Chapter 3240: Seeing The Dark Crow Again

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“Boom!” One swing of that hatchet was enough to change the ebb and flow of an epoch. It represented the supreme of an epoch.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” The armored giant staggered backward, destroying the landscape beneath.

One could see a scar on the giant’s fist now. Remember, the Corporeal Zone was one of the nine Heavenly Treasures. However, the hatchet still managed to leave a mark - a testament to its prowess.

“Buzz.” The armored giant exuded a golden light that eventually condensed into a top layer. The thing seemed to be cast from gold - a sign of indestructibility.

Indestructible Diamond Physique! Another form of the Corporeal Zone.

“Senior, why must you interfere?” Immortal Emperor Tian Tu’s voice came from the giant.

Old Ghost’s involvement caught them completely off guard. His appearance was a big deal since he was someone who had fought the heaven before, an epoch lord. They weren’t on the same level in the slightest.

Their race had several emperors but this was far from enough. The only thing that allowed them to resist the old man was their peerless heavenly treasure.

“I’m afraid I’ve made a deal with someone else. I’ll kill all of you and take the Corporeal Zone.” The old man smiled.

“Kill him!” Bloodhand Butcher commanded, aware that a peaceful negotiation wasn’t possible.

The emperors and experts of the Ming poured all of their might into their heavenly treasure.

“Rumble!” Indestructible Diamond, Furious Immortal, Sacred Spring Physique…

The appearance of these physiques resulted in violent quakes across the nine worlds. The Corporeal Zone was unreasonably heavy already. The activation of certain physiques made it even heavier. This increase didn’t stop at all; the nine worlds wouldn’t last at this rate.

“Oh man…” The spectators were in awe at the sheer size of this giant.

“Break!” Old Ghost attacked, not wanting to see the Corporeal Zone fully activated or it would be hard for him to suppress it.

“Clank!” His hatchet’s gleam became as bright as snow. Its bright was intense enough to pass through the world barriers and reach the other worlds.

“Take it down!” Lin Shaoxuan and Worldguard True God also utilized all of their arsenals against this artifact.

They knew that if the Ancient Ming were to get this corpse and refine it, they would be able to rise again. The nine worlds would fall into darkness once more.

“Boom!” The monstrous power nearly destroyed the surrounding area. The nine worlds weren’t faring well against the shockwaves. Fortunately, the countless dao runes that have appeared earlier were tying the worlds together. Otherwise, nothing but ashes would have been left.

Old Ghost looked unstoppable with his hatchet as he attacked the giant. Even the other overlords were amazed by his power. His heroism didn’t wither with age at all, still as domineering as the past.

“All in!” The Ming members roared, pouring all of their vitality into the giant without holding back.

The longer they lingered around, the worse the situation would be for them. As long as they could escape with this corpse, they would be able to return one day and feast on the inhabitants of the nine worlds and the thirteen continents.

“Rumble!” The armored giant’s strength crazily surged. Eventually, all twelve Immortal Physiques became one.

This was far more terrifying than an Immortal Emperor possessing all twelve at grand completion, hundreds of times stronger.

“What a shame, this isn’t the previous epoch any longer. Your Corporeal Zone hasn’t opened the new page!” Old Ghost watched the armored giant becoming stronger than a dozen emperors before commenting.

“Clank!” He raised his resplendent hatchet again.

By this point, everyone knew that he could kill these emperors with one swing if they weren’t hiding in the giant.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Unfortunately for him, the ocean up above started gathering lightning bolts. It only took a second before a waterfall of bolts went straight at the old man.

A while ago, it was fully focusing on the primordial tree but couldn’t take it down. It decided to split its firepower into two sections now.

“Screw your sister, Villainous Heaven! Activate the defense!” Old Ghost cursed loudly and commanded.

“Boom!” His burial ground became dazzling and built a massive wall above him.

“Rumble!” The lightning bolts struck the wall, resulting in violent vibrations.

Meanwhile, the primordial tree seemingly turned into a maelstrom to drag in the lightning bolts. This meant that it was attracting the majority of the tribulation’s firepower.

Nonetheless, the barrage hitting Old Ghost was still strong enough to make him stagger.

Most importantly, more tribulations were forming in that ocean, bright enough to deter all gazes.

“That’s an incoming heavenly execution.” The overlords of the burial ground grimaced at this sight.

“Take him down now!” The Ming forces saw the opportunity and mustered all of their strength.

The armored giant unleashed a world-destroying blow straight at Old Ghost. This could be a chance to kill him while he was suppressed by the tribulation.

Loud explosions ensued as the old man fiercely swung his hatchet and released a tornado at the giant.

He knew that time was of the essence since a heavenly execution was coming down for his head.

Unfortunately, the tribulations lowered his offensive potential so the giant had the upper hand.

“Boom!” The stars exploded from another blow as Old Ghost got repelled.

“Damn crow! Do your thing now or I’m finished!” Old Ghost was feeling it from being attacked on multiple fronts and yelled.

“Buzz.” Each inch of the land in the nine worlds started resonating with an insane force. Laws assembled and rushed to the sky like a tsunami.

The lineages of many emperors joined in harmony. Imperial auras ravaged the area as majestic figures appeared.

“Emperor Min Ren, Empress Hong Tian, Emperor Tun Ri....” Old ancestors around the world shouted.

This was towards the end of an epoch and people have nearly forgotten about these invincible emperors. Now, their dao avatars have shown up again.

The laws eventually formed a spear capable of taking on any foe and killing immortals!

“Nine Worlds’ Evil Subduer!” An ancestor who had seen this weapon before bellowed. It killed everything in its path back then.

A colossal pair of wings appeared after the spear. It blotted out the nine worlds and let a terrible shadow.

“Dark Crow!” The overlords in the burial grounds shuddered after seeing the wings again.

“!!!” The members of the Ancient Ming turned pale, including great characters like Immortal Emperor Tian Tu.

This existence massacred their race back then, forcing them out of the nine worlds.

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