Chapter 3235: Secret

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Li Qiye saw a monster standing there just like an uncrossable evil mountain.

It was an unknown creature, shrouded by a massive cloak. It looked a little tattered, seemingly belonging to a beggar. Obviously, this was a supreme artifact.

Its weapon of choice was a long sickle, causing it to look like the harvester of life. Just one swing would devour billions of lives. Progenitors wouldn’t be able to escape.

It stared straight at Li Qiye; its gaze was the only brightness in this forsaken world, capable of stealing people’s souls.

Nonetheless, Li Qiye calmly met its gaze, undeterred.

“No, I am no guest, just an executioner who will sever your dog head. Remember, I am Li Qiye, Fiercest, your end. Hear my name and cower in fear.”

“Boom!” A massive palm blotted out the sky above them as another monstrous existence awakened.

Its palm was large enough to hide whatever was behind it. One couldn’t see its true appearance.

“Fear? What’s that?” It spoke the same ancient language: “Oh? Not bad at all. Can’t remember the last time I’ve tasted such a feast.” It salivated while staring at Li Qiye.

“Indeed. Eras of refinement, a supreme true fate, a virtually peerless dao heart, made contact with the nine heavenly scriptures and treasures too? We can be full thanks to this fatty meal.” The sickle wielder agreed.

One didn’t need to see its expression to know how much it wanted to devour Li Qiye right now.

“Count me in.” A third creature appeared, looking like a specter.

It manifested in space and became part of it. Its form and size remained unknown. It simply had three bizarre white eyes. Their movements seemed to be twisting the fabrics of reality.

They didn’t exude a terrible presence nor an invincible aura. Alas, time came to a still.

One shouldn’t doubt the fact that they could devour Three Immortals, the nine worlds, and the thirteen continents in one gulp.

If they were to go there, they would turn everything into food, including the mighty Immortal Emperors and progenitors.

Just their diabolical form alone was enough to instill fear, no need for any aura.

“You all look like feasts to me too. I’m sure that it’ll be very nutritious devouring you three but unfortunately, that’s not my intention.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Then what is your intention?” The sickle wielder spoke. Its voice had no emotions, seemingly always the same across the years.

Perhaps time itself wasn’t a limiting factor for them. This affinity might as well not exist.

“I will kill all of you. Don’t you want to go down there? I’ll deliver you down there and fulfill your wish.” Li Qiye smirked.

“True, there’s a chance of coming down in that case.” The three-eyed abomination said.

“How interesting, I’m afraid your world can’t handle our death though.” The being with the gigantic palm had strange-sounding laughter.

“There’s a trade-off, for sure.” Li Qiye smiled: “Your stinky corpses will spoil the land at first but they’ll become great fertilizer, healthier soil and trees will come in time.”

“That’s your goal in coming here?” The sickle wielder glared intensely, wanting to see Li Qiye’s dao heart.

“No, that’s just an additional prize.” Li Qiye smiled: “I’m here to kill you all, that’s all.”

“You think you can kill us alone? It’s true that you’re powerfu-” The monstrous palm laughed and said.

“No, he’s extremely strong, he has a primordial will!” A faint voice came from deeper in this world.

The three nearby instantly focused their gaze, resulting in three blinding rays intending on drilling through Li Qiye.

The experts below had no chance of withstanding their intensity.

“We were careless, that is indeed a primordial will.” The three-eyed abomination confirmed.

“You’re that person?” Li Qiye asked after also focusing his gaze towards the direction of the faint voice.

That person. The atmosphere became frozen. The three terrible monsters became serious as if Li Qiye had just uttered some taboo words.

Silence took over for a moment.

“No, I am not.” Eventually, the faint voice answered and broke the tension.

“What a shame, I want to kill him too.” Li Qiye revealed a nonchalant smile. This attitude of his would still be there even if he was facing the most terrible creature in existence.

“What an audacious remark, wanting to kill him.” The massive palm spoke while trying to analyze Li Qiye further, wanting to see what he was going to kill that person with.

“You. Not enough, still not enough.” The faint voice said: “I’m afraid you can’t even get past us.”

“Is that so? We’ll see about that. You’re coming out to fight me?” Li Qiye smiled.

“No rush, let the three of them test your strength first. Oh, and we don’t do one-on-one either. A feast like you has to be shared. It’s too bad that we each will get less.” The voice nonchalantly said.

The creepiness of this response would make anyone imagine that they were laying on a platter, waiting to be cut and eaten.

These existences, from beginning to end, viewed Li Qiye as food, nothing more.

“I’ll get started then, my fertilizer. I’m sure even the villainous heaven shares this sentiment.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Hmph! The bastard!” The voice scowled.

The other three gradually surrounded the area around Li Qiye, ready to kill him.

“Show us your power.” The sickle wielder uttered.

“Boom!” Death energy emerged as a coffin materialized above Li Qiye, the same with the Death Scripture.

“Both the scripture and treasure?” The other two existences’ eyes narrowed at this sight.

“That’s right, enough to kill you all.” Li Qiye confidently said.

"Kill us? Perhaps you don’t know that your world didn’t even exist back when we possessed them.” The three-eyed abomination revealed.

“I’m aware. It’s a shame that the primordial backlash rendered them useless in your possession anyway unless you have a death wish.” Li Qiye smiled.

“You know quite a bit.” The sickle wielder became surprised.

Those who knew this secret should no longer be around. Alas, there was one standing in front of them right now.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Twelve dao laws above him formed a defensive barrier.

Above them were three maelstroms. These fifteen affinities combined together into an everlasting entity.

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