Chapter 3337: Patrimony Weapon

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This wasn’t the case for patrimony weapons.

Normally, any weapon created by a dao lord would be called a dao lord weapon. The method, type, and materials didn’t matter.

The requirements were far more stringent for patrimony weapons. The three things listed above had to be done just right. The weapon also had to be as strong as its creator.

A dao lord weapon could represent thirty to forty percent of its creator’s power. A patrimony weapon had to be at one hundred percent.

Under normal circumstances, anyone weaker than the myriad-form realm wouldn’t be able to use a heaven weapon.

For Ping Suoweng, it wouldn’t be hard for him to control a dao lord weapon. The same couldn’t be said for a patrimony weapon.

The latter had an unimaginable power, enough to kill all foes. Suoweng has been trying to learn this sword ever since he made it to the sacred level.

He spent plenty of time and effort yet the best he could do was just one move. He would be completely drained afterward due to its immense power.

Nonetheless, he still wanted to keep on learning. Divine Black would never lose if he could master it regardless of the perilous situations.

“One move? That’s not bad.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Young Master, you can control it now. It’ll be extremely effective when the time comes.” Suoweng put on a serious expression.

“Right.” Li Qiye casually replied. In reality, he could still control this sword without the sword seal. Not a single weapon existed in this world that he couldn’t use.

“You should come to South Conch Peak to be familiar with it.” Suoweng eventually made up his mind.

Li Qiye was clearly connected by fate with this sword. It was extremely important for Divine Black’s safety when the time comes.

“Can you actually handle it?” Li Qiye asked while staring at the old man.

“Fate decides, not me. And you’re a disciple of Divine Black anyway.” Suoweng sighed and responded.

Divine Black needed someone who could reverse the tides. He cared more about the sect than his personal wishes.

“When the world knows that the ancestral peak here could lead to the ancestral source, they’ll surround us. Thus, having a capable user of this sword is of paramount importance, another ace card.” he added.

“So I’ll be used as cannon fodder.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Hmm, sure, I’m a little selfish here but with great power comes great responsibility, right?” Suoweng felt a little bad. An ordinary disciple shouldn’t have to worry about these things.

“Indeed.” Li Qiye nodded in agreement before adding: “There are so many idiots here but with you as the sect master, Divine Black is still salvageable.”

Suoweng let out a forced smile. He didn’t know if the guy was praising or criticizing Divine Black.

“Don’t worry, it’s not hard for me to control this sword. And, it might be a patrimony sword that’s a little bit better than scrap metal, but not by much. I’m not interested in it. The most I’ll do is just play with it for a little bit. I won’t take it away from Divine Black so feel free to keep on learning. It’ll be more useful in your possession in the future.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

Suoweng felt so much better after this conversation and left even though Li Qiye didn’t wish to go to South Conch.

The disciples in Jade Bird noticed their sect master leaving by himself. They assumed that Li Qiye would be going to South Conch for sure.

“Why is he still staying in Jade Bird?” They quietly discussed among themselves.

Even a fool knew which to pick between Jade Bird and South Conch. That’s why Li Qiye’s choice came as a surprise.

The next move from Li Qiye confused them even more. He went to the library and picked another manual - Chaos Mantra.

“He’s a Bronze Tendon now.” More started gossiping.

Normally, no one would talk about someone reaching the Bronze Tendon realm. There were thousands of disciples stronger than Li Qiye.

However, he was the son of miracles and performed insane feats despite being an Iron Skin. Thus, his cultivation improvement was a big deal.

Some started wondering when he would reach the Silver Carapace realm. The disciples here enjoyed talking about him right now. Even the protectors and elders chatted on this topic.

This annoyed Zhan Hu to no end. Recently, he had just become an enlightened being, the third youngest to do so behind Gong Qianyue and Huang Ning. He would be considered a genius anywhere in West King.

Thus, people should be talking about him, not Li Qiye and his Bronze Tendon realm.

The previous humiliation of being stomped by Li Qiye destroyed his reputation. He tried his best to breakthrough afterward in order to regain his pride.

He wanted to use power to solidify his status as a genius, to become the well-respected First Brother again. Unfortunately, his wish wasn’t granted.

“Li! I swear, only one of us will exist one day!” He gritted his teeth; his eyes flashed fiercely.


Another thing people were talking about was the Chaos Mantra since Li Qiye picked it. Everyone became curious instead of mocking him.

They have seen what he did with Tortoise Fist. The children from Liu Village and Lu Daowei all accomplished it as well, proving the technique’s might.

A while ago, some elders started looking over Tortoise Fist again. They found that there was more to it than meet the eye. Chaos Mantra became the next thing under scrutiny.

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