Chapter 3194: Burden's Nest

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The name of the dangerous area mentioned by Emperor Zheng was Burden, a famous place in Uncrossable Expanse.

According to the emperor, there were nine great monsters in the expanse, the strongest and the most dangerous. They have devoured numerous existences. Even some progenitors weren’t lucky enough to escape.

Moreover, though they were monsters, they have gained great intelligence, eventually gathering other monsters and became their kings.

Burden was a nest of one of these nine, also the name of the monster. Most people knew to avoid this place.

Some progenitors have entered in order to destroy Burden, only to be killed by it.

Of course, for others, this was a good place for training. As long as they didn’t go too far inside, they could still leave unscathed.

Too many dangerous monsters presided there which could be a good thing. A few progenitors, when bored, would go there to improve their cultivation.

Li Qiye shared the same thought. He wanted to exercise using these monsters to polish his completed grand dao, further sharpening its edges.

He could sense a violent aura while standing outside of the nest. From the distance, the entire place was shrouded in a mist with an ashen hue. There seemed to be monsters spewing out miasma in there.

This miasma was naturally toxic, capable of corroding flesh at a rapid rate. Only powerful progenitors could withstand it.

The water there was muddled, almost as if infused with ink. It wasn’t black entirely but had some strange affinity that could corrode any spectator’s soul. Staring at it for a long time would result in being dizzy and confused.

Li Qiye gave it a quick glance before smiling and entering this area. The mist immediately latched onto him. “Zzz…” Its corrosive nature invaded his body.

However, just one flash from him was enough to purify this type of miasma. The other danger was looming in the water.

Looking at it would result in a mental instability; the true fate would shake too, resulting in being dazed and potentially dropping unconscious. That’s when the fatal blow would come.

“Splash!” A massive claw stretched out of the water, large enough to easily crush a mountain.

Li Qiye’s surroundings turned dark due to the sunlight being blotted out. Alas, he only smiled while looking at the claw.

“It’s about time, I’ve been waiting for a slaughtering.” Li Qiye roared and reached for the claw.

“Crack!” He easily tore it in half.

“Ooo-” Something bellowed. Next came a loud boom with a tsunami rising out of nowhere. A gigantic monster the size of an island emerged from the darkness.

It resembled a lobster with numerous sickle-like legs to the left and right. Each swing from one could massacre thousands.

Its shell was gray, seemingly made from countless bones assembling together. Perhaps it didn’t have flesh and meat within, only more bones.

Anyone would have goosebumps while staring at this hellish monster. It used to have two claws but unfortunately, the other one has been destroyed by Li Qiye.

“Ooo!” It angrily swung the other one down, causing more tsunami. The world seemed to be flipped over as a result.

“Boom!” One hundred thousand miles of sea around Li Qiye caved downward. Water rushed up like circular walls around him.

Time came to a still - Li Qiye easily stopped the claw with one hand.

“Too weak, can’t train my body with this.” He shook his head, disappointed.

This scene was truly unbelievable. Li Qiye was smaller than an ant in comparison yet he had no problem stopping this claw, even going as far as making fun of its strength.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The infuriated monster immediately resorted to using its legs as blades.

These divine, sharp bones made direct contact. Fiery sparks shot out but he was completely untouched.

“Weakling.” Li Qiye leaped into the air and punched its weak spot. “Boom!”

“Crack!” Numerous bones broke down so the monster fell.

He then tore it apart, ending its life. It didn’t even have the chance to scream. He threw the remains down the ocean.

The already-dark water suddenly turned black this time as if more ink had been added. In reality, it was just a bunch of bony feeders around the size of a finger. They coiled together like chains and came up from the bottom, instantly devouring the large monster.

Gnawing noises resounded. It didn’t take long before the monster was fully eaten, only behind a few dregs.

They didn’t seem to be satisfied and turned their attention towards Li Qiye.

Black rays shot out from the ocean as they flew forward towards the next prey with extreme speed. They resembled divine needles that could pierce through space, instantly appearing in front of Li Qiye’s forehead.

“Treating me as prey?” Li Qiye smiled and raised one finger.

“Boom! Boom!” Numerous lightning bolts shot out of the tip and weaved together to form a net.

The feeders in the sky couldn’t get away, the same with the ones in the ocean. All of them died inside the lightning net.

The water surface had another black layer on top now due to their corpses. They unfortunately chose to mess with the wrong man.

“How disappointing.” Li Qiye smiled and moved forward.

“Boom!” He didn’t get far before another explosion detonated.

Large tentacles with bone spikes on them drilled out of the water. These spikes flashed with a chilling glint.

“Woo!” One tentacle opened its mouth and tried to suck Li Qiye in.

“Bam!” He slammed one foot down, stabilizing himself. The insane suction force failed to pull him even an inch away.

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