Chapter 3336: Immortal Emperor Zhan

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“The ancestral source isn’t meant for the world to see. Those who come there will only be seeking death.” Li Qiye revealed.

“Then why did Immortal Emperor Zhan talk about waiting there?” Suoweng was startled for a moment before asking.

“Not waiting for you.” Li Qiye put on an implicative smile.

Suoweng didn’t expect this response. Now that he thought about it, there was a problem with the common interpretation of this line.

I’ll be waiting at the ancestral source. The first impression of this line was that the emperor was speaking to future descendants.

And that maybe in the ancient era, the emperor had left behind a legacy and treasury for the fateful ones.

Now, Suoweng thought about it again. Maybe the line wasn’t meant for everyone currently.

But if it was meant for a specific crowd, then who? Suoweng thought about it for a bit before looking at Li Qiye who still had a smile on, gazing at the horizon and seemingly lost in remembrance.

“Hmm, what is Immortal Emperor Zhan trying to do? Is there a deeper meaning?” Suoweng murmured.

The emperor was a brilliant existence - one who followed the past and heralded the future. The emperor’s radiance shone the ancient era and reached Eight Desolaces.

The legends still remained after so many years. There have been other wondrous beings - great emperors and peerless saints. However, only a few were remembered in the present.

Immortal Emperor Zhan was one of them. As the last emperor of the Nine Worlds Epoch, this emperor completely dominated that era despite the numerous geniuses and top masters, never tasting defeat.

Eventually, she no longer needed to fight. Just one word was enough to take down gods and devils. She eventually became a peerless legend. [1]

The most shocking thing was during the days of darkness when evil entities fell from above. She showed up and proved his might. Everyone still heard about that battle until now.

Other dao lords showed up later, such as the Duck’s Egg Buyer, Pureyang Dao Lord, Blessed Dao Lord, and many others. Nonetheless, she still remained at the top in the river of time. [2]

So what kind of sign was this? Why did she leave behind this mantra?

Was this to tell the world of her legacy? Or another meaning?

The other ancestors and sovereigns thought that same thing as Suoweng. They wanted to find the “ancestral source”.

Li Qiye didn’t comment on this. He smiled and told Suoweng: “Who do you think the great emperor was? Is the world worthy of her remembrance?”

Suoweng actually agreed. The emperor dominated for so long and was extremely peerless. Why would she leave behind anything for inferior beings? She probably didn’t even care for those in her era, let alone the distant generations in the future. [3]

They were simply daydreaming and hoping for that particular outcome out of greed.

“That does make sense.” The surprised Suoweng answered.

“She’s only aiming at one person for a bet. Nonetheless, the ancestral source should have something incredible there.” Li Qiye looked out the window and said, focusing his gaze.

He was certain that she had left behind something there, just definitely not treasures or her legacy.

“So what is it?” Suoweng was deeply curious. The one capable of fighting against the darkness should definitely leave something great behind.

This was why all the ancestors wanted to find the ancestral source so badly. It could be an invincible artifact or an item capable of granting immortality.

“Who knows? It’s not what those fools are thinking of though, no artifacts or treasures.” Li Qiye replied.

“Mmm…” Suoweng smiled wryly since he shared the same thought as “those fools”.

Li Qiye stared out the window. He didn’t need to think about what the emperor left behind since he would find out soon enough.

However, since so much time had passed, he nearly forgot about some people and things in the past. They were resurfacing right now.

“Oh, Young Master, which peak do you wish to enter?” Suoweng regained his wits and smiled.

He naturally wanted Li Qiye to join South Conch but asking directly would be awkward.

Other disciples would love to join South Conch. They would be too excited to sleep after finding out the good news since an entry meant a bright future.

Alas, Suoweng thought that it would be his greatest honor to have Li Qiye join his peak.

“I’ll be staying here.” Li Qiye waved his hand: “All the same to me, no need to move again, too troublesome.”

“Very well.” Suoweng was slightly disappointed but didn’t dare to press the issue.

“Divine Black is tiny, it’s really all the same wherever I stay.” Li Qiye looked at the sect master and said: “Plus, if I were to go to your peak, I’m afraid you won’t be able to eat and sleep well.”

“Please don’t say that, Young Master. I would be ecstatic to have you there.” Suoweng immediately replied.

“Is that so? Will you be ecstatic when I bring that divine sword away?” Li Qiye had a smile that wasn’t a smile on his face.

“...” Suoweng became speechless, not knowing how to respond for a while.

“Excuse my stupor, if you really wish to take that sword, go for it. It doesn’t belong to me anyway, it belongs to the sect and you’re a disciple here.” He regained his wits and said.

Of course, he would be lying if he were to say that it didn’t hurt him. After all, it was the sect’s strongest weapon.

Alas, there was nothing he could do because Li Qiye had the sword seal after climbing up the steps.

He had fused with it, meaning that he had total control over the sword. The seal allowed him to bypass any cultivation limitation. Thus, he could still use it despite being an Iron Skin cultivator.

“See, you won’t be able to sleep well for a long time.” Li Qiye laughed and didn’t express his intent on taking the sword.

“Young Master, the truth is that I truly want to control that sword. However, South Conch Forefather left it behind and didn’t state who is allowed to use it. Thus, we should leave it up to fate.” Suoweng admitted with an awkward expression.

“How far have you gotten?” Li Qiye asked.

“I’ve been trying after reaching the sacred level but it is far stronger than an ordinary dao lord weapon. With my current abilities, I can only release one slash. I won’t have the strength to even hold it afterward.” Suoweng smiled wryly.

It was considered a patrimony weapon, far stronger than an ordinary dao lord weapon.

The latter was under the classification of high-level heaven. Those at the myriad-form real could use them.

1. Li Qiye addressed the emperor using she/her a bit later. Changing to she/her instead of the emperor.

2. The duck’s egg buyer thing, I don’t know. I need more context to understand this title unless it is just a name, Mai Yadan. But no one would have a name like this

3. The author uses a he/him pronoun in the narrative while Li Qiye is using she/her. The he/him here can be gender neutral, although mostly male. I saw the he in the narrative first and had to change the first part. Then Li Qiye used she/her and I had to change it to female. Now, the narrative is using he/him and I don’t know which is right. Keeping it as female for now

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