Chapter 343: Karmic Flame Scissors

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Chapter 343: Karmic Flame Scissors

A bit later, Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and asked: “Why didn’t the sect master come?” This time, he intended to focus on training the group of Li Shuangyan including even his master, Su Yonghuang.

“She was afraid she wouldn’t make it in time. Prior to this, she took a trip to the Heaven’s Edge and she still hasn’t come back yet.” Li Shuangyan explained.

“Going back to the Heaven’s Edge Su Clan?” Li Qiye was a bit surprised, but he didn’t inquire any further. Su Yonghuang was the descendant of the Su Clan, so after leaving for a long time, it was understandable that she had to return for a visit.

At this time, Li Qiye suddenly became serious and directed his gaze downward. The group of Li Shuangyan also followed suit.

Li Shuangyan’s heavenly gaze was extremely formidable so she quickly said: “Someone is coming.”

“This girl is indeed not bad.” Li Qiye gently nodded his head and said: “It is time to pluck the young leaves.” Finished speaking, he took out a box and opened it as a wave of heat rushed onto his face.

There laid a pair of scissors not crafted from divine steel nor treasure metals, but from two divine flames created by universal laws. These divine law flames were not the unbearable and dazzling type. instead, it was more of a tranquil flame as if it had successfully undergone three thousand great tribulations! 1

“What is this treasure?” Chen Baojiao curiously reached out to touch the treasure, but Li Qiye patted her hand away and said: “Don’t touch it, it will burn you into ashes immediately. This is a pair of Karmic Flame Scissors. In the past, Immortal Emperor Hao Hai was quite lucky to obtain this treasure. Without it, no one could even dream about plucking the three young leaves from the World Tree.”

“Go!” Once the word came out, Li Qiye took out the Karmic Flame Scissors to cut a young leaf. Once it pointed towards the young leaf’s direction, strange images started to appear. Minor worlds appeared in order to stop the scissors, but the scissors were able to suppress all of these minor worlds as they easily cut the young leaf down.

In just the blink of an eye, the scissors cut down all three young leaves. Li Qiye came prepared so he immediately used a treasure box to catch the three leaves in an instant.

These three leaves were priceless since they were grown from the World Tree. However, even if one was able to reach the top, they still would not be able to obtain the leaves without the Karmic Flame Scissors.

In the past, Immortal Emperor Hao Hai found something great at the World Tree so he had a pact with the Heavenly Dao Academy. Part of the agreement was that he would leave the Karmic Flame Scissors behind.

While Li Qiye obtained the three leaves, a girl suddenly reached the top and landed while being out of breath. Her rare exhausted appearance — in contrast to her usual untouchable and holy appearance — only added to her charm.

“Brother Li does indeed have a great fortune to actually obtain the three young leaves.” After reaching the top, Mei Suyao couldn’t help but emotionally state.

Li Qiye freely looked at her and said: “I see that you also have obtained a lot of things on the way up ah!”

Mei Suyao smiled like a fairy and replied: “I only found one or two things by accident along the way. Fellow Daoist Jikong Wudi from the Space Trample Mountain met something even better and was fateful enough to find the footsteps of Immortal Emperor Hao Hai.”

These words shocked all the girls present. Immortal Emperor Hao Hai did come here, but no one knew what he found. Regardless, it was definitely something absolutely extraordinary. Today, Jikong Wudi actually found the same opportunity that Hao Hai did that year, so this surely was a great fortune for him.

Li Qiye didn’t care and only smiled. To him, even a fortune as great as the one met by Immortal Emperor Hao Hai was not important. Just these three young leaves alone were comparable to any other great fortune.

“Brother Li’s speed is quite amazing to be able to carry so many people up here. My treasure cannot compare to yours.” Mei Suyao watched Li Qiye while speaking.

Even though she had already stored her treasure away, with but a single glance, Li Qiye was able to tell what it was, so he said: “Your Eternal River School’s ‘Eternal River; Setting Sun Boat’ is indeed amazing. Otherwise, you would not have been able to reach this peak.” 2

“Brother Li seems to know about my Eternal River School.” Mei Suyao did not deny it and calmly said.

Li Qiye did not answer and continued to look at the far horizon; Mei Suyao also started to do the same.

After a while, she continued the conversation once more: “There is a rumor that the biggest fortune at the World Tree is not the tree itself. Do you know anything about this?”

Li Qiye glanced at her and said: “Throughout the ages, there have been countless rumors in this world. How would I know which are true and which are false? No one can verify all of them.”

Mei Suyao smiled and said: “I trust that Brother Li has the ability to determine whether they are true or not.”

Her pure and sacred smile was like a rapidly blooming flower — supremely brilliant. Her voice was comparable to the songs of the heavens — pleasant and lingering for a long time: “Brother Li is of the peerless type with unmatched insight…”

Her sweet-sounding voice caused the hearts of others to beat faster as if they were listening to the hymns of the grand dao, allowing them to become enlightened…

Hearing her laughter and voice, even Li Shuangyan, Chen Baojiao, and Chi Xiaodie felt as if they were listening to the grand dao.

