Chapter 3335: Where Are You From?

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Ping Suoweng took a sip of tea and adjusted his mindset. He pondered for a bit before starting: “Young Master, may I ask where you are from and what’s your destination?”

He chose his words carefully, not directly asking who Li Qiye was. He normally didn’t need to exercise such caution when speaking to someone else, not even when in front of someone like Yin Yang Gate Master.

However, he felt like prudence was the right choice. Intuition told him that Li Qiye was far beyond his imagination.

His curiosity was at an all-time high. Just who was this man?

He didn’t buy that this mysterious guy came from Liu Village. A shallow pond like that couldn’t produce a true dragon like Li Qiye.

His fingers on the cup tightened as he became nervous. It has been a while since he felt this emotion ever since he became the sect master of Divine Black and reached the sacred level.

He had experienced plenty of hardship and survived numerous perilous trials while keeping his cool. But now, he had a tough time waiting for Li Qiye’s answer.

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and Suoweng saw the eyes becoming extremely profound and all-devouring.

“From where I belong and going to where I should.” Li Qiye smilingly said.

“Where do you belong and where do you should go?” Suoweng didn’t expect this and asked for elaboration.

“It is not something you should ask nor can you.” Li Qiye smiled with his eyes.

This response could be taken as blatant disrespect or even rebellious. However, Suoweng felt great danger as a chill coursed through him.

He found himself to be an ant while looking at Li Qiye’s eyes. The guy was a supreme who could easily crush him.

‘How ridiculous.' Suoweng thought but this feeling was as real as can be. His palms became sweaty.

He took a deep breath, confident that Li Qiye wasn’t an ordinary cultivator nor was he a member of Liu Village. He no longer dared to ask for Li Qiye’s true background.

Intuition told him that his curiosity might end with his death and the destruction of Divine Black.

“Young Master, may I ask the reason for your visit to our sect?” Suoweng asked despite knowing the potential danger. He simply needed to know for the sake of the sect.

An extraordinary being like Li Qiye must have a reason for coming here.

He has been wondering about Li Qiye’s goal for some time now. Treasure? Merit laws? Or something else?

Treasures shouldn’t be it due to the incident back in the pit. The guy refused to take dao lord weapons.

There was something even stronger than dao lord weapons - the divine sword left behind by South Conch Dao Lord.

However, he didn’t think that this was the answer. Merit laws - low possibility for this too. He heard that Li Qiye chose the worst merit laws to start.

“A twist of fate between Divine Black and I, that’s all.” Li Qiye smiled.

Fate was an intangible concept but Li Qiye made it sound so real.

“I believe you.” Suoweng eventually nodded and answered with sincerity.

Most people cared about treasures and merit laws. As for something like “fate”, this wasn’t on their mind.

Nonetheless, Suoweng thought that a master like Li Qiye was above seeking the former. Fate dictated his action here.

“Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be sitting here if I had harbored any ill intent.” Li Qiye added.

Suoweng heaved a sigh of relief since this wasn’t the worst-case scenario. This was the answer he wanted to hear.

“Young Master, what was up in the ancestral peak?” This was the second important matter to Suoweng.

“You already know the answer without asking me.” Li Qiye glanced at the guy. Nothing could escape his eyes.

Suoweng became awkward after being read like a book. He smiled wryly and said: “I only know very little, that there is a way to reach the grand vein up there. I lack the details.”

“Sounds about right.” Li Qiye casually responded.

“So our sect can reach the ancestral source?” Suoweng frowned since this issue has been haunting him.

They risked being surrounded by all sides due to the mantra left by Immortal Emperor Zhan.

“Maybe, maybe not. Depends on who it is.” Li Qiye replied: “Your dao lord worried about this so he climbed up the peak, trying to prevent potential destruction. As I have said, fate brought me here so what should happen will and what shouldn’t won’t due to my presence.”

“That’s great to hear…” Suoweng felt much better. He didn’t know what awaited later on but he trusted Li Qiye.

“So what is this ancestral source?” He relaxed and became curious again: “Did he really leave his legacy at that place?”

So many ancestors and powerful beings in West King were searching for the “ancestral source”. They all wanted the emperor’s legacy.

“Hmm…” Li Qiye fell into contemplation, remembering a few things.

He eventually stared at Suoweng and smiled: “You’re interested in that place?”

“Saying no would definitely be a lie but I worry more about Divine Black, not any potential gains.” Suoweng let out a hollow laugh.

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