Chapter 3332: I’ll Be Waiting

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This altar was actually just the mouth of the seal. It was made from unknown rocks and stones, perfectly carved by a great master. Each cut demanded nothing but perfection.

“From the beast veins.” Li Qiye touched the materials and shook his head: “This tortoise, quite crafty, I see. So it picked up a few things.”

In Divine Black, some records stated that their patriarch had entered immortal lands and paradises…

In reality, it had quite a harvest after rummaging through the ruins of Heavenhoof Ravine.

The disciples of Divine Black have been wondering what was sealed up here, perhaps a treasure?

In reality, it contained the entrance to a grand vein - the reason why the tortoise chose this place to build its sect, resulting in boundless potential.

Alas, during the great disaster, everything collapsed. The nine worlds came to an end and no one remembered this old legend.

Li Qiye just happened to be one of those who still remembered. He had entered the ancestral source of this place before and knew all the secrets there.

The fact that he appeared in Divine Black was a coincidence. Nonetheless, since he was already here, he still wanted to take a look.

These secrets were heaven-defying and worthwhile for regular people but they weren’t much in his eyes.

He focused on the runes carved on the rocks. They were added by more than just one person. First was the Black Tortoise, another for certain was South Conch Dao Lord.

The dao lord certainly added more seals for the sake of Divine Black. However, one of the ones before him left behind even more impressive runes - better technique and mightier strokes, far more profound as well.

Both the Black Tortoise and the dao lord paled in comparison. This writer was far stronger than the tortoise and still stronger than the dao lord.

“It’s meant for me.” Li Qiye chuckled.

He knew who it was and touched the runes: “Not bad, quite a visionary. Other Immortal Emperors can’t compare to these achievements.”

These runes were beyond the comprehension of ordinary people due to the innate complicated dao.

However, this wasn’t difficult for Li Qiye at all.

“You do get me.” Li Qiye smiled and channeled the runes.

“Creak…” The entire altar started moving as a result. The individual rock and stone shifted and spun like gears. Next came the flashing of the runes.

Eventually, he placed the runes in all the right spots.

“Boom!” A beam shot up and tore apart the sky, reaching the highest empyrean.

Many in Divine Black became startled and followed the beam shooting through the clouds.

“What’s that?!” The frightened disciple began shouting.

“From the ancestral peak.” It took them a moment to realize where the beam was coming from.

“It has to be Li Qiye, he made it to the peak?” One disciple blurted out.

“I can’t believe it, he’s really the son of miracles.” This became the only topic in the sect.

Everyone found this astonishing but he had actually done it. They became convinced of his abilities. First, the steps then the grave of weapons. Now, the ancestral peak too?

“Is there anything he can’t do?” The protectors and elders felt the same way as the rest of the disciples.

Huang Ning and Zhan Hu’s expression became as ugly as can be. They clenched their fists tightly, speechless.

Just Gong Qianyue alone had stolen their spotlight. Now, Li Qiye completely buried their ambition and reputation. He turned them into clowns and made it hard for them to walk around.

As long as Li Qiye was around, they would have no chance of rising up and taking the mantle of Divine Black. He reduced their future into ashes so they wanted nothing more than to cut him to pieces.

“Boom!” From the crevices of the sky came a boundless imperial aura. It swept through Eight Desolaces with absolute domination.

Reclusive sovereigns and peerless ancestors woke up from their slumber after sensing this force.

Strangely enough, the weaker cultivators didn’t feel a thing while their ancestors became suffocated.

Yin Yang Gate, Buddha Holy Ground, Three Truths Sect, Dragon Phoenix Valley… The ancestors from these powers all stared at the sky in awe.

A supreme figure appeared on West King’s horizon. It was ethereal and faint yet all sovereigns were ants in comparison.

“Immortal Emperor Zhan!” An ancient sovereign’s legs trembled at this sight.

“I’ll be waiting at the ancestral source.” The figure left behind this eternal mantra then disappeared.

The mantra could only be heard by the top ancestors and took them like a storm. They didn’t calm down even long after the figure was gone.

“The legendary Immortal Emperor!” One ancestor took a deep breath.

The ancient era was no more but the tales of this emperor remained. Some memorized every word.

“Waiting at the ancestral source?” Another ancestor speculated: “Did the emperor leave behind a legacy?!”

“Maybe all of the emperor’s treasures and scrolls are there.” One more wondered.

“Go, tell the sect master to go to the source right away!” Another commanded.

“Send down this message, a great treasury will appear in the near future.” One ancestor came out of reclusion.


News of an emerging treasury traveled through northern West King.

Of course, only Li Qiye really knew what the message was about.

“Why bother remembering such a little thing after so many years?” Li Qiye chuckled and shook his head.

He knew who the emperor was and the location of the ancestral source. This emperor wanted to get even with him.

“Very well, let’s see what you want.” He stroked his chin, clearly amused.

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