Chapter 3436: Comprehending Foolish

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A Stoneheart Empyreal Pill just to get Li Qiye out of the northern region - people found this bet astonishing from the prince.

“His Highness is so decisive.” One expert praised.

“He’s merciful too. I don’t think many can do the same as he is. He’s living up to being the first prince of Skylight.” A genius added.

The prince’s image and status once again soared after this move of his.

“I’ll follow your lead then.” The godchild said before looking at Li Qiye: “If you win, these two treasures are yours. Lose and you will need to leave, never to return again.”

The godchild initially had his own demand, a harsher one at that. However, since the first prince took the initiative with a rather forgiven one in the grand scheme of things, the godchild couldn’t mention his demand or he would seem small-minded in the process. In that case, he would lose to the prince in terms of style.

“What do you think, Fellow Daoist?” The prince stared at Li Qiye. His expression wasn’t overbearing but his sharp eyes indicated that there was no room for Li Qiye to refuse.

The truth was that this pill was quite precious even for the prince. However, it was acceptable for him to risk it for the chance of Li Qiye disappearing.

It was obvious that the maiden treated Li Qiye in a special manner and thought highly of him. Therefore, Li Qiye was his biggest rival. Moreover, this grand and bold gambit might actually impress her.

All eyes were on Li Qiye. If he were to refuse, he would suffer jeers and perhaps even condemnation from the crowd.

“Why not?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Good, then it’s decided. If you lose, immediately get the hell out of Ancestral City!” The godchild shouted.

“Say that once you beat me.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

Some viewed his response and attitude as arrogance and pride.

“Hmph, does he think he can actually win?” One genius snorted.

“The prince and the godchild have already won, how can a Silver Carapace cultivator compete against them?” A peer nearby agreed.

In fact, virtually everyone here thought that the outcome was obvious. Li Qiye’s cultivation was too low compared to the other two. He was simply courting death for daring to compete.

“How should we begin?” The prince asked.

“I’ll be nice and let you two go first. Otherwise, you would give up right away after seeing my attempt.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Ridiculous, you can’t possibly think that you can comprehend that stone.” The godchild became dissatisfied.

In reality, the godchild and the prince had no confidence in grasping this stone, only that they would be able to last longer than Li Qiye.

“Correct, and it won’t take any effort.” Li Qiye added.

People exchanged glances and naturally thought that Li Qiye was blustering.

“Ignorant fool.” A genius snorted and continued: “So many great heroes have come here to learn about Foolish. None succeeded yet a junior like him is making this claim? So shameless.”

“Just wait a little bit and he’ll embarrass himself. Can’t brag anymore then.” Another gloated.

Not a single soul believed in Li Qiye because it was impossible.

“Good, good. Then we won’t decline. I can’t wait to see how you’ll figure it out.” The prince couldn’t help but laugh.

“Start this.” The godchild sneered and stood next to the prince to face Foolish.

“Start!” Qing Shi shouted, seemingly wanting to cause more chaos.

The two immediately opened their divine intents that rushed towards the stone, not wanting to miss a single detail.

The word “foolish” seemed to be coming back alive in retaliation and slammed onto them. It wasn’t a physical attack, only one filled with ridicules.

It was a mysterious type of mental offense in the suppressive category, akin to a senior calling a junior an incurable fool, losing all hope and expectation.

One needed a firm dao heart to withstand this type of attack along with patience and perseverance.

Everyone watched with bated breath during the duo’s attempt.

“Is this stone really that hard?” A first-timer was skeptical while looking at the duo’s serious expression.

“You can try and be bedridden for a while if you dare.” A genius who had attempted this before egged him on.

“Really? We’ll see about that.” Another young one didn’t believe it, akin to a newborn calf unafraid of a tiger.

More tagged along and released their divine intents towards the stone.

“Ahh!” One with shallow cultivation couldn’t withstand the mental attack. He staggered backward, pale. His chest heaved up and down and his legs gave in. He sat on his butt and couldn’t stay calm.

The others lost in succession and suffered the same damage to their dao heart. This would take a while for them to recover.

Meanwhile, the prince and the godchild were still holding on because they were strong and had powerful merit laws.

Nonetheless, it still felt unbearable after a while. They had beads of sweat running down their forehead. The mental attack was affecting their dao heart.

“Incredible.” Many praised since these two managed to last so long.

“I think they’re definitely among the top ten in the northern region in terms of perseverance.” Other geniuses admired them.

“Yes, it’s twice as long as my previous attempt.” A strong genius noticed the time.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” The prince finally lost it and staggered backward, recalling his divine inents. His sweat wetted his clothes.

“It’s too strong.” He concluded.

A while later, the godchild also lost and faltered just like the prince. “This is my limit.” He said.

“You can be among the top five among the young generation with that.” The prince said.

“No way, I only got lucky.” The godchild shook his head and said humbly. He clearly had a big advantage due to his inborn dao physique.

“Few can compare to these two, really.” One commenter praised.

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