Chapter 342: Choices Above The World Tree

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Chapter 342: Choices Above The World Tree

Li Qiye dripped four drops of Myriad Star Water on the chariot and said: “This is your reward.” The four droplets were immediately sucked in by the stallions.

“Neighhhh!” The four stallions jumped up high as their fatigue immediately disappeared. Instead, it was replaced by a bronze beam that resembled starlight. The four divine beasts also roared and flew around. In just a moment, the chariot became extremely bright as its life essence absorbed the Myriad Star Water.

The one who was most informed was Bing Yuxia. She was completely awestruck and couldn’t believe the scene unfolding before her eyes: “This… This is Myriad Star Water!”

A while later, she regained her composure and shouted at Li Qiye in a very exaggerated manner: “You… are insane! This… this is Myriad Star Water! One drop is enough to tempt even Immortal Emperors, yet you fed four drops to a horse carriage!”

“So what?” Li Qiye nonchalantly answered as he stroked the chariot: “This is my baby.”

At this time, the others became shocked. Even though there were ones who didn’t know what Myriad Star Water was, they knew the priceless value of something craved by even Immortal Emperors.

“Motherfucker, you are a wastrel!” Bing Yuxia couldn’t help but curse even though she was a girl.

“Pop!” Li Qiye slapped her butt again and angrily scolded: “Little Girl, don’t swear or else I will have to teach you a lesson!”

However, Bing Yuxia forgot to become angry; she wanted to bang her head against a wall. This was something that could make everyone salivate with greed, not to mention that old undyings, legendary experts, eternal existences, timeless untouchables, and unbeatable beings all wanted it as well. 1

Such a priceless item was fed to the horses by Li Qiye; he was indeed the number one prodigal genius. Of course, Bing Yuxia didn’t understand the importance of the chariot to Li Qiye.

“Myriad Star Water.” Sikong Toutian recovered from his daze and acted as if he wanted to hug Li Qiye’s leg as he asked: “Young Noble, if you grant me a drop of Myriad Star Water, I will be your servant for the rest of my life.” 2

Li Qiye looked at him with one eye and slowly said: “So if I don’t give you this water, you will not follow me?”

“No, absolutely not!” The smart Sikong Toutian immediately shook his head and declared: “I am completely loyal to Young Noble!”

“Pfft, scram to the side.” The shameless Little Autumn didn’t care about him at all and immediately crawled towards Li Qiye. It hugged Li Qiye’s thigh and then begged in a pitiful manner: “Young Noble, don’t listen to that thief. I am the one who is the most devoted towards you. Be it climbing a mountain of blades or descending into an ocean of fire, I will never say no even if it meant dying ten thousand deaths. Kindhearted Young Noble, please do a good deed and grant me a drop of Myriad Star Water!”

Li Qiye kicked Little Autumn away and lightly said: “Don’t disgust me. If you cannot successfully change your body this time, then I will personally break your bones, let alone grant you Myriad Star Water!”

“Young Noble is too heartless!” Little Autumn didn’t mind being kicked by Li Qiye. Its pathetic appearance was quite amusing.

“Okay, there are many great opportunities in front of you so cherish them carefully.” Li Qiye put away the chariot and said.

Everyone looked at the scene before them and they quickly became aghast! Standing above the World Tree, one would discover how small the world truly was.

Seeing the endless sky and the birth of stars… Looking down only to not see the bottom… With each branch and leaf, the World Tree was of an unimaginable size. One leaf was raising an entire star while another was gestating a sun and moon. Many galaxies were floating around the tree itself.

At this moment, the World Tree seemed to be creating the nine worlds, giving birth to everything! The nine heavens and ten earths only seemed to be a part of the World Tree.

Li Qiye’s group stood at the highest point of the tree. Any expert who was at such a monstrous mountain-like height would feel a sense of insignificance.

“Now that I have reached the top of the World Tree, there are no more regrets in my life anymore.” The elegant Ye Chuyun emotionally murmured.

“What is that?” Li Shuangyan pulled Li Qiye and pointed below to ask.

In the direction that she pointed, everyone could see that there were three little leaves the size of a palm; these verdant leaves were like sparkling gems. Each of these young leaves all had golden lightning surrounding them.

“They are the young leaves of the World Tree. Only three will exist in every generation.” Li Qiye said while being visibly moved.

“A great treasure!” Sikong Toutian exclaimed and reached out, wanting to pick a leaf. However, with a thunderous boom, the lightning immediately struck him and turned him into charcoal.

