Chapter 3288: Huang Ning

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“Buzz…” Radiant lights accompanied by impressive divinity shot towards the sky.

A portal seemed to be opening on the ancestral peak. This descending force was akin to their patriarch returning.

The radiance illuminated the entire region, signaling the start of the examination.

“Pass the five gates for a chance at the treasures.” The disciples became overwhelmed with excitement.

“I will definitely make it to the grave of weapons this year and get something.” One confident fella declared.

“I’ll be happy making it through just three gates, that should be enough to enter Thousand Demons.” A different one hesitated and had a conservative approach.

“We need to go grab the best spots now before it starts.” Some went on their way, hoping to garner any advantage possible for the best placement.

The ancestral peak rarely had visitors, let alone those trying to climb it. The place itself was a test.

Below was a training field capable of accommodating ten thousand people. Next to it were beautiful stone steps that eventually led to an ancient hall and courtyard. The gate to this hall was normally shut tight until today.

As one looked up towards the ridge, they would only see clouds and fog, nothing above. These served as a veil to cover up a beauty. This mysteriousness made people want to take a peek even more.

Today, disciples were already waiting below by the field. They looked up the steps in reparation for the trials.

Some began talking about the variations of the trials and started grouping up.

“Poof!” A flame appeared on a certain peak and started crossing through the sky like a long silk ribbon of a red hue. It eventually landed on the field.

“It’s Junior Sister Qianyue!” The ones present immediately knew who it was just from the flame.

Qianyue’s samadhi flame could burn the world and refine any weapons. She had enough mastery to use it as a flying tool, something similar to a red cloud. She looked just like a fairy of the fire affinity.

“She’s worthy of her reputation, so pretty.” Many disciples voiced their admiration.

“The number one spot is hers this year.” A young one said.

Some came up to greet her. She simply nodded in response without uttering a single word and took up a corner. No one else got close. Her admirers could only glance in a distance, not daring to come forward.

Of course, just getting a nod or a glance from her was more than enough for more, definitely an honor.

Today was the start of the examination so the disciples from all five peaks came in droves.

The desolate place became filled with words and laughter from the socializing disciples.

“Senior Brother Bai Mu from South Conch is so much stronger now.” An excellent disciple had great improvements in the last two years and earned many praises.

“Senior Sister Feng from Thousand demons has awakened her demonic spirit, moving up a full realm in just one year. That should be enough to get in the top ten.”

“We have several amazing seniors too in Jade Bird, they have a chance of getting there too.”

Discussions sprung all over the place.

“Rustle…” Turnip vines suddenly drilled out of the ground near the examination field. Each was covered in flame, seemingly gestated by this affinity. It wouldn’t be out of place for these vines to grow inside a volcano and absorb the essences of lava.

“Poof!” The vines twisted together and turned into a youth in a blue robe, looking handsome and gallant.

“Senior Brother Huang Ning! He’s really handsome!” Many female disciples started shouting.

“Of course, he’s the most handsome in our sect.” One girl’s eyes turned into two hearts. She touched her heart with both hands, looking infatuated.

“I love you!” A bold one even screamed.

“And I love everyone too.” Huang Ning revealed a charming smile as he answered.

“He looked at me! He looked at me just now!” One of them nearly fainted.

He was the disciple of the bodhi king and had the title, Plain Dominator.

Several years ago, Huang Ning battled against disciples from Three Truths on top of a flat mound. He defeated ten exceptional disciples from that sect so people gave him this title.

“Buzz.” A radiant aura flashed and circled around him like a defensive moon.

“Enlightened Being Manifestation.” A disciple took a deep breath.

“He actually made it to the next realm.” Others became startled.

“So young too!” Envy and jealousy surfaced among the crowd.

After all, Huang Ning was very popular in Divine Black - handsome, talented, and powerful.

He was a key disciple in Thousand Demons, enjoying numerous privileges. He was a mix-blood under the lineage of Luminous Vine Demon King. This was a noble line.

These things contributed to why the girls loved him and the boys were jealous of him.

Huang Ning walked over to Gong Qianyue’s corner and bowed deeply: “Your cultivation puts me to shame. Another ten years and I still won’t reach your level.”

He stared deeply at her; his eyes inadvertently showed his crush.

Of course, his crush was no secret to anyone in Divine Black. On the other hand, no one knew if Qianyue had someone on her mind.

Qianyue acted normally and nodded: “You’re too humble, Senior Brother. I will keep trying my best.”

“Your talents are the best in Divine Black, everyone knows this…” He smiled and made small talk.

Very few dared to get this close to Qianyue and Huang Ning was one of them.

The spectators became even more jealous as these two stood together. Alas, Huang Ning was powerful enough to deserve this privilege.

Both the girls who liked Huang Ning and the boys who liked Qianyue were equally annoyed.

“Those two would make a great pair.” They had no choice but to admit this.

Unfortunately for Huang Ning, Qianyue didn’t show any sign of reciprocation.

“Looks like I messed up, should have betted on Senior Brother Huang Ning.” One disciple regretted his choice after seeing Huang Ning’s current realm.

Many thought that he was at the conqueror level just like Zhan Hu. This was no longer the case so Zhan Hu should lose their fight.

“Raa!” Everyone’s attention became stolen by a giant tiger from above.

It landed on the field and exuded its beastly aura. It was the size of a small mountain and had an intimidating pair of eyes along with a white patch on its forehead.

“So powerful.” Many retreated after sensing its aura.

Zhan Hu was riding this white tiger. He jumped down and walked over towards Huang Ning and Qianyue in a confident fashion.

“I think this tiger is Iron Rod Demon King’s mount.” A few shuddered while staring at the tiger.

This demon tiger was immensely powerful. If Zhan Hu could use it on stage, he wouldn’t lose to anyone here.

“You’re one step faster than me, looks like I’m losing this time.” Zhan Hu laughed, not surprised.

“Senior Brother Zhan Hu, I simply pulled a fast one so you’ll catch up to me in no time.” Huang Ning smiled and said.

The two have fought multiple times in the past. Their record was relatively even.

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