Chapter 3490: Bai Jianchan’s Reward

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The stone dragon commanded respect and fear. However, Bai Jianchan could still handle it; his back remained straight at the start. He then bowed towards the sage of the golem race to show his respect.

Many gave him a thumbs-up. He was talented, powerful, and influential yet still humble. How could anyone not like him?

The godly dragon’s eyes flashed brightly, seemingly taking a good look at Ancestral City and its inhabitants. It eventually withdrew its gaze and let out a deafening roar, causing people’s legs to go weak. Many prostrated on the ground, feeling helpless before the aura.

It disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving behind an item that fell into the ground. “Clank.” It then leaped up straight into Bai Jianchan’s hand.

“What is that?” Everyone took a look.

“A gift from the stone dragon.” An ancestor immediately responded: “Looks like he earned the recognition of the sages and their praises as well, hence the treasure.”

The treasure became visible at this point - a dragon scale far larger than an adult’s palm. It seemed to be made from jade with a glowing surface, sharper than any divine sword or saber.

The dao lines on top twisted together to form the rune of a divine beast. It oozed with a majestic profundity. There could be a dao law hidden inside.

“A dragon scale, wow.” Many were in awe.

“The records state that this wise sage left behind his oldest scale with the best essences. It contains a great fortune, not comparable to a dao bone from a divine beast but should be as valuable as a high-level heaven dao bone.” A golem ancestor knew about this story and put on a serious expression.

“That’s Young Lord Bai for you, being praised by the golem sages.” More became envious, especially the golem geniuses.

They considered it an honor to be able to climb up to the top. That would confirm their talents. As for earning the recognition of the sages? The glory of a lifetime.

On the other hand, an outsider like Bai Jianchan woke up a spirit and was bestowed a present.

“You don’t have to say that again, everyone knows that Young Lord Bai is the number one genius in the north by now.” The girls who like him took pride in this. In their mind, his glory and achievements made them proud.

“Not comparable to Celestial Stone Dao Lord but still impressive. Number one indeed.” Another golem ancestor said.

The dao lord during his youth climbed up the hall and had a visual phenomenon shocking all of the north. Bai Jianchan’s achievement wasn’t at that level.

“Buzz.” The dao lines on the scale started floating around Bai Jianchan. He sat down and meditated on top of the steps, taking advantage of the momentum found here for comprehending the scale.

“He can focus anywhere, I would be so distracted.” One spectator said.

Others would be lost and pressured by the auras of the wise sages. However, Jianchan managed to stabilize his dao heart to learn more about the dao.

“The sky can fall down and his expression wouldn’t change in the slightest. Don’t compare yourself to him.” A golden daughter said.

Everyone stared at the meditating youth. Even experts from the last generation thought that they wouldn't be able to learn in a holy place like this. It required immense willpower, far exceeding his peers and many seniors.

Suddenly, a furor broke out from the outside as a group made their way in.

“Li Qiye is here.” Someone shouted.

“Li Qiye!” Everyone turned their head towards the group right away and saw Li Qiye walking together with Shi Qingjian.

Many became astonished to see her because she could be considered the prettiest of the three beauties. Both the phoenix maiden and Skylight Princess might be one or two levels below.

“So pretty.” The young males were instantly captivated, especially the first-timers. They became immersed in this beautiful scenery.

The saintesses, princesses, and noble daughters normally thought that they were gorgeous enough to enchant any man. This sense of pride was completely destroyed today. They sighed, unable to refute the disparity.

“And that’s Li Qiye?” Some calmed down and took a better look at Li Qiye.

The first-timers’ reaction was strong due to his ordinary appearance and weak cultivation. In spite of these factors, Pearlstone Saintess walked next to him like a maid.

“I thought he has a phoenix bloodline.” One spectator spoke with disappointment.

Prior to this, they assumed that there was something special about him. Maybe he wouldn’t be as exceptional as Bai Jianchan but he should still be handsome and charismatic.

“He looks so normal.” Another murmured.

“You didn’t see how he killed 100,000 without changing his expression.” His senior witnessed the previous massacre and was afraid of Li Qiye.

These men knew just how ruthless he was and weren’t fooled by his harmless appearance.

“Why does the saintess like him? I wouldn’t pick him even if I were blind.” One noble daughter snorted. Her friends felt the same way.

“I don’t get it either. It’s the difference between heaven and earth.” Another girl said, not having a good impression of Li Qiye at all.

The dumbest blind girl still wouldn’t pick Li Qiye over Bai Jianchan. They weren’t close to being on the same level.

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