Chapter 337: Ye Chuyun

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Chapter 337: Ye Chuyun

Amongst them, only Li Qiye remained calm. Not even Little Autumn was able to contain his excitement: “Oh grandmother, I finally made it here!” It still had enough self-control to not say ‘I finally returned here!’

It actually was not sure whether it originated from inside the portal or not because it was in its infancy stage when the Myriad Images True God took care of it.

After taking in a deep breath, Sikong Toutian turned and asked Li Qiye: “Just what is this place?”

“I’m afraid this has always been a mystery. It could be a place for gods or a city for immortals!” Li Qiye shook his head and continued on: “No one can answer this question!”

“Let’s go! Great fortune, here we come!” Finally, Little Autumn excitedly shouted.

“Lead the way.” Li Qiye commanded and Little Autumn immediately went to the front, sniffing and smelling every direction as if it was searching for something. The rest of the group followed right behind it.

Despite hiking for quite a while, Li Qiye still didn’t show any signs that indicated he was going to dig anywhere around here. This perplexed Chi Xiaodie: “Are we not digging for treasures? I heard that someone dug out a portal that led to a secret dimension yesterday.”

“We will dig up a huge treasure.” Li Qiye calmly answered. Of course he wanted treasures, but ordinary treasures couldn’t get into his eyes. Only two things would interest him — the Void Gate and the World Tree. Li Qiye wasn’t sure whether the Void Gate would appear or not, but he was confident that the World Tree would appear since its secret was hidden in this realm.

No one was more suitable to find this secret than Little Autumn since it came from this place and was very sensitive to the changes of these portals. It would surely find the most valuable portal.

Little Autumn continued to lead the group forward. Chi Xiaodie and Sikong Toutian were similarly shocked by the very same war-ravaged scenery that was witnessed by the students earlier… They could imagine the terrifying scale of the battles that had occurred in this place — battles of the god level.

While they were astonished, Little Autumn stopped at a nondescript mountain and said: “Right here!”

There were so many small mountains similar to this one in this realm. Treasure seekers would not put such a mountain in their eyes let alone dig it up.

Little Autumn circled around it and dug beneath the surface. After a while, it climbed back out and told Li Qiye: “Yes, it is right here!”

Li Qiye smilingly nodded and said: “Okay, we shall wait. Once everyone is here, we will start immediately.” Finished speaking, he sat down and quietly waited.

Without asking anything, Sikong Toutian also found a place to sit down. He only knew one fact, the fact that he would never be at a disadvantage as long as he followed Li Qiye.

However, despite the passage of time, no one had arrived. Chi Xiaodie, sitting next to Li Qiye, couldn’t help but ask: “Are we waiting for Young Master Bing Yuxia?”

Bing Yuxia had said that she wanted to join Li Qiye inside the portal, but she still had not appeared. Chi Xiaodie believed that she was the one Li Qiye was waiting for.

“That tomboy?” Li Qiye shook his head and answered with a smile: “The opportunity is within her grasp; whether or not she wants to let it go, that will be her business. I will not wait!”

However, right when Li Qiye denied that he was waiting for her, two figures came by from afar and landed on the small mountain in just the blink of an eye.

“It seems that I’m not too late.” It was Bing Yuxia, still dressed like a man with her supreme presence. She folded her fan in the most gallant and carefree manner.

Li Qiye looked at her with one eye and said: “If you were late, then it could only be said that you wasted the best opportunity possible.”

Bing Yuxia ignored Li Qiye’s attitude and smiled: “Hey, don’t speak such harsh words, I was only late because of you.” She then pointed at the girl by her side and continued with an introduction: “I brought along a beauty for you. Look, this is the inheritor of the Pure Lotus School, Princess Ye.”

This girl was around the same age as Bing Yuxia, but she was a lot more mature and calm compared to the carefree tomboy.

Her appearance alone would brighten the eyes of others. Her light green dress indicated that she came from a country south of the riverside as her entire body was filled with the spirit of nature.

She was modest and elegant. A single glance was enough to tell that she hailed from noble birth. However, she was not arrogant, nor was she snobbish with an oppressive aura. Instead, she was polite and had great manners befitting of a lady. There was no room for criticism.

With soft brows and charming almond eyes, she had gentle features. She was tender and as soft as water — the definition of an alluring beauty.

If Chi Xiaodie was a golden canary, then this girl was a yellow oriole. The beauty of this girl was only more, not less than Chi Xiaodie!

