Chapter 3375: Easy Killing

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“Clank!” The net of swords descended down on Li Qiye.

This was a combination attack of the elder and his men, strong enough to make the peak lords wary.

The regular disciples became alarmed. No one dared to look down on Three Truths. It was clear how powerful they were after seeing one elder in action.

Unfortunately, their opponent was extremely devilish. That’s why the crowd thought that they would lose for sure.

Li Qiye simply waved his hand in response, dragging the world with him. Even the largest ocean or the heaviest mass would still follow his lead.

“Splash!” Everyone had an illusion that he had just dragged an ocean and poured the water down on Divine Black.

A gigantic monster leaped out of this illusory current and blotted out the sky. The sun rays fell on it and accentuated its perfect lines and features.

It resembled a whale. “Ooo!” Its roar deterred all other animals and frightened the celestials. It expelled water through the blowhole and stopped the descending net.

Sparks went flying from the impact point. The swords couldn’t cut down the water jet as if the latter was the hardest substance in existence.

This move easily stopped the combination attack even though they went all out with their true energy.

“Immortal Whale!” An expert from Divine Black shouted, recognizing this move.

“One of the Nine Primeval Laws!” This was their first time seeing this for most. They have only heard of the names, not the actual implementation.

Only Li Qiye could perform these moves with the smallest gestures.

“Very unwise to start a fight with me.” Li Qiye smiled and flicked his finger.

“No!!!” Menglong shouted but it was too late. The sword ray inside him suddenly exploded and cut him into countless pieces.

More blood streamed down the cliff in a terrifying manner, enough to make the spectators have cold chills running down their spine.

This was a public execution meant to make a point. It also served as a declaration of war.

Everyone took a deep breath. There was no going back from this. Only a fight to the death awaited them.

“Little bastard, my sect will annihilate you!” Elder Fu bellowed with rage.

“I fear your sect won’t have this chance. Goodbye now.” Li Qiye chuckled and waved his fingers.

“Clank!” The ray that killed Menglong earlier gathered again.

“Shit!” The frightened Elder Fu immediately summoned several treasures to build a defensive line in front of him. The other experts did the same since they sensed the incoming danger.

It was still too late. They heard the hymn of the sword and felt something cold by their neck.

Next came the all-too-familiar scene - heads tossed up in the air while blood gushed from the cut.

Even the strongest among them, Elder Fu, didn’t escape this fate. He tried to run to no avail. At least his body actually made the turn in time, unlike the others.

He couldn’t believe it since he had so many powerful treasures lined up in front of him. The rest felt the same way.

Their strongest defensive techniques had no effect against the sword technique. It instantly decapitated them.

“Crack!” While they were lost in disbelief during their last moment, the defensive treasures finally crumbled into bits. Now, the heads landed on the ground along with the bodies.

The group still couldn't believe that this was the end for them. The guy still sat on his chair and only slightly moved his finger.

How could a Bronze Tendon disciple be so strong? This defied all logic.

Their blood stained the ground; the stench permeated the air.

The ones from Divine Black remained silent. They have expected this outcome, just not so quickly and decisively.

These men were powerful foes. Both Liu Menglong and Elder Fu were capable cultivators. Alas, Li Qiye still had no problem killing them - truly dreadful.

They felt like ants before Li Qiye. He could also annihilate all of them with one gesture. This was his real power.

“No… no…” Li Qiye actually left one survivor who was scared out of his mind right now.

The pale fella couldn’t speak, completely broken by the death of his peers. This was akin to an ant looking up and seeing the foot of a giant coming down.

His rich experiences in the past didn’t help him at all, leaving him short of soiling his pants.

“You’ll be a messenger.” Li Qiye told the survivor.

“What, what’s the message…” His legs trembled, nearly dropping to the ground. Pee finally wet his trousers.

“If Three Truths dares to show up again, death.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I’ll, I’ll definitely let them know.” His teeth chattered.

“Go.” Li Qiye waved.

The survivor immediately fled with a speed faster than a frightened rabbit. He wished he had eight legs right now to run even faster.

Li Qiye then returned to his place, leaving the crowd behind.

The sect became quiet again though the atmosphere was completely different.

“Prepare for war.” Ping Suoweng on top of his peak gave this command.

“They would still dare to come after that?” An elder asked.

“Yes.” Suoweng narrowed his eyes: “They won’t be able to swallow this anger. But if they don’t come, we’ll bring the fight to them. The grievances between the sect will end in our generation.”

One would be tricked by Suoweng’s appearance, thinking that he was a friendly old man.

Divine Black immediately obeyed his command and entered a state of war.

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