Chapter 3372: Fire Dragon Seal

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“No, I apologize. Please change your demand.” Zhang Yue remained stern.

No one in Divine Black could speak for Li Qiye right now. Moreover, Zhang Yue thought that Menglong was dead if Li Qiye were to find out.

That’s why he didn’t order a disciple to report this to Li Qiye. At this particular juncture, the majority of Divine Black including Zhang Yue didn’t want to go to war due to the heavy casualties.

Given Li Qiye’s personality, he would definitely kill Menglong. Zhang Yue was sure of this.

The death of Menglong would destroy the peace between the two sects since he was the chief protector of Three Truths.

“I want to see Sect Master Ping, I want to hear it straight from him!” Liu Menglong demanded.

“It’s fine to speak with me since I’ll report this conversation to the sect master.” Zhang Yue said.

Ping Suoweng gave Zhang Yue the authority to speak on the sect’s behalf. Moreover, Liu Menglong was not qualified to speak with Suoweng.

“It’s not that I’m looking down on you, Brother Zhang. I just don’t think you can take charge of this matter.” Menglong asserted.

“This is indeed true, I can’t make a decision here but neither can you. The truce of the past won’t be broken just because of our words, unless your sect wishes to break it.” Zhang Yue replied.

“Seems like it won’t end peacefully today. We demand the right response from your sect or civility will cease.” Menglong said with a serious tone, making it clear that he would take Li Qiye away at all cost.

“Daoist Liu, Divine Black isn’t a place for you to do as you please.” Zhang Yue frowned and shook his head.

“But we won’t return empty-handed.” A voice came from the base of the mountain. Eventually, a figure emerged - an old man leading a group of experts.

“Elder Fu.” Zhang Yue became serious after seeing this group standing outside the entrance.

Liu Menglong didn’t come alone and had the backing of an elder. This meant that Three Truths had no intention of playing nice from the start. They wanted to break the peace pact, hence the need for this force.

“I respectfully ask Divine Black to hand over the disciple named Li Qiye.” Elder Fu said gravely.

“Leave if this is your intention in coming here.” Zhang Yue knew that a peaceful resolution was no longer possible. This had confirmed his speculation prior.

“Very well, since you wish to harbor a criminal, I’ll have no choice but to capture him.” Liu Menglong headed for Jade Bird Peak.

“Stop or don’t blame me for being merciless.” Zhang Yue immediately blocked his path.

Putting aside Li Qiye’s actual power, Zhang Yue wouldn’t let anyone do as they please in his territory, especially not capturing a disciple there.

“Fine, let’s see which of us is stronger then!” Menglong roared.

A type of chaos true energy of three colors appeared around him and surged upward like waterfalls, wanting to pierce the sky vault. His vitality erupted, allowing him to grow in size.

This escalation naturally surprised the crowd. After all, this was Divine Black. Why would Menglong be arrogant enough to actually attack Zhang Yue here?

In reality, Three Truths was trying to test the bottom line of Divine Black by doing this.

“If it’s a fight you want, a fight you’ll get!” Zhang Yue didn’t hesitate at all.

“Boom!” Flames engulfed him.

He was at the yin yang realm but his original form was a wolf of the fire affinity. Thus, his cultivation focused on this element.

Menglong didn’t expect this, thinking that Zhang Yue would try to avoid a fight.

His eyes turned cold but he couldn’t back off because he was the one who suggested this.

“Good!” His true chaos energy suddenly whirled and formed a tornado around him.

Trees were uprooted; boulders started flying. The actual force of the tornado wasn’t the worst part. There were devilish lightning crackles within.

“Thunder God’s Descent!” Menglong shouted and the lightning bolts immediately came for Zhang Yue while lighting up the sky.

Many spectators became frightened, especially the demons. Their race had an instinctive fear against lightning and thunder.

On the other hand, Three Truths considered eliminating evil their responsibility. This was the core of their conflict.

“Inferno Shield!” Zhang Yue wasn’t afraid in the slightest.

“Buzz.” A massive shield made of flames appeared before him with the emblem of a wolf king. It started howling after materializing.

“Boom!” The shield successfully stopped the lightning bolts.

“Go!” Zhang Yue took out a treasure seal.

It flew to the sky and after a loud detonation, it released a fire dragon. The seal itself grew larger and turned into a mountain.

The dragon and mountain dropped straight down towards Menglong.

“Fire Dragon Seal!” Zhang Yue released his own flame in order to empower the dragon. It became large enough to devour the area.

“Bring it!” A three-colored lotus flower flew out of Menglong’s daoist robe.

“Daoseek Lotus!” His special chaos true energy poured into the absorbent flower.

It became the size of a mountain as well, sucking in and releasing three-colored energy like an erupting volcano.

The spectators watched the two techniques in awe. Watching an even fight was truly enjoyable.

The impact of the two moves smashing into each other created a blast blowing away the majority of the forest nearby.

Both combatants staggered backward as a result. They felt their inner energy by the chest churning. It took a while before they stabilized it.

This wasn’t their first fight. They have fought many times during the previous war and had a deep understanding of each other’s abilities.

“Hahaha, looks like you have improved in recent years, Brother Zhang.” Menglong laughed.

“The same for you, your power has increased tremendously.” Zhang Yue replied.

“Nonetheless, we must take that Li fella with us today. You won’t be able to stop me.” Menglong raised his voice.

“As the lord of Jade Bird, I can’t let you do as you please!” Zhang Yue remained unyielding.

“So much noise over nothing. Let him come.” A lazy voice interrupted right before another exchange.

It sounded dispirited but everyone heard it clearly. They all looked over and knew who it was - Li Qiye lazily lying on his chair with Gong Qianyue serving him.

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