Chapter 3441: Ignorance

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No one expected this. Some young ones faltered backward with fear.

Qing Shi didn’t command attention at all since he looked normal and scholarly. Everyone thought that he was Li Qiye’s follower. Who would have thought that he would be able to slay the experts from Yin Yang with one slash?

Moreover, he didn’t bat an eye as if murdering was no big deal. Now, his smile became quite horrifying.

The first prince and the godchild found this astonishing as well. These experts from Yin Yang weren’t their strongest disciples. Nonetheless, if they were in any other sect, they would be considered pillars.

“Who is this kid?” This question popped up inside everyone’s head. They realized that he was hiding his true abilities.

“Who the hell are you?!” Feathersword Noble became alarmed at his miscalculation. He thought his peers would be able to kill Qing Shi without a problem.

“Just a nobody.” Qing Shi smiled.

Feathersword regained his wits and channeled his chaos true energy. The decorative feathers on his armor suddenly rose up, similar to a hedgehog. They emitted luster as if they were swords instead of feathers.

He looked to be surrounded by a thousand swords in a dazzling manner. Many in the audience realized why he was known as “Feathersword Noble.”

“This is it? And here I thought your sect is powerful.” Li Qiye smiled after seeing this.

“Die!” Feathersword made his move. All of the feathers shot out at the same time towards Li Qiye, wanting to turn him into a sieve.

He didn’t attack Qing Shi but aimed for Li Qiye instead. In his eyes, Li Qiye was far weaker. He wanted to kill Li Qiye first before thinking about how to deal with Qing Shi.

Li Qiye had no place to hide before the incoming swords. The area around him would be penetrated by the barrage.

“He’s finished.” Some actually celebrated because they saw Li Qiye not moving at all. They thought that he was petrified from fear.

“Boom!” However, the swords suddenly crumbled into little fragments and betrayed the crowd’s expectations.

Ye Lingyao was now standing in front of him. She used a single palm strike earlier to destroy the sword barrage.

“Dragon-phoenix Maiden!” Feathersword became aghast.

Jealous ran rampant among the crowd. Why did she keep showing favoritism towards an undeserving man?

“What are you doing?! Does your valley wish to declare war against us?!” He shouted. He was actually quite afraid. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she might be the strongest cultivator in this area.

“And?” Ye Lingyao didn’t seem to care. Yin Yang Gate has offended Li Qiye and nothing but ashes would be left of them soon enough.

“Miss Ye, don’t do this.” The godchild joined in: “War between two sects because of one passerby? Your valley wouldn’t want this.”

“He’s right, Miss Ye.” The first prince added.

They didn’t want her to help Li Qiye because the guy would be done without her.

“I’m fully capable of acting for my sect’s interest, no need for you to worry.” Lingyao responded.

This only further boosted the jealousy among the crowd since she clearly expressed her intent to help Li Qiye.

“Maiden, please reconsider. It’s unfavorable for your valley to go against us. Our forefather will…” Feathersword threatened.

“As if your sect is the only one with a forefather still around.” She waved her hand.

Feathersword had no response.

The crowd exchanged glances and agreed with her. In fact, those with a deep understanding of the valley knew that this sect wouldn’t be afraid of Yin Yang Gate.

Zen Yang Heavenly Sovereign was unbeatable but the forefather from her clan would be just as strong.

In the distant past, this forefather rampaged across Eight Desolaces in an unstoppable manner. Thus, in an actual war, her backing wasn’t inferior to Yin Yang Gate.

Feathersword’s threat was completely useless.

“Alright, we’re wasting time. Kill all of them.” Li Qiye lazily stretched and said.

“It won’t be that easy! Our army is right here and we’ll fight you to the death!” Feathersword bellowed before taking out a horn.

“Ooo-” He blew on it to summon the troops outside.

“The army is coming.” The young cultivators became afraid.

“Let’s not get dragged into this mess.” They hurriedly backed off because that army might view them as enemies too. That would be a dumb way to die.

Loud marching could be heard as the army entered the park. Each step caused the ground to quake.

“Formation!” The commander of the army gave the order, ready to break into the park in order to save Feathersword.

“The soldiers of this group are all veterans.” Many spectators shuddered after seeing the incoming troops.

“Brat, you’ll be mincemeat soon enough beneath our feet.” The furious Feathersword cried out. There were only ten thousand troops or so but Feathersword had complete confidence in them.

“Mincemeat? Indeed, more than enough to feed everyone.” Li Qiye had a half-smile before raising his hand.

“Rumble!” Ancestral City had violent quakes everywhere. The ancestral tablet in the field slowly took off.

It has been here for millions of years, unmoved by all. Now, it seemed to be uprooting the entire city.

“What’s going on?” Many ancestors of Ancestral City became alarmed. Numerous statues opened their eyes, revealing a dazzling glint.

“They have no idea who they’re messing with. Yin Yang Gate is finished.” The old man inside the chicken soup restaurant shook his head.

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