Chapter 341: Climbing the World Tree

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Chapter 341: Climbing the World Tree

When Li Qiye heard her request, he took a glance at her and lazily spoke with a smile: “People walking on different dao will not tread on the same path. Little Girl, don’t tempt me, you are still inexperienced regarding schemes. Don’t use your little methods against me, lest I become angry and carry you back naked!”

The group of Chi Xiaodie was silent, but they all started to blush. This was Goddess Mei Suyao, who would ever dare to speak like this towards her?

“I agree, Little Demon, I like doing stuff like this the most.” Bing Yuxia smilingly added: “A goddess in the contemporary times being stripped naked — how amusing.” She put on a lustful appearance. Those who didn’t know her would actually think that she was a perverted womanizer.

“Pop!” Li Qiye patted her fragrant butt again and lightly said: “You are a fake man so this matter has no room for you.”

“You!” Bing Yuxia jumped up in anger and glared at him, but Li Qiye met her eyes without a care in the world.

Li Qiye’s attitude really shocked the others because of how great Mei Suyao was. As the representative of the Eternal River School as well as being an existence standing at the peak of the younger generation, even an expert of a great power would be apprehensive towards her!

However, Li Qiye acted as if teasing her was something natural.

Mei Suyao did not become flustered. She kept her pure appearance as she answered: “I won’t force it if Brother Li doesn’t want to.”

“We’re going.” Li Qiye smiled and said. He then called for the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot to take the group of Li Shuangyan up. The chariot crushed space itself and flew into the sky at an incredible speed.

“Bang—bang—bang!” It emitted so many explosions as it flew! The World Tree was bigger than one’s imagination so as the chariot was climbing its trunk, there appeared to be an endless amount of land. Even a piece of cracked old bark could be considered an entire continent. The chariot, with its fast speed, resembled an insignificant speck of dust.

If one were to spectate the World Tree from a distance, they would find a pitifully small chariot with a man on top, like a drop of water in the ocean. A corner of the World Tree was even larger than the entire Mortal Emperor World!

“Rumble!” Explosions kept on ringing as the chariot crazily rushed forward. The four bronze stallions became four running streams as they left behind only golden glitter and hoofprints. It was as if these marks were engraved onto the tree trunk.

The suppression from the world tree did not slow down the chariot despite having the weight of myriad mountains. Each hoof’s stomp was able to crush the earth. The World Tree’s bark was countless times tougher than even divine steel; it was near the point of being impervious. However, the stallions still left their marks which was indicative of how powerful the overhead suppression was.

Seeing the prints left behind by the chariot along with the explosive noises, all of the passengers were quite alarmed. If it was them being suppressed like this, then they would not be able to maintain such a fast speed, so this bronze chariot was absolutely a rare divine treasure in this world!

The chariot had been running for an unknown amount of time and the suppressive force became increasingly stronger. As they traveled further up, many strange phenomena and images began to appear, but the chariot managed to break through the void. It tore through the stars to overcome this suppressive force. In just a second, a countless amount of debris from the stars was scattered in the sky.

As the chariot managed to overcome all these obstacles, unrelenting sounds of thunder emerged as lightning started to gather above as if the heavens was about to unleash its retribution by destroy the four stallions.

However, the four stallions were heaven-defying to an unbelievable level; their radiant bodies were the most invincible things in this world. Despite the thunderous lightning, they kept on pushing forward and even shattered the lightning bolts themselves!

Chi Xiaodie’s group was completely amazed. This was going against the World Tree’s suppression along with a punishment from the heavens! They would not have the strength to accomplish such a task. Even Heavenly Kings would not be able to do this, yet the four stallions had done it.

“Tetra-War Bronze Chariot — a legendary existence.” Bing Yuxia’s mind was lost as she murmured. She then thought about a legend that was written down in the Ice Feather Palace. This was a secret recorded by her Patriarch, Immortal Emperor Bing Yu, a secret of the palace that only the descendants of each generation were allowed to read.

The chariot’s speed kept on increasing as an unknown amount of time flew by. The pressure from the heavens became even stronger, and eventually, the four stallions were no longer able to bear it as their speed slowed down.

“Go!” At this time, Li Qiye shouted. He spewed out a true mantra and formed a seal with his hands, and then he stamped it onto the chariot!