“The Pure Lotus inheritor!” Chi Xiaodie exclaimed with surprise. The Pure Lotus School was a great sect from the Southern Crimson Earth, and its power was no less than the Furious Immortal Saint Country. Rumor has it that this school had great ties to Immortal Emperor Yan Wu. It was not considered the orthodox lineage of Immortal Emperor Yan Wu, but everyone knew that they had something to do with each other. 1

Ye Chuyun was the inheritor of the Pure Lotus School, and she was also an exceptional member amongst the devilish geniuses from the Sacred Era Hall.

Bing Yuxia smilingly introduced her: “Sister Ye is as gentle as water — generous and considerate. Not just the Sacred Era Hall, but young people from all five halls chase after her. You shouldn’t let go of this opportunity, you need to grasp the beauty before you.”

“What are you talking about!?” Ye Chuyun blushed and softly scolded her.

Li Qiye looked at Ye Chuyun from top to bottom without missing a single detail. Li Qiye was still younger than Ye Chuyun, so his eyes gave others the impression of a pervert!

“Hey, little pervert, why are you so eager after meeting for the first time? Don’t scare Sister Ye.” Bing Yuxia noticed that Li Qiye was boldly looking at Ye Chuyun, so she teased him with a laugh.

As for Ye Chuyun… She was mature and considerate, but Li Qiye’s stare caused her face to burn hotter. She still stepped forward to politely greet him with a smile: “Brother Li is the pride of our Heavenly Dao Academy. It is a great honour to be your acquaintance.”

Li Qiye also smiled and replied: “It is indeed a joyful occasion to meet such a lovely lady.”

“Yo, you guys are already in full swing after having just met. If you stay together any longer, then wouldn’t it be a flame igniting on firewood, a romantic affair?” Bing Yuxia burst out in laughter and declared. She then hugged Ye Chuyun’s shoulders and said: “Sister Ye got something new and instantly abandon me. It really makes my heart ache.”

Ye Chuyun was very embarrassed from Bing Yuxia’s teasing comments as her face became quite red. She glared at Bing Yuxia, but despite her anger, her protesting whispers were still very soft and pleasant to the ears.

Bing Yuxia noticed that Li Qiye was still sitting there, so she urged: “Can we start now? At this moment, many people have already dug out a lot of treasures. If we keep on lingering here, we will only be able to pick up the scraps left by the others.”

“Don’t worry, we will begin once the others arrive. Who would dare to rob our things!?” Li Qiye nonchalantly declared, but it still sounded very domineering.

“Don’t tell me you are waiting for your mistresses?” Bing Yuxia looked at Li Qiye and continued: “Little Demon, you have Miss Chi next to you, yet your eyes still hover towards Sister Ye, and now you are waiting for your mistresses… Eating from the bowl but still looking at the pot! You are too greedy, this will not do. I ask this world, who is the most unloyal lover? It is someone who loves too many!”

Bing Yuxia and Li Qiye were already quite close so she bore no scruples and freely teased him.

However, Chi Xiaodie and Ye Chuyun were not as unrestrained as Bing Yuxia, so they became quite embarrassed and awkward from her words.

Li Qiye slowly glanced at Bing Yuxia and said: “Little Girl, stop playing around like a young master all the time. Watch it or I’ll strip off your male clothing one day!”

“You dare!?” Although Bing Yuxia was fearless, her beautiful face still blushed as she glared at him.

Li Qiye comfortably retorted: “There are not many things that I do not dare to do in this world, and taking off your clothes is definitely not one of them.”

“Little Demon, one day, I will teach you a lesson!” In the end, Bing Yuxia exasperatedly said for she didn’t know how to deal with Li Qiye.

While Li Qiye’s group was waiting at this insignificant mountain, many pieces of news spread inside this realm. Like Bing Yuxia said, the amount of treasures found was increasing.

“A disciple from the Willow River School found a portal to a mysterious realm and obtained a Divine River Stone!” The first message came from somewhere near the timeless portal’s entrance.

“Sacred Child Bao Xin from the Zenith Era Hall found an ancient fruit in a valley. Inside, one can find the essence of a thunder tribulation. It is a fruit of an ancient thunder god!” 2

1. Immortal Emperor Yan Wu = Immortal Emperor Hateful Existence. Something hated by others. Not quite clear on how the author wants to use this name to tie it to the emperor’s story and title until we get more details.

2. Bao Xin = Precious Heart/Mind.

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