Li Qiye glimpsed at him and calmly said: “Even if you were to use all of your treasures, you still would not be able to pluck one. Other than myself, no one else could even dream about taking the young leaves.”

“Haha, I simply wanted to pluck one as a gift for Young Noble.” Sikong Toutian immediately tried to earn favor.

Nan Huairen looked at him and smiled: “You’re even better at sucking up than me, but you are barking up the wrong tree.”

In response, Sikong Toutian gave him a harsh look. The two glared at each other like fated enemies.

Bing Yuxia was also tempted as she looked at the three leaves: “Oh, these are indeed good things.” However, she did not try to pluck them. Li Qiye already did them a great favor by bringing them up here.

Li Qiye freely said: “Well then, the opportunities are in front of you. Go and grasp them yourselves.”

Everyone’s hearts shivered as they took deep breaths when they took a look around. They were standing at the highest point of the World Tree so they needed to find the most suitable branch or leaf.

The first to choose was Nan Huairen: “I’ll choose first.” He took a deep breath, then he closed his eyes and jumped towards the leaf closest to the top. He fell onto the leaf and after a bright green flash, he disappeared within the enormous leaf.

“I pick this branch.” Sikong Toutian chose a branch thicker than even a mountain that was right below him. Right when he stomped on this branch, a flash suddenly teleported him away to an unknown destination.

“Then I will pick this space.” Bing Yuxia chose a collection of leaves that were encompassed by a galaxy. She jumped down and became submerged in the galaxy, then she disappeared among the boundless sea of stars.

Ye Chuyun of the Pure Lotus School was also about to go, but before that, she bowed towards Li Qiye and said in an elegant manner: “Thank you, Brother Li, for leading the way. Goodbye for now.”

“We’ll meet again should the opportunity arise.” Li Qiye quite liked Ye Chuyun so he gently nodded his head and smiled.

Ye Chuyun chose a leaf filled with lightning and jumped inside. The lightning surrounded her body as she disappeared all of a sudden.

“I feel that this girl isn’t bad. Why don’t you take her in?” Chen Baojiao alluringly smiled and asked.

“Everything is up to fate. If it is destined, then we will meet again.” Li Qiye laughed and then coolly said.

“I’ll go this way. No, I’ll go over there. Nah, I’ll still go this way.” Little Autumn was the most troublesome. It kept on circling around not knowing what to pick.

“Little Autumn.” Li Qiye signaled for it to come over. Little Autumn excitedly jumped around and smiled: “Will Young Noble choose for me?”

“You are right.” Finished speaking, he threw Little Autumn really far away.

“Whooosh!” Li Qiye threw it onto a green leaf with a dazzling timespace. In just a second, it was immediately enveloped by this timespace.

“Young Noble, you cannot treat me like this!” Little Autumn bellowed out before disappearing inside time itself.

“Is this okay?” Chen Baojiao said with her mouth wide open: “It didn’t look too happy.”

“It was afraid.” Li Shuangyan was a meticulous person, and she answered with a cold voice: “Earlier, when we reached the top, it kept looking over there. It obviously wanted to go, but it didn’t have the courage.”

“Little Shuang is truly the most observant. That little guy was once tricked so it was not willing to face its destiny, but timespace is definitely its most suitable choice.” Li Qiye grabbed Li Shuangyan by the waist and smilingly said.

“Who is your Little Shuang? I’m older than you!” The blushing Li Shuangyan patted his hand away and snappily said.

Li Qiye didn’t mind; he only shrugged his shoulder with a smirk on his face.

The remaining Chi Xiaodie gently lamented in her heart with a sigh, then she softly said: “I will pick this branch ah!” She chose a faint golden branch.

“You can stay behind with Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao.” Li Qiye shook his head and said.

These words suddenly froze Chi Xiaodie. Once her thoughts returned, an indescribable feeling filled her heart. There were sweet and happy feelings as if she was floating in the clouds. At this moment, she felt as if there couldn’t be anything in the world that could make her happier than this.

After being in a daze for a long time, she recovered and noticed that Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao were smiling at her. She blushed and quickly hid her head before she happily stood behind Li Qiye.

The quite-embarrassed Chi Xiaodie couldn’t help but to look up a bit later to see Li Qiye staring into the far distance. He didn’t seem to notice her feelings, but she didn’t seem to mind for her heart was quite satisfied.

1. Just a lot of different words about strong people here. Old undyings is definitely a category; same with legendary experts and eternal existences. Those after these three are most likely just one-time descriptions.

2. Raw is I will be your ox and horse.

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