Chapter 3496: Ancient Physique Art

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The feather looked as light as can be, ready to be blown away by the wind. The astonished crowd imagined how comfortable it would be when it brushed on their face.

All eyes were on the feather with a focus on its flame. The flame looked like a fire spirit that wouldn’t hurt anyone. On the other hand, it seemed to have a healing affinity.

Even a fool could tell that this wasn’t a fake. It was impossible to fake its aura. Just one strand contained a supreme divinity as if the proud divine bird was here among them. Its proud eyes forced others to be humble.

“It’s really a phoenix feather.” This became obvious to all.

In reality, no one here has seen a feather from the divine bird before. Nonetheless, they still believed that Li Qiye’s feather belonged to the real thing, not another inferior branch.

In this world, birds with a thin phoenix bloodline were called phoenixes as well. They simply weren’t the real thing.

“It’s exactly like the painting.” An ancestor stared in a daze.

Many ancestors have heard about the legends of the divine beasts. Some saw the great bird in paintings. Thus, this feather broadened their horizon and knowledge.

“He, he really got the legacy then.” Many swallowed their saliva.

They all heard about his spoils but haven’t actually seen any of it until today. Their eyes naturally gleamed with greed as a result.

“That’s just one feather.” A high elder began to covet.

The feather alone was mysterious and wondrous enough, what about a more complete legacy? He had the imperial treasury as well.

Thus, he turned into a boundless treasure grove in the eyes of others. Their greed intensified and nefarious plans took form.

A while ago, they were ready to fight to the death over mere speculations. Now, some countries and sects wanted nothing more than to capture Li Qiye.

Bai Jianchan stared at the feather, slightly narrowing his eyes. He had obtained a dragon scale back at the hall but it didn’t come from a pure dragon. Nonetheless, it was still extremely precious.

Unfortunately, he recognized the gap between his scale and the feather instantly. Pureblood was still far superior.

“Very well, let me see the power of this mythical item.” He nodded and put on a serious expression.

“Make your move, it’ll be your last chance.” Li Qiye playfully fanned his feather.

“Hmph, you’re still not a match for Young Lord Bai with a phoenix feather!” A young genius couldn’t help but shout after seeing Li Qiye’s contemptuous attitude.

“People are powerful, not treasures.” One top female cultivator snorted: “Young Lord Bai’s grand dao is peerless enough to face all the treasures in this world.”

Her friends nodded in agreement after hearing this. However, the rest of the crowd wasn’t so sure, especially the big shots from the previous generation.

On one hand, treasures shouldn’t be enough to defeat Bai Jianchan due to the gap in cultivation. One was at the sacred level while the other was only a Silver Carapace - a different tantamount to that of an ant and elephant. No treasure could ever make up this disparity.

On the other hand, some have witnessed Li Qiye’s devilish style back in Fire Domain and Sacred Spirit Hall. Thus, it would be silly to judge him using conventional logic.

“I won’t hold back then.” Bai Jianchan let out a battle roar and released his vitality. Chaos energy billowed upward.

“Rumble!” His energy seemed like a hurricane, capable of breaking through anything.

Numerous spectators were blown away. Those nearby hurriedly retreated to a safe distance.

It then turned into a star and fused with space itself, illuminating the sky as a result. Everyone could see a galaxy with bright stars right above him. They rotated around him and made everyone gasp in wonder.

They felt as if he was grasping the universe and everyone else’s life.

“Ancient Zen Azure Art.” An old cultivator took a deep breath.

“The dao lord’s strongest mantra, a high-level heaven mantra.” Many cultivators have heard of it before.

It wasn’t surprising for Jianchan to have access to a high-level heaven mantra. However, this was Yin Yang’s best.

“It’s very hard to cultivate. Only geniuses among geniuses can do so.” An ancestor said.

“The dao lord used an ancient art to create it, it’s not suitable for modern cultivation.” A high elder knew the specifics and said: “It is to be used with Yin Yang’s old physique art for an unbeatable effect.”

People exchanged glances because Heavenly Sovereign Chan Yang taught Bai Jianchan just that - an ancient physique art.

“This is it, the ultimate attack.” The girls’ confidence soared after seeing this. Everyone in the north knew just how wondrous Yin Yang Gate’s ancient physique art was.

Of course, many were surprised to see Jianchan going all out so quickly. This showed how serious he was taking this fight, wanting to deliver a fatal blow right away.

“The world is mine.” Jianchan roared and began the offensive. His body became increasingly larger until the stars were right above his head. However, he suddenly disappeared after reaching the limit.

This happened in the blink of an eye so the crowd was caught off guard. The massive Bai Jianchan was no longer there.

“What’s going on?” Some spectators became confused.

“A legendary ancient physique art.” One ancestor focused on observing this cultivation technique.

“Void Physique.” Li Qiye chuckled after seeing this.

This so-called ancient physique art turned out to be one of the twelve Immortal Physiques from the previous epoch - Void.

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