Chapter 3488: Sacred Spirit Hall

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“Yes, Young Master. The date is five days later.” Shi Qingjian had a dignified expression as she nodded to confirm the situation.

“And if you lose?” Li Qiye stared at her.

She quietly pondered; the same with Shi Wawa. The youth had heard from others about how strong Bai Jianchan was. No one else was a match for him.

“It’ll be a fight to the death in that case.” Qingjian took a deep breath and declared without any hesitation or room for take-back.

This was her decision, the best choice for both her and Ancestral City. She has been told to make it clear that they had nothing to do with Yin Yang Gate. Otherwise, it might lead to their downfall being dragged down with Yin Yang.

Others might think that it was her personal choice since she picked Li Qiye for his bloodline and imperial treasury. Some took it a step further and said that she wanted them all for herself.

In reality, it had nothing to do with the treasury itself, only Li Qiye, and her desire to protect Ancestral.

She also readied herself for death because she knew that she wasn’t a match for Bai Jianchan. Her death would end everything because it would protect the sect’s reputation and ensure its survival.

“It’s no big deal, no need for you to die.” Li Qiye chuckled and said: “If this tiny sect named Yin Yang is smart, they’ll stop this and tuck their tail between their legs.”

Anyone else present would think that Li Qiye was being too arrogant for calling the strongest sect in the north as tiny.

However, she didn’t think so because this was indeed the case for someone of Li Qiye’s stature.

“Fine, fine, I’ll play the role of a meddlesome mediator then.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I think Young Lord Bai is in Sacred Spirit Hall.” Shi Wawa hurriedly said.

“Let’s go.” Li Qiye walked outside.

Qingjian quietly walked behind him, aware of Li Qiye’s supremacy. Everything would be decided by his whims. Yin Yang’s next decision was pivotal to their survival.


“Young Lord Bai is at Sacred Spirit Hall.” This news spread to the rest of the city before Li Qiye’s arrival.

Countless ran there in order to see how Bai Jianchan would do at the sacred hall, especially the golems.

“It’s a wise choice.” An ancestor heard this and praised: “Gaining the recognition of the hall will shorten the distance between him and Ancestral.”

“Yes, the spirit of the sages there might recognize him. That’ll be a good chance to mend the relationship.” A high elder agreed.

Though the great powers didn’t wish to see peace, they still admitted that he chose the right way to go about it.

“What will he get from it?” The younger crowd didn’t care about the relationship between Yin Yang and Ancestral.

“I heard Pearlstone Saintess has been there before.” Another youth said.

“Yes, it was a secretive ceremony.” An older cultivator said: “No one knew what she got from there outside of the city’s ancestors.”

“From what I know, the one who got the most from the hall was Celestial Stone Dao Lord.” An erudite cultivator revealed.

“Same, I heard that too. The dao lord was very young back then, one of the youngest to be allowed in the hall. When he climbed up there, visual phenomena emerged and shocked the entire city. They were seen all over the northern West King.” Someone else added.

Celestial Stone Dao Lord came from Divine Stone Ridge and also had impeccable talents.

“I’m sure Young Lord Bai will shock everyone, maybe he’ll be the most excellent genius to ever climb the hall.” His fans already lost their patience and lined up outside of the hall.

It didn’t take long before people gossiped about the implications of his attempt…

Sacred Spirit Hall was a sanctified area in the city, a place for ceremonies. However, not just anyone was qualified to climb up there.

First, they needed the city’s permission. Doing so without was akin to antagonizing the entire golem race. It was disrespectful to the spirit of the wise golems of the past, such as Golem Ancestor, Stone Monarch Dao Lord, Celestial Stone Dao Lord…

Unlike its name, it was actually a platform with numerous steps. Once at the top, one could reach up and touch the sky.

The air above was different, a type of independent dimension. It had pulsing lights and endless space. The celestials were different with grand dao hidden in them. One could also hear the roars of magnificent beasts or the shapes of wondrous treasures.

Any dao lord from the golem race would climb up this hall and leave behind their mantras, techniques, and treasures in this dimension.

Thus, it served as a treasury and a place of blessings. Those capable enough had a chance to earn the recognition and the blessing of the remnant spirits above.

Just being eligible for the climb was a great honor. Actually being recognized or blessed could be one’s greatest achievement.

However, the qualification s were stringent, decided by the ancestors of Ancestral. Most disciples from Ancestral weren’t allowed up there.

Nonetheless, there was a large field outside. This allowed others to come and show their respect on top of watching the ceremonies.

This field was as packed as can be even before Jianchan got there. The crowd’s shoulders touched uncomfortably; many were sweating from the heat.

The female fans of Jianchan came early enough to occupy the closest positions.

“Buzz.” Bai Jianchan finally arrived before eager eyes.

The yin and yang behind him had visual phenomena like the opening of a divine world. The gods blessed him, bestowing him a divine aura. He looked calm and elegant, living up to his worldwide reputation.

“Young Lord Bai!” The young generation erupted after seeing him.

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