Chapter 393: Don’t Provoke Me

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Chapter 393: Don’t Provoke Me

The Soaring Immortal Physique was no worse than any other Immortal Physique! Once successfully cultivated, it allowed its user to have unmatched speed.

Once one’s speed was invincible, treasures and techniques would no longer be important because if the opponent could never catch up to their speed, then the enemy would be killed before even having the chance to make a move.

Once this physique reached grand completion, it could pass through any spatial fabric or even stop time itself! Imagine how frightening a person with unparalleled speed would be, then imagine how much more terrifying a time-stopper would be!

This was why once a person reached grand completion with the Soaring Immortal Physique, essentially, no one in this world would be able to kill him. Someone once commented that only time would be able to kill a grand completion Soaring Immortal Physique user.

Li Qiye had his own reasons for picking the Soaring Immortal Physique. The Hell Suppressing Godly Physique could destroy all things, but it had one weakness — its lack of speed.

Currently, his Hell Suppressing Godly Physique’s speed relied on the Kun Peng’s Six Variants. Although this allowed him to reach sufficient speeds, it was far from enough for Li Qiye since he desired an unbeatable speed.

Imagine the heaviest body plus the fastest speed, what would be the result? This meant that Li Qiye’s body would become the most powerful weapon, which was why he chose the Soaring Immortal Physique!

The Soaring Immortal Inner Physique shook once more as time seemed to become slower around Li Qiye’s body. With gentle waves of buzzing sounds creating a melody that came from Li Qiye’s Neigong meridian, Li Qiye was immersed inside…

“The lost island!” In the capital, the Static Stream Lord sat on his draconic throne and pondered after hearing the report from Lu Baiqiu, who had just rushed here from the Thousand Islands.

“Your Majesty, the lost mythical island is but a legend!” At this time, a young man inside the imperial court spoke. With high spirits, he spoke in a dignified manner without attempting to hide his Royal Noble cultivation. It was as if his cultivation realm was a reason for pride.

He quickly added: “Our Static Stream Country is a great nation, so how could we randomly take action just because of a baseless legend?”

“Xuan Shaojun, the mythical island is out there right now so how could it be baseless!” Lu Baiqiu immediately retorted with a grave voice.

The young man snorted and said: “That is not for certain. Fog on the sea is a common occurrence, so maybe Region Lord Lu had blurry vision. If His Majesty takes a trip for this matter and it turned out to only be ordinary fog, then wouldn’t this be a waste of effort? Hah, then wouldn’t some say that Region Lord Lu exaggerated the matter just to gain some contributory merits?”

This young man’s name was Xuan Shaojun, a rare genius of the Static Stream Country. He had reached Royal Noble one year ago and became one of the few potential king candidates among the younger generation.

He had always viewed Lu Baiqiu as a powerful opponent. Although Lu Baiqiu had been at grand accomplishment Named Hero for the last two years and was very close to Royal Noble, she had contributed a lot more despite her weaker cultivation. Moreover, Lu Baiqiu’s fame in the country was great, and its elders all believed that she could handle the great responsibility.

Because of this, Xuan Shaojun had always viewed her as his strongest rival and opposed her every opportunity he could.

“You!” Lu Baiqiu’s expression sank after hearing his words.

At this time, the Static Stream Lord gently waved his hand to interrupt their quarrel and said: “It is better to believe this as opposed to ignoring it. Although the lost island had always been a legend, it is said to be left behind by True Gods of an ancient era, hiding great secrets! If there is even a sliver of a chance, then we should let the Imperial Advisor go take a look.”

“Understood!” An old man stood up and accepted the order.


Li Qiye did nothing except train while he stayed on his small island. However, there was a guest today — Lu Baiqiu.

“Dao Brother Li, this is our Static Stream Imperial Advisor.” Lu Baiqiu introduced the old man standing next to her. Besides the advisor, there were other masters from the country.

“Our Imperial Advisor wants to know about the lost mythical island.” Lu Baiqiu hurriedly explained.

The advisor took a quick look at Li Qiye and found that he was completely ordinary without any outstanding characteristics. Although Lu Baiqiu had told him that Li Qiye was special, in his eyes, this was only due to Lu Baiqiu’s lack of knowledge.

In reality, after the Worldly Prime Liquid refined Li Qiye’s body, how could a mere Imperial Advisor from the Static Stream Country see through him?

In the advisor’s mind, Li Qiye was only a common cultivator while he was the Imperial Advisor of the Static Stream Country — a Grand Saint with a powerful cultivation. Someone like Li Qiye really had no chance of entering his sight.

“I heard from Baiqiu that you were the first one to find the lost island. Tell me what you saw!” The Imperial Advisor spoke with a deep tone.

Li Qiye looked at him and flatly replied: “The lost mythical island isn’t something your Static Stream Country can venture into. It is better for all of you to go back and pretend as if you didn’t see it.”

