Chapter 3537: Seven Laws Of The Golden Age

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Chapter 3537: Seven Laws Of The Golden Age

“No opinion, I’ll just sweep through whoever stands in my path and reach the end in due time.” Li Qiye answered.

The basilisk smiled wryly, this was indeed the proper answer from someone like Li Qiye.

“So wise, Boss. It looks like I’ve grown cowardly too.” The basilisk said.

During his youth, he didn’t fear anything and always acted arrogantly. Now, he was so many times stronger but his action became prudent, no longer as impetuous as before.

After all, he had nothing to think about before. Now, he shouldered the wellbeing of his clan. Thousands and thousands of lives depended on him so he had to act carefully.

“It’s not necessarily a bad thing, just a different perspective.” Li Qiye smiled and said. He could sympathize from his own experience.

“Boss, may I go with you to the abandoned land? I might not be of much help but I can still run errands or make you tea. You need someone to serve you when going out.” The basilisk said.

Despite being one of the top existences in the north, the basilisk knew that his cultivation wasn’t enough to enter Li Qiye’s eyes. He wasn’t that useful and could only be an errand boy.

“No, just stay home. As you said, you’re old and it’s time to relax. Your clan might be your shackles but being there will still make you happy. Enjoy having the little ones run around or rest on your knees.” Li Qiye shook his head.

Of course, the basilisk didn’t mind. He has accomplished many things in his life and reached the top of the grand dao. His branch was populous and capable. He had no regrets in life outside of not being as untethered as Li Qiye.

“I do envy you, Boss, always able to move ahead.” He said.

“The path is endless. One shoulders more than people can imagine.” Li Qiye said.

“True, my dao heart can’t make it that far since I’ll falter eventually.” He didn’t find it shameful to admit this.

There have been plenty of geniuses, Immortal Emperors, and dao lords in history. However, only Li Qiye reached this level.

“Okay, this is a rare opportunity. Feel free to ask His Excellency any question regarding cultivation. Ancestors or whatever’s teachings can’t beat a few words from His Excellency.” The basilisk eventually bought another chance for the girls.

Li Qiye didn’t refuse out of consideration for the basilisk. It was alright to give the juniors a better chance too.

The two girls exchanged glances. Ye Lingyao was the first to speak: “Your Excellency, you cultivate the Seven Laws of the Golden Age and still have immense power despite only being a Violet Marquis. What is the mystery behind this?”

“This has nothing to do with the seven laws.” The basilisk answered instead while shaking his head: “Any merit law, even the most basic one, will be extremely powerful when utilized by His Excellency. He has exceeded the boundary of techniques.”

“You’re half right.” Li Qiye smiled: “It’s true that I can exert any technique to its fullest potential. However, the seven laws are unique. They’re simply misunderstood by others.”

“So the seven laws are actually strong?” Shi Qingjian was interested in this topic as well. The seven laws when used by Li Qiye could suppress anything else - virtually invincible. However, she thought that might be because of the user.

“That depends on what you’re talking about.” Li Qiye said: “Are you referring to the seven laws passed around the world or the real ones?”

“The problem has to be related to that brat, Blessed. There’s something off here.” The basilisk joined in: “The duck egg buyer and Puresun Dao Lord have learned the seven too. It’s just that these laws changed after the brat…” [1]

He rubbed his chin, not directly calling foul play. It’s just that he thought that there was more than meets the eyes here.

“Didn’t the world benefit after learning the explanation of Blessed Dao Lord?” Ye Lingyao said.

The seven were known as Laws of the Blessed as well. They existed long ago and didn’t have the current names. The old names weren’t part of the record.

In the past, people had a hard time cultivating with varying methods. Cultivation was far from its prosperous self today.

This changed with the appearance of Blessed Dao Lord. After proving his dao, he established a sect named True Immortal and spread the seven laws. He investigated the seven and simplified them then gave everyone his unique interpretations.

Henceforth, people had an easier time cultivating. It was easy for mortals to start so the era of cultivation began, hence the “golden age’ moniker.

The dao lord’s contribution couldn’t be refuted; it was a magnificent achievement. When future descendants talked about him, they thought that he was a great man despite not being the strongest.

The next era became known as Myriad Dao. Others also called it the Era of the Blessed due to his teachings. Other widely-used names included Era of the Seven Laws and Era of Dao Doctrination.

True Immortal Sect propagated the seven laws to every corner in Eight Desolace during this era.

“Hard to say. The simplified seven laws changed greatly afterward, no longer as pure as during the Chaotic Era.” The basilisk answered: “I remember my skepticism back then. However, the brat also stopped the unrest and chaos, allowing people to live in peace. Couldn’t critique that.”

He was older than any dao lord since he was from the previous epoch. If he himself didn’t question Blessed, juniors like the two girls absolutely couldn’t.

During the late stage of the Chaotic Era, the wise sages worked hard with expeditions to the forbidden zones.

Unfortunately, the stability didn’t last long because the various races started to fight each other for domination. The flames of war ravaged Eight Desolaces once more. Rivers of blood were a common sight.

Finally, Blessed Dao Lord flattened the chaos, and people could finally live in peace. They then cultivated the seven laws and this heralded the next era.

Future descendants would always talk about dao lords but few dared to curse the meritorious Blessed Dao Lord. Most had nothing but respect when talking about him.

Only someone at the level of Dragon King Commander was qualified to question him.

“These matters have dispersed like smoke.” Li Qiye said: “Whether it be sincerity or ulterior motive, it doesn’t matter anymore.” He had a good idea about the seven laws but didn’t care too much.

“Rumor has it that the brat talked about being enlightened by an immortal. I actually thought he was talking about you.” The basilisk glanced over at Li Qiye. [2]

1. Puresun Dao Lord was Pureyang in one chapter, changed to Puresun to match an earlier word

2. So Blessed was another hard title to translate. I’m not sure if you guys remember the TL note for the first chapter but it seems like we got it right.

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