Chapter 3334: Personal Visit

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“Poof!” A grand dao force engulfed Divine Black. True energy chaos came like a tsunami.

Everyone could sense a certain power surrounding their sect. It seemed to be connected to heaven and earth.

They became tense because other grand dao were being contained by this one, nearly melting into one.

Thousands of runes came together and turned into a divine bridge starting at Souch Conch Peak and materializing towards Jade Bird.

“The sacred level.” The crowd gasped in response. Many bowed towards the direction of the bridge while putting on their best act.

The protectors, elders, and peak lords were alarmed as well.

“Sacred level” was a short name for the Grand Dao Sacred Physique realm. Those at this level were the strongest beneath dao lords and heavenly sovereigns, only one step away from the peak.

Ping Suoweng was the only person in Divine Black. Thus, everyone knew that it was him on the move. All eyes turned towards South Conch Peak.

“The sect master is leaving.” Many found this surprising, if not astonishing.

In recent years, Ping Suoweng rarely showed himself, always staying at South Conch. Only a few managed to see him.

Some gossiped about his inactivity. One speculation stated that he was training to become a heavenly sovereign. Another said that he was trying to comprehend a supreme artifact. A few believed that he was old now and no longer cared about ordinary matters…

Thus, another topic came up - the next successor of Divine Black.

“The sect master is actually coming here in person.” An elder realized something after seeing the bridge: “Looks like he’s viewing this with great importance.”

The sect master normally didn’t interfere with mundane matters in Divine Black. This had to be something he considered serious.

This elder also knew that it was because of a disciple - Li Qiye.

“I don’t think the sect master has ever taken in a disciple in this manner.” The older disciples of Divine Black became surprised.

This was an unprecedented honor. Both Su Xu and Gong Qianyue never got this pleasure.

An old man appeared on top of the divine bridge, looking just like a mortal wearing a cheap robe. He had wrinkles all over his face but his fingers were long and strangely vibrant, brimming with youthfulness. They looked like ten swords.

Those who knew about him were also aware of his South Conch Sword Art.

This technique solidified his position as the strongest in Divine Black. That’s why when people saw his fingers, they immediately connected it to this art.

Ping Suoweng used the bridge to instantly arrive at Jade Bird.

“Sect Master.” Zhang Yue, many protectors, and the disciples came to greet him.

However, Li Qiye was nowhere to be found, let alone coming to greet his sect master. This seemed rather pompous.

Nonetheless, no one dared to voice their annoyance before the sect master. It would only bring needless trouble.

“No need for formalities.” Suoweng was rather amiable and approachable. He told Zhang Yue before going towards Li Qiye’s place.

Zhang Yue heaved a sigh of relief after he was gone. Though Zhang Yue was also a peak lord, he was the newest and the weakest of the five, only at the yin yang realm. He felt great pressure and dread while standing in front of Suoweng even though the guy didn’t release his aura.

“Back to your post.” He ordered with a solemn expression. Everything in Jade Bird needed to be perfect with Suoweng around.

The other disciples could read the atmosphere and acknowledged the command. They immediately went to carry out their duties.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye was as leisurely as ever inside his room - a stark contrast to the tense atmosphere outside.

Ping Suoweng’s presence didn’t change anything. He still lazily lay in his chair with Gong Qianyue serving him tea like a maid.

She bowed after seeing Suoweng while Li Qiye remained still, only staring at the guy.

Anyone else would find this to be extremely disrespectful and chastise him for it.

After all, Suoweng was the sect master. No one else had a higher status than him in Divine Black. Other peak lords needed to stand up to greet him.

Now, Li Qiye didn’t bother saying anything. This inaction made him seem arrogant and thoughtless.

Suoweng didn’t mind and sat down nearby, staring straight at Li Qiye.

Gong Qianyue poured him a cup of tea, prompting him to nod approvingly.

Suoweng’s brows furrowed at Li Qiye, not because of the perceived disrespect but rather, he couldn’t see through the guy.

A cultivator at the sacred level might not be unbeatable in the northern West King but was still a great character. Anyone meeting him would have to tread carefully.

This wasn’t the case for Li Qiye as if he was nothing more than a random passerby on the street.

He felt a little defeated; his confidence cracked a bit. This had nothing to do with pride but for better or worse, he was still a powerful cultivator and the sect master of Divine Black. It was rather frustrating to be treated in this manner.

He focused up and continued on checking the guy out. He confirmed that the guy was really an Iron Skin cultivator, not someone hiding their power.

Suoweng couldn’t believe this. How could an Iron Skin cultivator manage to do so many insane feats? Miracle was the only word to describe them.

He himself witnessed all of it and still found it perplexing. Maybe the elders were right. Only the word “devilish” could describe him.

“Virtuous Nephew.” Suoweng chose to be as friendly as possible. The other peak lords didn’t have this privilege.

“Call me Young Master.” Li Qiye finally sat up straight and corrected.

“...” This was Suoweng’s first time experiencing something like this.

“Young Master.” He smiled wryly and strugglingly said the words.

The moment he uttered those words, he felt as if Li Qiye was a supreme master while he was nothing more than a servant.

This feeling couldn’t be resisted and felt so natural when Li Qiye was around.

“Mmm, good.” Li Qiye nodded and said: “Spill it, you’re not here for no reason.”

The guy looked so lazy and carefree yet Suoweng thought that he was looking at the ultimate ruler of everything. This was an insane thought yet once again, it felt so natural.

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