“How presumptuous!” Before the advisor could say anything, the young man right next to him darted out and contemptuously yelled at Li Qiye: “Ignorant junior! Daring to look down on my Static Stream Country… Are you tired of living!?”

The young man who darted out was Xuan Shaojun. He came along with the Imperial Advisor to find an opportunity to make a great contribution, and Li Qiye’s words just now created an opportunity that he immediately latched onto.

Lu Baiqiu’s expression quickly changed. Li Qiye was her friend and Xuan Shaojun’s words were too out of line!

“Boom!” Li Qiye didn’t bother to look at Xuan Shaojun. He simply flicked his finger and immediately blew Xuan Shaojun away. With a flop, Xuan Shaojun suddenly fell into the ocean. Completely enraged, he wanted to rush back up, but a giant hand suddenly slammed down on him. It pressed him all the way down to the ocean floor, not allowing him to climb back up.

“Don’t hurt him!” All of the other experts who came along with the Imperial Advisor shouted and suddenly pounced on Li Qiye.

Li Qiye remained motionless. With a bang, all the attacking experts were knocked flying by Li Qiye as they spewed out blood.

“Little Friend, the Static Stream Country isn’t a place where you can act as you please!” With some shock, the Imperial Advisor’s Grand Saint aura suddenly surged as he took out his fate weapon to attack.

Li Qiye’s body suddenly shifted with a flash. “Bang!” Before the Imperial Advisor could figure out what was going on, blood had already sprayed everywhere as he was also blown away. Before his body could fall to the ground, Li Qiye gripped him by the neck in the air.

“You…” Suddenly aghast, the Imperial Advisor wanted to speak, but Li Qiye clamped down. The sound of broken bones rang. The Imperial Advisor couldn’t breathe anymore as his body became immobilized. He now had a complexion as pale as snow.

“Dao Brother Li, please show mercy!” Lu Baiqiu was also deathly pale after the sudden turn of events. When she heard the noise of bones breaking, she quickly pleaded.

Although the group of Xuan Shaojun acted out of line, in the end, they were still part of the Static Stream Country, so Lu Baiqiu couldn’t idly stand by.

Li Qiye casually threw the Imperial Advisor to the ground. Like a dead snake lying on the floor, the pale advisor struggled to finally take a single breath.

Li Qiye didn’t bother to look at him and said: “Because of Region Lord Lu, I will spare your lives today! Next time, if you dare to clown around in front of me, do not blame me for not being considerate towards Region Lord Lu.”

The Imperial Advisor was an experienced person. As a Grand Saint, he couldn’t even withstand one blow before being subdued by the enemy. Just how frightening was this person!? If it wasn’t for Lu Baiqiu’s pleading, ten lives still wouldn’t have been enough for him.

After thinking about the consequences, the Imperial Advisor felt a chill as cold chills ran through his palms. He took a deep breath and didn’t dare to linger for a second longer. He carried the other wounded disciples and left. They also struggled to dig up Xuan Shaojun, who was suppressed on the ocean floor.

“Dao Brother Li, I didn’t expect for this to happen!” Before leaving, Lu Baiqiu awkwardly smiled and apologized.

“It is fine, this had nothing to do with you.” Li Qiye gently motioned with his hand and said: “Go back and tell your Royal Lord that it is better not to provoke me, lest I destroy your Static Stream Country!”

These words astounded Lu Baiqiu, sending a shiver down her spine. His first warning was a threat about destroying a country, how tyrannical and arrogant was this!

But after thinking about how their Imperial Advisor was quelled after just a single move by Li Qiye, she didn’t think that Li Qiye was simply blustering! It seemed that Li Qiye was even more terrifying than she had imagined.

In the end, Lu Baiqiu deeply bowed to Li Qiye and then turned around to leave.

“What—?” After the Imperial Advisor’s group came back, the Royal Lord couldn’t help but become enraged after hearing the report as he emotionally said: “Even the Imperial Advisor is not his match!”

“Your Majesty, it is truly shameful, but I have to admit that I couldn’t withstand a single blow. I couldn’t even recognize his background!” The Imperial Advisor quickly responded.

Despite being defeated by just one blow, the Imperial Advisor didn’t dare to bear any resentment. He had experienced many waves and storms, so he knew that there were a few existences in this world that he could not provoke!

“Region Lord Lu, just what is this Li Qiye’s identity?” The Imperial Advisor asked with severity.

Lu Baiqiu shook her head and said: “Your Majesty, I don’t know anything about his background. I only met him by chance, and it was with his advice that I was able to defeat the Mollusk Tribe.”

“Hah, Region Lord Lu, you are so close with that Li fella but you actually don’t know his identity? Who would actually trust your words?” The injured Xuan Shaojun spoke with a strange undertone.

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