Chapter 3542: Merchant

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Chapter 3542: Merchant

Few people managed to get out of the abandoned land, let alone crossing through the entire thing.

Thus, the sheer scale of this area eluded regular people. However, this just didn’t apply to Li Qiye.

Of course, he didn’t travel so far to find a treasure or to have an adventure. The goal was to find an answer to certain questions.

He had a good idea after seeing the broken world. Though it didn’t solve all the mysteries, it was good enough. Thus, his next target became the southern region of West King.

If one could actually travel through the abandoned land, they would make it to the southern border.

Of course, only dao lords and a few supreme ancestors were capable of this.

The outer region of the abandoned land consisted of sand and heat. People’s mouth became dry and they couldn’t help licking their lips.

The sun was cruel in this desolate desert. The birds and fish all hid from the scorching temperature. One could occasionally see some vegetation like a leaf or two but they were already on the verge of withering.

One person eventually appeared, walking through the sand with a leisure expression. Though his robe has been dirtied and the wind made his hair orderly, he still sauntered forward.

The traveler was none other than Li Qiye who has made it to the other side of West King. The perilous journey didn’t affect him at all.

Of course, he could have traveled through with one spatial leap but he chose against it. He did a full scout of the abandoned land instead.

He eventually climbed on top of an exceedingly high sand dune. He saw a broken wall with a tent on top. Inside was actually a vendor’s stand.

A little merchant was arranging his merchandise and ready to yell for customers. This was indeed a confusing matter.

There was definitely no one close within a ten thousand miles radius. One would be hard-pressed to see another living soul once every thousand years here. In the case of a traveler, they would be flying in the air across this desert.

Not to mention his own survival, how could he get any customer here?

“Customer, you’re so early. Please, come in and rest for a bit.” The merchant saw Li Qiye and waved at him with a smile.

Abnormality usually was a sign of trouble. Anyone would be cautious towards this merchant under these circumstances. Li Qiye was an exception.

He casually walked into the tent and sat down on a stool. The cruel sun was finally blocked so this was a refreshing feeling.

The merchant scooped a ladle full of cool water from a jar nearby and handed it to Li Qiye. He said: “This weather is unbearable, please, have a drink to quench your thirst.”

No one would dare to drink this water out of suspicion but Li Qiye grabbed the ladle and drank the entire thing in no time at all.

“Nice and cold.” Li Qiye laughed and returned the ladle.

“Another then.” The merchant got another scoop for Li Qiye.

The latter still fearlessly drank the whole thing before belching with satisfaction. He then lazily stretched after chasing the heat away.

“Do you want one more, Customer?” The merchant remained enthusiastic.

Keep in mind that water could be considered priceless in a desert. However, this merchant didn’t seem to mind at all.

“I’m full.” Li Qiye smiled and finally took a look at the merchant.

The merchant was tall and sturdy. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he looked a bit unsavory with a fierce-looking face and an exposed chest despite wearing a black robe; his beard was unkempt and resembled a hedgehog’s quills.

Thus, he looked more like a meat butcher instead of a merchant, looking greasy and hotheaded.

“Where are you from, Customer?” He revealed a smile towards Li Qiye, one resembling the smile of a butcher before slaughtering his prey.

“From where I should.” Li Qiye didn’t mind at all.

“Where are you going, Customer?” He seemed to be friendly but this didn’t change the innate creepiness in his smile.

“Where I should be.” Li Qiye replied, not showing any prejudice towards the merchant’s brutish appearance.

“Sigh, it’s not easy to traverse this devilish place. It’s even more amazing when you’re walking.” It was as if the merchant hadn't seen a living person in a long time.

He didn’t try to advertise his merchandise and took advantage of this rare opportunity to chat.

“It’s not too bad, the difficulty lies in one’s dao heart, not the sand and the heat.” Li Qiye responded.

“Well said.” The merchant clapped approvingly and laughed: “You sound like a scholar, the opposite of an uncouth person like me. I can’t be as eloquent.”

“Really now? So why is an uncouth person such as yourself here in this place where even the birds don’t want to shit? It’s not easy making a living here.”

“Not easy? I’m starving to death.” The merchant spat on the ground: “Not a single customer year-round so I can’t even afford a cooked meal.”

“Eat raw then.” Li Qiye said. [1]

“Amitabha, you’re funny, Customer. I am a proper person who never kills.” The merchant placed his palms together.

His appearance would indicate that he was anything but proper. Moreover, he wanted to sound like a wise monk yet due to his expression, it looked as if he was a demon disguising as a monk, on the verge of opening his bloody mouth.

Li Qiye only chuckled in response.

“Sigh, it’s hard being in the city nowadays, city folks are vicious and greedy. If I’m not careful, I’ll be a meal in someone’s stomach. I might be starving here but at least I’ll survive.” The merchant complained. [2]

1. The word for raw in CN also means life, maybe implying cannibalism or just meat eater.

2. The literal translation for “vicious and greedy” is eating without spitting out the bones. It’s an idiom that matches the cannibalistic theme so far. Not sure if anything will come from this but just keep it in mind

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