Chapter 3145: The Worst Development

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Eight Treasures Progenitor built this system on the ground up. He expended immense effort and time in order to do so.

It became the home of his descendants as well. In a sense, the members of this system had some ties with him. For example, the emperor was his actual grandson.

Today, he brought these dark experts here in order to destroy his own system that he worked so hard to build? To kill his own descendants?

This cruel reality did a number on the spectators, causing them to gasp. No wonder why the emperor had such a strong reaction after seeing his grandfather.

He wasn’t afraid of a progenitor but couldn’t accept the fact that his grandfather was attacking his own system.

“Impossible!” The emperor shouted in disbelief despite having thought of this possibility previously. His numerous experiences in life weren’t enough to prepare him for this.

“Grandpa, is it really you? Are you still my grandpa?” He asked.

The spectators knew that according to the legends and records, this progenitor truly loved his grandson. Now, he wanted to kill his own grandson.

“This is too much.” One spectator shuddered with fear.

Just think about it, the emperor’s role model, the one he looked up to the most, has become a devil. No one would want to face this grim reality.

“Yes, it’s me.” The progenitor stared at the emperor with a calm expression. There was no sense of shame.

“This, this can’t be!” The emperor roared. Tears still streamed down his cheek despite his age and experience.

He didn’t fear death but to see his idol like this? He spent his whole life idolizing his grandfather and took pride in being his grandson. Now, his grandfather has become an abomination worthy of contempt.

This was too painful for the emperor. The observers could sympathize with him since they viewed their progenitor with the same pride. They would crumble if put in his shoes.

“It’s true.” The progenitor wasn’t muddle-headed nor being under someone else’s influence. He simply made a different choice.

“Why, why did you do this?!” The emperor sounded like a disappointed child.

“The times have changed, this is my choice. Death is not that scary compared to what awaits in the future, that’s why I’m sending you all away ahead of time.” The progenitor said.

“I always saw you in my dream but I don’t want to see you right now!” The emperor bellowed.

He could withstand the worst injuries without letting out a single groan. Alas, this made him scream in agony.

In the past, the emperor had always thought about his grandfather after the latter entered Uncrossable Expanse. Now, his grandfather was the last person he wanted to see.

This was naturally the case for everyone in Immortal Lineage. They definitely did not want to see their progenitor again. To not see them today would be the luckiest blessing ever.

“Surrender, this is the only way.” The progenitor said.

“No! I rather die than surrender to you, die!” The emperor furiously roared like an injured beast; his voice filled with indignation and rage.

He became resplendent as he added all of the dao source power onto his body. This made his physical form begin to crumble.

After all, even a twelve-palace emperor couldn’t handle the full power of a dao source. He simply didn’t give a damn by this point and performed his strongest merit law.

“Boom!” All eight treasures flew out at the same time.

Numerous ships in the sky blew up from the incoming force. The system itself broke into multiple sections and started to disintegrate.

He still didn’t give a damn, ready to bury the whole system. He was hell-bent on one thing only - killing his grandfather!

The stars above shattered; the system turned into hell. Meteors fell down and ravaged what’s left of the land.

The progenitor was instantly swallowed by the lights of the treasures.

All of Immortal Lineage felt a great detonation. The shockwaves emanated far enough to affect the nearby systems.

This was a last-ditch-attempt, a world-destroying blow delivered by an emperor ready to die.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get the result he wanted.

The eight treasures were created by the progenitor, the same with the system.

There was no way these things would be able to kill him. He understood the dao source’s power and the treasures more than the emperor.

After the loud detonation and once the light dispersed, the progenitor still stood there, untouched.

“How can my own creations kill me?” The progenitor said softly.

Everyone expected this. After all, who could better control a system than its progenitor? And, using his own weapons to kill him was impossible.

“Buzz.” The progenitor raised his hand and the eight treasures returned to his control.

The emperor couldn’t regain control despite trying numerous times.

“I’ll see you off, may you have peace.” The progenitor had a gentle expression.

“Die!” The broken emperor turned ablaze before exploding. He chose to blow himself and the doa source up and deliver a terrible force towards the progenitor.

Unfortunately, the eight treasures blocked before him and exuded a mighty aura.

“Boom!” The emperor and the dao system turned to ashes while the progenitor remained standing, still untouched.

Some spectators forgot to breathe while watching the climax of this battle. Eight Treasures Ancient Emperor died an honorable death. Also, his foe was extremely strong.

However, the thing that robbed everyone’s breath was the possibility of them experiencing the same fate.

What if their progenitors were to return and attack their own system? What choice would these spectators make?

Most believed that they would rather fight to the bitter end just like the emperor instead of yielding.

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