Chapter 3437: How It’s Done

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“Unfortunately, I only saw some clues, that’s it.” The prince stared at the stone and said.

“Well, you’ve done a good job already, Your Highness. No one before you has been able to do it.” A young genius consoled him.

The others nodded in agreement since this was indeed the case. Even the generational elders of Ancestral City came to take a look but none found success.

This was the only stone in the park with remnant characters from Golem Ancestor. Thus, most believed that it might contain his strongest merit law, weapon, or that the stone itself was a treasure.

However, the mental attack was too much to take. Just withstanding it was an impressive feat.

For example, the duo just now did an amazing job. Even some of the previous generation would lose to them.

“Your turn.” The prince told Li Qiye with an unfriendly tone. He was confident Li Qiye wouldn’t be able to do it. The question was how long would he last?

“It’s not too late to give up.” Someone nearby snorted.

“He lost already.” Another genius said with disdain: “As some have said, fewer than five among the young generation of the northern region can last this long.”

“Just give up and save some time.” They started shouting.

“What’s the hurry?” Qing Shi sneered at them: “Your loss is certain the moment our Young Master starts.”

“Bold words but let’s see him back it up by comprehending Foolish.” A crowd member immediately retorted.

Meanwhile, Ye Lingyao stood near Li Qiye without speaking. She knew that the outcome was obvious regardless of the process. He was omnipotent in her eyes.

Though all the elders of the city have failed, she knew that this stone wouldn’t be able to trouble Li Qiye at all.

It didn’t matter who wrote on the stone or the secrets within. This wasn’t a difficult task for Li Qiye in the slightest.

“Just a stone, only a bunch of fools wouldn’t be able to understand it.” Li Qiye chuckled and shook his head.

“You!” The godchild and some of the young experts glared at Li Qiye for the implication.

“Fellow Daoist, no point in you arguing right now, it doesn’t do anything.” The first prince said.

“Just show us what you can do.” Another expert jeered.

“Maybe in his dream, even Heavenly Sovereigns can’t do it, how can a Silver Carapace? Who here actually thinks this?” One prodigy scowled.

The crowd nodded in agreement. An unknown junior like Li Qiye had no chance given the historical precedence.

“Can you get started already? I doubt you’ll last a minute.” Another doubter added.

“Hmph, we’ve been waiting.” The godchild snorted.

Li Qiye smiled and finally walked towards the stone, placing his palm on it. He patted it, feeling the coarse surface.

“What is he doing? That’s how he’ll comprehend it?” One spectator immediately said.

“Impossible. The stone has been blessed by Golem Ancestor before. A Heavenly Sovereign once tried to attack it to no avail. Another tried to move it, same result. External force can’t do anything, it has to be through the mental channel.” A golem genius sneered.

“Forget about using force, no one can do it.” The first prince shook his head.

Li Qiye ignored them and continued touching the stone. Qing Shi and Lingyao watched attentively, not missing a beat. She knew that he would be able to do it and was only curious about the process.

“Stop trying to drag this out, it’s pointless.” The godchild said.

“Yes, you can’t delay this forever. Hurry up and save everyone’s time.” Everyone else started criticizing Li Qiye.

He simply ignored them and continued focusing on the stone: “Still the same style after so many years. Alas, the idiots won’t understand.”

He then bit his finger and pressed the blood against the stone.

“What?” People exchanged glances.

“A blood rite for a master ceremony? Is he okay? That’s common in the folktales but not in reality.” One expert started laughing.

Very few treasures accepted a master through a blood ceremony. This was only common in the tales back in the mortal world, not in the cultivation world.

“Nothing in life is this easy, what an idiot.” Others burst out laughing as well.

“Okay, just accept defeat, you’re making a fool out of yourself.” The godchild considered Li Qiye a fool by this point.

“Pop!” However, the character “Foolish” suddenly changed and turned into a duck.

“Boom!” The duck produced a stone egg before the crowd could regain their wits. It was around the size of a fist with a bright radiance. This light seemed to be from the deepest crevice of the azure and contained the most mysterious grand dao.

There was a crack on the egg, a common result after it fell on the ground at first. This wasn’t the case here. The crack seemed to be innate, a part of the egg during its inception.

The appearance of the egg shut the crowd up. This wasn’t only due to Foolish Stone producing an egg but also because the blood ceremony worked.

No one thought about it before in history. Many tried their strongest techniques or did their best withstand the mental attack. Alas, these peerless methods still failed.

Now, Li Qiye simply used his blood to obtain this stone egg. No one would believe this development.

“Is this really happening…?” One genius couldn’t accept how easy it was.

How could this be? The stone left behind by Golem Ancestor should have been peerless and difficult to obtain.

Unfortunately, it was really that simple and silly. Just one drop of blood would have been enough for someone to claim this treasure.

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