Chapter 3289: Let’s Team Up

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The sun rose high as more disciples entered the field. Groups began forming consisting of friends or teammates.

“Oooo-” An imposing horn sounded, akin to a call of the gathering of troops on the battlefield.

The disciples stopped talking and looked over towards the direction of the horn.

“Rumble!” They saw numerous carriages traversing through the sky and landed below the ancestral peak. Numerous old men got off the carriages.

“The elders are here.” Many bowed towards them.

These elders rarely showed up because they were either busy with cultivation or traveling the realms.

They were here today to represent the five peaks of Divine Black.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” A middle-aged man walked on the sky; each step detonated thunderously. He left behind footprints in the sky.

He immediately climbed up the platform after reaching the area. He had a wolf head and a human body, wearing a fur cloak. He seemed to be the leader of the wolves. His blue eyes contained a soul-stealing power.

“Peak Lord!” Many bowed their head to greet him.

“Sorry for the wait, Junior and Senior Uncles.” The man bowed before entering the center of the platform.

“We’ve only got here. You’re busy with work, Virtuous Nephew. Being a little late is fine.” One elder smiled.

The middle-aged man was Zhang Yue, the peak lord of Jade Bird. His title was Flame Wolf King. He exuded a cosmic light as if numerous stars were hidden in his body.

Though the majority of the elders on the platform were older than him, a few of them were only as strong as him. Some were even weaker.

He was a Yin Yang Celestial, one of the strongest among the second generation of Divine Black, only second to the late Su Xu.

As a peak lord, his status was the same as these older elders. Moreover, Jade Bird was in charge of these examinations so it was proper for him to take the middle seat.

“It’s almost time so those who aren’t here need to hurry up.” Zhang Yue sat down and glanced at the sun.

His voice wasn’t especially loud but everyone in Divine Black could hear him. This was a warning for the tardy disciples.

Many exchanged glances and found that the field was packed. This examination was extremely important for their future so who would dare to be late?

Even Gong Qianyue got here early, the same for Zhan Hu and Huang Ning. They all made it here before the seniors.

“Mmm, just in time. Perfect.” A lazy voice sounded.

Due to the presence of the elders and the peak lord, the disciples here have been keeping quiet. That’s why everyone heard him.

They looked over and saw the children from Liu Village. Some kids were carrying a sedan chair with Li Qiye just laying there. He looked like a young master that was still drowsy since noon was too early for him. He acted as if being on time was an abnormal feat for him.

The disciples saw Li Qiye and began whispering. The guy was treating Divine Black like his personal property.

The elders and the peak lord didn’t put up as much of an act while getting here. The latter even came without a carriage. Now, a regular disciple was being carried here with what seems to be an entourage?

“Utterly ridiculous.” One disciple shook his head and murmured.

“Do you think you’re a real young master?!” Another couldn’t help speaking up. It was Liu Wenyong, the fan of Gong Qianyue who embarrassed himself last time.

He wanted to impress the seniors by being the first to yell at Li Qiye.

“We’re here to cultivate, not to act like young masters.” Others chimed in, voicing their displeasure.

Li Qiye didn’t bother responding. He still didn’t get out of his carriage, causing the others to grit their teeth.

The elders and Zhang Yue up higher in the platform only raised their brows. They didn’t become angry because there was no rule stating that disciples couldn’t come here on carriages. Plus, this group wasn’t late either.

“Clang.” A gong silenced the crowd.

“Okay, the examination begins now.” Zhang Yue stared at the crowd and said: “I don’t need to repeat the rules since everyone should know already. Five trials total, each trial is twenty points. Now, the first one begins, go!”

“We’re starting.” The disciples exchanged glances while excitement built up.

“Come register. Pick an opponent or the sect will pick for you. There are only two chances, be sure to make the most of it.” An elder announced.

The crowd immediately came over for the registration.

The first trial was very simple - a fight taking place in the thirty-six steps ahead.

It wouldn’t be a one-on-one situation either. The disciples were allowed to form groups to fight because the examination was more than just checking their cultivation. The sect also wanted to push solidarity and teamwork.

Many came prepared already. Most groups consisted of friends. Even the lone wolves needed to team up right now.

“Go.” Li Qiye told the children and let them team up with each other.

They went to sign up together. Since they grew up in the same village on top of having the same instructors, their comradery was impeccable - a perfect recipe for a good team.

The registration didn’t take too long. Very few people didn’t have a team by this point - only the outsiders or those who were hated by this point were left alone.

Gong Qianyue didn’t have a team, still standing in the corner by herself. This was actually expected because no one else in this generation was qualified to be her teammate. She alone could defeat the others.

Eventually, only she and Li Qiye were left teamless.

On one hand, Qianyue was alone because she was peerless. On the other hand, Li Qiye was alone because no one liked him.

“Haha, look, someone’s forgotten.” Liu Wenyong laughed at Li Qiye.

“Well, who would want to team up with him? Doing that will probably result in failing the first trial.” Another disciple sneered.

“You don’t know that. Maybe his Tortoise Fist is actually unbeatable, he’ll beat everyone here.” One more sarcastically said.

The majority of the crowd was making fun of him by this point.

“You’re teaming up with me.” Qianyue was also staring at him before suggesting.

“What?!” Everyone became astounded, thinking that they have misheard her.

Their eyes shifted repeatedly between Li Qiye and Qianyue.

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