“Boom!” With an explosive blast, the chariot ignited with an invincible power like the awakening of a god. The True Dragon soared above; the White Tiger pounced at an extreme speed; the Phoenix flew beautifully; the Qilin stomped on the heavens.

At this moment, the four divine beasts that were carved on the chariot appeared and tore apart the pressure from the heavens. With the help of the four divine beasts, the four stallions became spirited once more and quickened their hooves, resulting in regaining their initially fast speed.

“Rumble!” The heaven and earth roared out in protest as all laws broke loose. However, even the maximum pressure from the heavens was unable to stop the chariot’s penetrating advance!

Not to mention Chi Xiaodie, even the ones that were usually more calm — like Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao — were shocked. They felt the awakening of the divine beasts as the chariot exuded a power on par with Immortal Emperor True Weapons!

Chi Xiaodie had seen it before, but she didn’t think that this bronze chariot would be so powerful. When the four divine beasts unleashed their power, it was as if nothing in the nine heavens and ten worlds could stop them.

“With this treasure, there would be no need to fear Immortal Emperor Life Treasures…” Sikong Toutian quietly muttered in amazement.

Little Autumn loudly laughed and said: “Life Treasures are nothing. Young Noble’s carriage is number one in this world! Back in those days, when the bronze chariot appeared…”

Before Little Autumn could finish, Li Qiye knocked on its head so it immediately shut its mouth.

“Little Demon, with such a great treasure, why did you have to go through so much trouble that day? Against Great Child Yao Guang and the others, you could have just used this chariot to kill all of them in one go.” Even unobservant people would be aware of this chariot’s power!

“They’re not qualified for me to use this chariot. After all, it has its own life. This time, climbing the World Tree is taking a huge toll on it! In the nine heavens and six dao, one would be hard-pressed to find more than three items that could take one to the peak of the World Tree.” Li Qiye caressed the bronze chariot and then glanced at Bing Yuxia: “Little Sister, despite the fact that you have a lot of treasures, your chance of reaching the top is very slim. Me taking you to the top is already showing enough love to the Ice Feather Palace.”

Without a doubt, Li Qiye’s bronze chariot was absolutely invincible. In the past, it carried him to fight all over the world. During the darkest era, Li Qiye arrogantly rampaged and, in the end, swept away all the darkness. Amidst all of these events, this divine chariot deserved a lot of credit.

If it wasn’t for an old general who contributed many greats merits across numerous battles and eventually died in the final confrontation, Li Qiye wouldn’t have given this chariot to his daughter out of consideration for his arduous deeds.

The chariot was not a treasure and was more of a living being. This was why Li Qiye didn’t freely use it since exerting its most powerful strength placed a great burden on its life force.

“Haha, which is why, in order to show my gratitude, I introduced Sister Chuyun to you.” Bing Yuxia said with a grin.

Ye Chuyun’s face became hot from these words. She didn’t say anything, and she still had a shy and dignified expression despite her displeasure — still as charming as ever.

“Pop!” Li Qiye slapped Bing Yuxia’s sweet buttocks and said: “Little Sister, don’t act like this with me all day, or else I will make you warm my bed!”

“Little Demon!” The indignant Bing Yuxia stepped on Li Qiye and angrily said: “If you molest me one more time, I won’t leave you alone!”

“Are you not a man? Why is this considered molestation all of a sudden?” Li Qiye glanced at her and retorted.

Bing Yuxia was too angry to say anything and could only glare at Li Qiye. Even the cold Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao were smiling; Chi Xiaodie also wanted to laugh, but she managed to refrain from doing so.

Sikong Toutian, Nan Huairen, and Little Autumn crowded together and acted as if there was nothing to see.

“Rumble!” A long while later, the bronze chariot leaped up high like a fish jumping out of the water. At this moment, as it could do as it pleased, it was like fishes swimming the vast ocean and birds flying in the free sky.

After traveling even more for an unknown period of time, the chariot finally reached the top of the World Tree!

At this point, the four sweat-stained stallions and four divine beasts were extremely fatigued. Their brilliance became faintly dimmer. Seeing this scene, Bing Yuxia’s group realized that Li Qiye had spoken the truth; the chariot was indeed an existence with its own life essence.

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