“Little Girl, you actually have the nerve to scheme before me!” Li Qiye’s voice sank; he suppressed the sound with his hand. In just a blink of an eye, the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique exploded with a “Boom!” An endless might immediately tore everything apart as Li Qiye’s hand resembled a godfiend’s claw. One hand exerted the weight of three thousand grand worlds, and it crazily crashed down. The sky shattered like a mirror as countless laws started to scream since the grand dao was being suppressed.

In an instant, Mei Suyao travelled away with an incredible speed in an unbelievable style to escape the suppression field of Li Qiye’s physique. Next thing they knew, she was already standing to the side without being tainted by the flaws of the mundane world — as wonderful as ever.

Li Qiye’s shout was like a divine bell; it immediately woke up the three who were affected by Mei Suyao. The three of them were startled and surprised at the earlier occurrence for they almost fell to Mei Suyao’s dao.

“Little Girl, your Alaya Heavenly Fragrant Dao is only an insignificant skill to me.” Li Qiye squinted his eyes at her and said: “Don’t think that your minor art can become a dao! You better play nice; otherwise, don’t blame me for stripping you naked and destroying your Eternal River School!”

How fierce and bold was this declaration? Mei Suyao was a heaven’s proud daughter who stood at the top of the current younger generation. She was known as a goddess by others, so who had ever dared to talk to her like this? As for the Eternal River School, it was even more unnecessary to explain. The school was one of the strongest heritages in the contemporary times. One sect, three emperors — who would dare to say that they would destroy the Eternal River School!?

Mei Suyao was not angry. She maintained her transcendent aura like a goddess: “No need to be angry, Brother Li. I only wanted to test your willpower.”

Li Qiye peered at Mei Suyao like a wild beast. At this moment, it was as if he was an entirely different person; he seemed to be an eternal evil exuding a terrifying aura that refused to disperse.

“Test me?” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and looked at Mei Suyao, then he slowly said: “Girl, do you think that I won’t just eat you right now? When I take you in for my personal use, don’t blame me for not being considerate towards your patriarch!” At this moment, Li Qiye was like a ferocious wolf staring at Mei Suyao, a naked, vulnerable lamb.

Her heart started to beat faster from his gaze. She felt a dangerous sensation for the first time ever. As the representative of the Eternal River School, she had gone on many adventures and met many characters, but at this moment, Li Qiye gave her an inexplicable dread as if a fierce monster from the ancient past was staring straight at her.

Coming from the Eternal River School and having an Immortal Bone, she was usually filled with confidence. However, she felt that she was but an insignificant lamb in Li Qiye’s sight.

“Please calm your anger, Brother Li. Goodbye for now.” Mei Suyao gave a smile with an unspeakable charm that was capable of toppling all existences. The very next second, she disappeared into a branch filled with auspicious purple clouds.

“What a demoness!” After Mei Suyao left, Chen Baojiao angrily said: “She seemed to be all pure and holy, but that was only a means to bewitch people.”

Li Qiye then replied with a smile: “Who can be more of a demoness than you? You are the most charming, pretty, and flirtatious in this world. Your misty eyes are the most enchanting things.”

“I’m nothing like that, why are you defending that demoness?” Chen Baojiao coquettishly spoke. This expression was indeed charming to the bones, causing others to lose their minds and souls!

Li Shuangyan couldn’t help but smile, then she said: “Mei Suyao’s technique is indeed extraordinary; we all inadvertently fell into her dao. If she wanted to gather all the heroes in this world, very few would be able to escape her grasp.”

“Alaya Heavenly Fragrant Dao — this girl is applying it for the wrong things.” Li Qiye calmly said: “Although this dao has a great origin, in the end, it was because you were careless. Your Void Imperfection Physique is very amazing; it is untouchable by all universal laws and impregnable by all demons. What in this world could compare to its defensive capabilities? The twelve Immortal Physiques are not famous for nothing. If you were a bit more careful, then the Alaya Heavenly Fragrant Dao would not have been able to do anything to you!”

Li Shuangyan silently nodded and memorized Li Qiye’s words.

Meanwhile, Chi Xiaodie was quite surprised. Void Imperfection Physique — one of the twelve Immortal Physiques. Although she had not seen its power, she had seen the might of the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique so she could imagine just how strong the Void Imperfection Physique was.

Li Qiye analyzed the area around them. Eventually, he selected a location and called the other three over. He grabbed Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan with both of his hands while Chen Baojiao grabbed Chi Xiaodie.

1. More of an archaic usage and not the xianxia meaning of tribulation as in a lightning bolt attacks you for advancing a realm. This is more like the tribulations/calamities through reincarnation in order to become a buddha or jade emperor from Journey to the West via suffering/great and moralistic deeds.

2. I wanted to use a shorter version for this boat’s name, but some meaning will be lost. The river is eternal while even the sun sets eventually, or maybe I’m just reading too much into it. It could just be describing a sunset scenery next to the eternal river.

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