.

“It’s over for Skyhigh.” The spectators from the other systems watched in horror. No one could help the system now.


“Time’s up.” Both the southern and northern regions were warned.

Metalkin Divine Court and Eight Treasures System needed to make a choice now.

“We’re not surrendering even when there’s only one of us left.” Eight Treasures Ancient Emperor firmly answered.

“So be it.” A snort could be heard.

“Buzz.” The ships opened their portals and black figures rained down again all over the system.

“Die!” The emperor himself personally used the strongest of the eight treasures - a divine tripod. Inside the dao source, this tripod shot out a blinding light with the force of a million volcanoes erupting.

Meanwhile, more than a thousand ancestors worked together to control the other seven treasures, using them against the dark figures.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The sounds of war and explosions pervaded the system…

Its inhabitants were ready to fight to the death by offering their energy to the eight treasures.

Dazzling lights and explosions drowned out the place along with splashing blood and screams. The flames of war reached every corner of this system.


Someone emerged on top of a heavenly pillar back in Metalkin Divine Court. He coldly uttered: “Bring it on.”

“Till death!” Another figure pulsing with solar fire next to the court’s dao source declared.

“Ice Nether God and Solar Mad God!” The morale of the members of the system rose after seeing these two ancestors.

Ice Nether God wasn’t a member of the divine court but was still a metalkin. He was another powerful lord of this race.

Solar Mad God was considered the strongest ancestor of this system. He was lucky enough to survive the encounter with Li Qiye since he didn’t participate in the last fight.

A very long time ago, these two competed over the system. Finally, Ice Nether God lost to the solar god by a single move.

One of them was yang and the other yin. They were natural-born enemies, always fighting on sight.

Today, they let go of their personal feud in order to fight against the foreign invaders.

The ice god led the metalkin experts to activate their heavenly pillars while the solar god and the ancestors of the divine court focused on using their cicada totem and dao source.

“You’re courting death.” A cold, murderous voice came from the ship. People could smell the stench of blood after listening to it.

“Kill them all!” Thousands of dark figures leaped out of the floating ships. Their dark energy could consume everything. They aimed for the various powers and sects all around Metalkin Divine Court.

The same terrible fate occurred here. Wails of lamentation traveled across the realms.

The heavenly pillars and the cicada totem were finally activated. A metallic storm took form in the divine court and started flying towards the dark masters.

“It’s useless.” The cold voice said, undeterred.

More and more dark masters fearlessly jumped out of the ships.

Strangely enough, the initial defensive barriers of the system couldn’t hinder these invaders at all, seemingly ineffective.

1. There are two words here, (to hear; news; well-known; famous; reputation; fame; to smell; to sniff at) + (bamboo). The former doesn’t matter too much, I’m guessing it’s famous. Famous Bamboo doesn’t sound that great, just omitting that part

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