Chapter 3438: Stomp

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This was the world of cultivators, not a legend from the mortal realm or a story to trick little kids. Alas, the blood-master ceremony truly happened before them.

“Is this real?” One person rubbed their eyes.

The unfathomable stone was considered to be untouchable due to its peerless seal. Today, it was beaten by a single drop of blood. No outsiders would ever believe in this story.

Qing Shi and Ye Lingyao were astounded while witnessing this legend in the making.

The godchild and prince’s mouth was open big enough to fit in a duck egg. They used everything earlier from mantras to merit laws but couldn’t comprehend the stone. It felt as if they had just swallowed a fly.

“Foolish…” People stared at the character on the stone again. This word seemed to be laughing at all of them along with those who have attempted in the past.

“Why, why would Golem Ancestor do this?” Everyone became confused, especially the golems.

Golem Ancestor was considered one of the greatest dao lords in the history of Eight Desolaces. If there was a top ten list, his title would be written there.

A being like him was considered supreme by others, deserving of being revered by all. No one would expect him to leave behind a stone like this.

Was he teasing the future descendants or simply making fun of them? All in all, the crowd felt strange after this revelation and was left speechless.

“He toyed with us, right?” Qing Shi murmured. He has always respected Golem Ancestor but this did catch him off guard.

“Fools.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head. He grabbed the stone egg and concentrated on the crack for a bit.

He then put the egg away and stared at his opponents: “You lost.”

The duo opened their mouth but the words didn’t come out. They initially wanted to humiliate Li Qiye and chase him out of the north since he was a big threat. They didn’t expect to lose in this manner.

“Hmph, he just got lucky like a dog swallowing a fly.” One member of the audience scowled.

“Yes, or a blind cat finding a dead mouse.” Another prodigy added.

They have tried to figure out the stone and failed. Now, since the solution was actually so easy, they thought that their intelligence was being put down.

“You’ve won, we have nothing to say.” The duo took a deep breath and finally gritted their teeth, handing over the necklace and the pill.

They had no choice in this matter. The big bet was due to their absolute confidence. Now, they had to begrudgingly pay up or it would ruin their image before the maiden.

They could indeed afford to do so but this was a huge blow. The two treasures were immensely precious.

“He’s so lucky.” The older experts stared enviously at the two items.

“Pop!” Li Qiye suddenly tossed the necklace and the pill down the ground before stomping on them. “Crack.”

“What are you doing?!” Both the prince and the godchild shouted.

“Just a bunch of useless crap that will take up space in my pocket, why keep them?” Li Qiye said to the astonishment of the crowd.

No need to say more about the value of these two treasures. What Li Qiye did just now was enough to drive people crazy. Even Firmaments Gate needed another 600,000 years before producing another necklace.

“Is, is he insane?! They’re exceedingly rare!” One youth blurted out shouting.

“The pill! Can someone be any more wasteful!?” Another genius dreamed about getting the stoneheart pill so this made him scream.

The cultivators here felt physical pain after seeing this.

“You could have given it to me if you didn’t want it!” One young guy shouted: “They might be crap to you but they’re priceless to me! Don’t you know anything about charity?!”

More started lamenting the unfortunate event just now.

Li Qiye answered by adding more force to his stomp, completely crushing the two treasures.

“Mommy…” The crushing noises were unbearable. This was worse than if Li Qiye were stomping on them.

They began glaring at him for his ridiculous action just now. He could have given it or sold it to them at a cheap price. The heaven should be smiting him for this act.

Qing Shi was no stranger to Li Qiye’s style but was also surprised by it. The only calm spectator was Ye Lingyao.

She knew that these two were indeed nothing to Li Qiye, no different from scraps. In fact, she thought that perhaps even dao lord weapons were meaningless in his eyes.

The prince and the godchild had a terrible expression after witnessing this. Li Qiye blatantly humiliated and insulted them by doing so in public.

They considered those two treasures as valuable gifts meant for Lingyao’s birthday. On the other hand, he considered them as trash.

Unfortunately, being angry didn’t solve anything. Those two items belonged to him so he could do whatever he wanted.

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