Chapter 3196: Massacre

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The two became increasingly astonished as they delved deeper into the nest.

This was a brutal and one-sided slaughter. Calling it a massacre wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

This nest consisted of one hundred thousand miles of sea. The entire place was red now due to blood flowing - truly a terrible sight to behold.

Most importantly, corpses floated all around. Some were as large as mountains while others the size of a fist. Dead schools of evil fish were seen as well. All in all, all the monsters in this area have been massacred down to the last. Not one was lucky enough to survive.

Moreover, they were killed by a single move each. It was apparent at first glance that none had a chance to resist or scream.

The two progenitors became cautious as a result.

“Who is it?” The scholar wondered, unable to come up with an answer.

In all of Uncrossable Expanse, those with the ability could be counted on one hand.

Yet, all of these beings were preoccupied right now. They certainly weren’t in the mood to sweep through this area.

Nevertheless, the two moved on, wanting to see the killer.

As they delved deeper, they finally heard loud explosions and loud splashes near Burden’s actual lair.

This central area had dangerous, densely-packed reefs and torrential waves.

Deeper in there was a gaping hole, seemingly the result of weathering after millions and millions of years from the seawater. Inside were numerous wind tunnels with howling winds as if devils were screaming down there.

It was as dark as can be with no end in sight, seemingly connected to hell itself. This was the actual nest of Burden, a sea grotto.

Ever since it started dominating, the entire region became its territory. Not to mention regular existence, even progenitors needed to exercise caution in this place.

These nine monsters were just too powerful. Burden had killed and eaten a progenitor before.

However, the waves weren’t as loud as normal in this central region. The reefs were covered with corpses, stopping most of the regular currents that have been painted red from reaching the grotto. Thus, only streams of blood dripped down instead in a horrifying manner.

In front of the entrance was a massive corpse - a creature looking like a sea lion except that it had nine skulls along with bone spurs sticking out of its spine.

This was the main thing stopping water from reaching the grotto due to its sheer size.

The two progenitors recognized this monster - the strongest follower of Burden, a Heaven Devouring Lion.

“I couldn’t kill it the last time I was here for training.” Wu murmured.

“Crackle.” They heard the sound of fire burning nearby and looked around.

They saw a bonfire on top of a large reef with a spinning skewer. The tendon on it was gigantic, more than enough to fill ten people.

It was clear and sparkling; its greasy fat dripped down the skewer with a golden hue. The smell could make anyone salivate.

Even a fool knew that this meat was the good stuff, extremely nutritious.

The two saw a youth busy barbecuing by the bonfire. He looked like an expert; each move was skillfully and easily.

The youth looked as normal as can be and could easily be mistaken for a mortal. In this scenario, he looked like a brat selling meat on the street.

Alas, this wasn’t the prosperous street from the mortal world and he was no meat seller. Who else could it be but Li Qiye?

The two progenitors shuddered and felt a sense of respect while looking at him. They were strong enough to have a good gauge of his actual power. That’s why they didn’t dare to show any disrespect and bowed towards him.

He leisurely gestured, telling them to come over: “Come have a taste of this lion foot tendon, quite delicious.”

It clearly belonged to the Heaven Devouring Lion.

The two of them came over to help him roast this foot. It didn’t take long before this delicious feast was ready.

They were above needless conventional etiquette and hurriedly took off part of the meat to have a bite.

They didn’t hold back and loudly chewed. Liquid gushed out from each bite and streamed down the corner of their lips. The smell spoke volumes about its deliciousness.

They ate like a storm and easily finished a portion meant for ten. Li Qiye belched with satisfaction after finishing.

It seemed that Wu had a bigger appetite compared to Li Qiye and Yun. He licked his lips and said: “That was good, really good.” He clearly could go for more.

“There’s still another foot.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I’m going, this is just too good to miss.” He laughed and instantly stood up to cut off the other foot for another roast.

As he was roasting, Li Qiye slowly picked his teeth while trying to digest.

“My title is Cloudcrossing, he is Brother Martial Ancestor, how should we address you, Senior?” The elegant progenitor bowed towards Li Qiye. [1]

Martial Ancestor was the progenitor of Vermillion Martial Court.

“Li Qiye, and no need to call me senior since I’m only eighteen.” Li Qiye casually responded.

“It is an honor to meet you.” Cloudcrossing said with respect.

“Not the first time. We’ve met before when I killed his heart devil.” Li Qiye glanced at Martial Ancestor.

“So it still escaped.” Martial Ancestor stopped and could guess what had transpired. He commented: “The descendants are foolish and greedy, only caring about treasures.”

Martial Ancestor had some craziness in him, resulting in a heart devil. He couldn’t kill it and had to suppress it in his system. Later on, the martial court eventually released it.

“Thank you for helping or many would have died.” Martial Ancestor bowed deeply towards Li Qiye.

“Just a matter of coincidence. And a touch of fate spared your system from me.” Li Qiye smiled.

“The unfilial ones probably deserve it in that case and it wouldn’t be your fault, Senior.” Martial Ancestor sighed.

He had spent a lot of effort on his system but since he had left for so long, those he cared about were no longer there.

Thus, he wouldn’t really mind it if Li Qiye had destroyed his system.

It had nothing to do with the emotionlessness of a top master. This was an issue of time erasing everything.

1. Yun = cloud; Wu = martial

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